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  1. It isn't so productive to criticize people all the time. If VladR can't produce a game, he can't produce a game. If he does produce one then great. This community is great but could be 1000x better by limiting the criticism. These are not the droids you are looking for. Move along.
  2. Yes, I think that sound like what they were working on.
  3. So he created data that runs on the doom engine. The doom source is under GPL but the art and sound assets are not. Of course the doom name is still property of id/Bethesda (idthesda?), so if you wanted to release a full doom game, it would have to be with their consent. One could take this modified Jag source that CJ has done and create all new levels, music and graphics and create a completely new game from it though. Maybe change the sprites of the imps and marines to strange mutant plumbers in a hedgehog costume or a bandicoot costume. Could be fun.
  4. PlaysWithWolves, can one shame quagmire?
  5. Yeah the game looks really good. If the Jag could have had something like this in its first two years it would realky have helped its library.
  6. After watching that again, is anything even actually polygonal? It all looks like sprites.
  7. Well nevermind that I said anything then. Mouth | foot
  8. The textures on the fence are very telling. Looke at the texture on the horizontal connecting piece on the fence.
  9. It still would do no harm to have the code from Battlesphere under the GPL.
  10. Movie studios, DVDs, films, million dollar budgets. This doesn't quite compare to what is going on with Jaguar reproduction games. One thing I'd love to see is 4Play release the source code to Battlesphere. Not the assets, but just the game code itself. It might be interesting to see what kind of games are built using their code and really it would only bring more attention to their work and what they were able to do with the Jaguar. Look at the amazing things that have been done with id software's source code releases. GPL Battlesphere! I just put on my flame retardant suit.
  11. Yeah it's bad, but Carl will probably still sell to the people that were going to buy the real deal. I just bought Skyhammer from AA a few weeks back. I bought here because the real deal was available.The real thing isn't always available though. I know some people will by a knock off when it fits their budget where the real thing never will.
  12. It's not okay, but Microsoft will swoop in to protect their copyright and no one is doing so with these Jag reproductions. The copyright holder actually has to initiate that process in some way.
  13. It's great to see these ports coming out. There must be a lot of effort behind these and it is truly a labor of love. Thanks to everyone who has worked to put these out. Now, I just need to try some of them out.
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