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  1. Paid about 1100usd for the Imagic kiosk last year. Seems ballpark is still right around there. Pretty niche market for folks like us. Not everyone has the room or the funds to procure it.
  2. Kevtris, you mention you used the very parts within the system to do the mod. Does this mean you traced each pin of the MC1372 and the 6821 to the component on the board and ran a single wire for composite out and a single wire for audio out? Do you happen to have any pics of where these are located or how you went about doing this? I can't quite decipher what OP Amp U1 is required for this. The pins in the schematic don't match up with any datasheets or my limited knowledge of any 8 pin op amp work, for example, the schematic a few posts back show pin 1 as the + but it's generally Null in the op amp's i've looked at purchasing.
  3. I'm in the US but would love that kiosk to go with my Imagic kiosk. If no one in the UK snags it and you are up for shipping we can probably make a deal
  4. Are there more boards to order or are they all gone now? Love the various projects you've made from these and want to join in the fun.
  5. mooshue


  6. Quick update, returned from my trip. Just pulled the cables Richard needed and will send them out first thing in the morning to resume troubleshooting.
  7. Board was sent but I forgot to include some of the cables that connect the logic to power and such. As soon as I get back from a work trip I'll get those out to Richard. Everyone just keep following this thread for updates on this issue. Pretty confident he can figure it out now that he has hands on one of the troublesome logic boards.
  8. I'm going to send my vectrex logic board to Richard so he can poke around and see what's different about these specific Vectrex systems. The carts do work, my other system plays them perfectly fine. its definitely the Vectrex system so hang onto your vecmulti while we try to work through this.
  9. Can anyone tell me where to pull the color video from on a XEGS board? I found someone's install pic of a XEGS but they do not specify where they pulled color from. I pulled direct from PIN 21 of the GTIA, which is COL - Color Frequency and it seems to work ok direct. Just want to make sure it's ok to leave that way long term or if a resistor on the board works best?
  10. Received the new VIA chips, same results unfortunately. Ran Malbam's weirdtest.bin, splash screen for test appears then black screen so it appears fine. Used the menu builder again on the vecmulti just in case something was strange on the cart but still same result. Seems there are some vectrex out there that simply will not run the multicart. Pics of original and new via below
  11. Fantastic work Malban. Just read through your troubleshooting/dev post. I'm eagerly awaiting my new VIA chips from China via slow boat. I'll play with your sample bin and see if it tells me it's "wierd"
  12. Thank you Malban. I'll go through your post to learn more. Just ordered a set of the Rockwell VIA someone in your dev thread was using. Probably slow boat from China so will get to it when they arrive.
  13. Didnt consider caps as everything else I throw at it works perfectly fine, just the to vecmulti carts. I did pull out my other system and they load up perfectly. Its definitely something with the system or cart slot. Acts like it's not making contact properly on all pins
  14. Finally had a chance to play with my new Vecmulti carts this weekend at game night. Tried both carts, both have varying results but neither work 100% anyone have a clue why the menu text becomes pushed to next line? Seems that when this occurs the games either fail to load or stop playing during play. Retail carts play 100% every time. Sean Kellet Multicart plays 100% every time. Only issues when the Vecmulti is running. Suppose it could be something with my vectrex system but I'm at a loss what to look at next.
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