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  1. Watched that auction. That was a bit too high for me but, glad it got a lot of traction when the reserve was pulled. Definitely went higher than expected. Congrats. Really cool piece.
  2. I've inquired about it here and got a shipping quote, but the reserve put me off from bidding also. After those horrid ebay fees and paypal fees you'll clear far less. If you'd land on an actual price here I bet someone would bite.
  3. I'd also like to be clear that both menu and games were not working on either vecmulti cart purchased on either of my vectrex systems, not just menu. The one I sent you was worse than the other. Since a new pcb is required I assume this means you need me to also send the 2 carts back for fixing. Dont suppose there is some other sort of option we can work out as the guy who sent your the logic board from my messed up system? Shipping is quite expensive from me to you as I've already done it twice thank you
  4. Google Doc list is now complete and it's been updated to allow commenting from anyone. When I say complete, it's complete with all of this original post content as well as all the protectors I just placed my own items into these last couple weeks. Feel free to share, comment directly on the doc if anything you find works better, something that isn't on the list and you confirm fits great (I know there's a lot out there)
  5. Thanks stupus. This is actually quite a fun little project. Lots missing still. I'm kind of just adding what I'm actually placing into my own protectors right now. Also still cleaning up code, formatting, etc. Working on transferring content from your original post right now. The way videogamboxprotectors site works does not allow for direct linking to a product. The store seems to create a session token with a unique browsing id. Any links I copy and past just go right back to the main store page again. Noticed yours also do it from the main post. I may dig a bit deeper into the code at some point. That's actually what prompted me to go back through every single item this morning and actually list precisely what protector fits that item. That way if a store updates or changes a page, we at least know what it is. Once I get all the existing content from your original post into the doc, I plan to share it among all of the various collector groups I belong to. Hopefully everyone else does as well and make it continue to grow and get all of these great stores more business to make even more protectors due to increased demand. That way we all win; they have demand for new non existent product and we get the benefit of obtaining non existent product.
  6. thank you stupus. Are the Outline links to the left of the document working ok for everyone? I see them as the author but want to make sure they work for everyone even with Read Only permissions. I've added quite a few today. Received all of my shipments from the various protector makers at once so I've been on a mission today to protect as many as possible and update the doc
  7. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FHcg00OEAc5d5Esa3tuBO2_mzXKF0gAWtLRuXBIr6-4 Started a Google Drive doc that we can all start contributing to and sharing with others who may not have an atariage account. Let me know what you think about that format. Only done with 2600 and 5200 so far, but want to include everything all the way up to current gen systems. @stupus that Fire Emblem Echoes 3ds box fits Bounty Bob perfectly. Allows the hang tab to be fully extended.
  8. I just ordered so don't have them yet to test how close things are to fitting. I have a lot of stuff in this order that was made for other things that are close to fitting some of the oddball items i have. I'll let you know how it all fits. Maybe we can start a google drive sheet with all of this info so more than 1 of us can assist in making additions and modifications and link it on the first post. I'm part of a group for Playstation VR Physical games and that is how we maintain the lists. Maybe a different sheet within the workbook for each console with links to sites and which box fits best.
  9. Notice some are missing that I've located and hoping to order in next couple days. Not sure of the NL shop shipping to the states though. Perhaps someone in EU can verify their quality. They certainly have many console protectors we lack over here. Atari Jaguar CD https://www.mortoffgames.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=297&product_id=933 Atari Jaguar Controller https://www.mortoffgames.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=297&product_id=944 Atari Jaguar Cartridge Games https://www.retroprotection.com/Atari-Jaguar_c27.htm Atari Jaguar System https://www.theboxprotectorshop.nl/c-4126967/atari-jaguar-console-protectors/ Atari 2600 (Vader) System https://www.theboxprotectorshop.nl/c-4126933/atari-console-protectors/ NES Deluxe (ROB) Set https://kollectorprotector.com/ He doesn't list on site any longer but he does have them. Great dude I finally met at Portland Retro Expo. Trying to work with him to get a custom Bounty Box 5200 box made, maybe a Vectrex 3D Imager. In the meantime, this is the closest thing for bounty bob 5200 https://retroprotection.com/Fire-Emblem-Echoes-Shadows-of-Valentia-Box-Protector-1-571.htm
  10. Need these last few commons for a CIB Atari 5200 set. Hoping to snag all,or a bulk of them together. Separate they are hardly worth the trouble with shipping costs. Must be good/great condition and complete in box with all manuals,inserts,pamphlets, and overlays where applicable. Centipede Defender Missile Command Ms. Pac Man Space Invaders Somewhat Less common but, also need these CIB Atari VCS Adapter Masterplay 5200 Joystick Interface (larger red box version) DM me if interested in trade. I have bits of everything from pong to ps4 and cant really list or photograph it all.
  11. Paid about 1100usd for the Imagic kiosk last year. Seems ballpark is still right around there. Pretty niche market for folks like us. Not everyone has the room or the funds to procure it.
  12. Kevtris, you mention you used the very parts within the system to do the mod. Does this mean you traced each pin of the MC1372 and the 6821 to the component on the board and ran a single wire for composite out and a single wire for audio out? Do you happen to have any pics of where these are located or how you went about doing this? I can't quite decipher what OP Amp U1 is required for this. The pins in the schematic don't match up with any datasheets or my limited knowledge of any 8 pin op amp work, for example, the schematic a few posts back show pin 1 as the + but it's generally Null in the op amp's i've looked at purchasing.
  13. I'm in the US but would love that kiosk to go with my Imagic kiosk. If no one in the UK snags it and you are up for shipping we can probably make a deal
  14. Are there more boards to order or are they all gone now? Love the various projects you've made from these and want to join in the fun.
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