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    C64, Apple, A8 & Amiga junkie. Video game & electronic repairs, homebrew dev (arcade diagnostics software), guitar & music.
  1. You only need 3 wires. http://www.mathyvannisselroy.nl/xl600k64.htm
  2. Based on experience, you may still get noise/jail bars coming through the display even with the SCCC / UAV installed if you don't have clean power or a decent ground from the vertical block. Once I fixed up the grounding issue, I had a very nice and clean picture on my 800 that surpasses the display in any of my other 8bits.
  3. Here's a nice write up about the physics routine used in the demo. https://medium.com/@peterbudziszewski3/iocaste-physics-routine-1f86570cdc63?fbclid=IwAR1E6PFr5Sh4l1nM4JK57xwNSUTPktT4yHQdD1pid1vNTc3UoNRB65SaEZA
  4. It's brilliant, definitely worth getting. Felt like I was a teen back in 1986 all over again and I couldn't put it down. Great reviews, definitely lives up to expectations and some of the old reviewers were back including Julian Rignall. Maddi did a pretty good review of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtF9o2Ulawk Don't miss out on the next one...
  5. Winning entry for the Oldskool coding comp at Flashback Demoparty 2019. Atari 2600 unexpanded - 128bytes of RAM, 32kb bank-switched cart. Captured from Real Hardware. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaIEEXOaVkw Credits: cTrix^Disasterarea - Music / Design Krion^Onslaught - Code / Design A.god - Scrolling Graphic
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