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    C64, Apple, A8 & Amiga junkie. Video game & electronic repairs, homebrew dev (arcade diagnostics software), guitar & music.
  1. You only need 3 wires. http://www.mathyvannisselroy.nl/xl600k64.htm
  2. Based on experience, you may still get noise/jail bars coming through the display even with the SCCC / UAV installed if you don't have clean power or a decent ground from the vertical block. Once I fixed up the grounding issue, I had a very nice and clean picture on my 800 that surpasses the display in any of my other 8bits.
  3. Here's a nice write up about the physics routine used in the demo. https://medium.com/@peterbudziszewski3/iocaste-physics-routine-1f86570cdc63?fbclid=IwAR1E6PFr5Sh4l1nM4JK57xwNSUTPktT4yHQdD1pid1vNTc3UoNRB65SaEZA
  4. It's brilliant, definitely worth getting. Felt like I was a teen back in 1986 all over again and I couldn't put it down. Great reviews, definitely lives up to expectations and some of the old reviewers were back including Julian Rignall. Maddi did a pretty good review of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtF9o2Ulawk Don't miss out on the next one...
  5. Winning entry for the Oldskool coding comp at Flashback Demoparty 2019. Atari 2600 unexpanded - 128bytes of RAM, 32kb bank-switched cart. Captured from Real Hardware. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaIEEXOaVkw Credits: cTrix^Disasterarea - Music / Design Krion^Onslaught - Code / Design A.god - Scrolling Graphic
  6. SID all the way... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgJlJD-fbpo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLIUkBa_mA0
  7. It's been a major pain from the beginning and resulting in many a blown 6526 CIA
  8. I suppose it would only be an issue with a lot of upgrades ? I just have the SCCC which I purchased from you and the 800 doesn't draw too much. Though I believe this might change with someone like the Incognito. Just wondering if you still plan to develop the a personality board for the 800? I'll definitely be in line for one...
  9. I'm hesitant on installing one inside my 800 for the same reason but since you've already done it you could try adding a choke ( just a hand wound ferrite core with 5 or 6 turns ) and a cap to implement a lc low pass filter. I had the same issue in another power supply I rebuilt but the symptoms were more subtle. Here's a really good video on how to implement one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-Llhy2ViUY
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbbdPa0tddY
  11. Yes it's fantastic, one of the best programs ever written. I used to load up that game just to listen to the tunes.
  12. I'd say in 1985 for Apple and Atari. Commodore started using them in 1986. The answer is probably here https://tedium.co/2016/11/24/1988-ram-shortage-history/
  13. Here is my list of 20 1. Wizball 2. Uridium 3. Murder On The Mississippi 4. Maniac Mansion 5. Paradroid 6. Hunter's Moon 7. Impossible Mission 8. Pitstop II ( great with two players ) 9. Microprose Soccer 10. Hardball 11. Last Ninja 12. Pacland 13. International Karate + ( IK+ ) 14. Elite 15. Bubble Bobble 16. Little Computer People ( disk version ) 17. Prince Of Persia 18. Bounder 19. Spindizzy 20. Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing
  14. Kyle22 showed me this ad from 86 and they look relatively cheap. The two 8 Bit DRAMs are still cheaper based on this ad. I have no way of verifying when the board was made and I'm not sure when 4464s were introduced, so perhaps those were factors. 4416s were in the 600xl in 83, so its highly likely 4464s existed but may have been too expensive to manufacture in large enough quantities at the time. So perhaps availability was the main factor.
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