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  1. The reason walk throughs are nearly nonexistent for Battlemorph is because people just dismiss this game as a crappy Cyber morph sequel. No one truly gives it an in depth play through. A non linear star fox with awesome bosses. Alot of love went into this Game. I must say, I'm impressed with the walk through. I'm trying to beat this game again (last Time I did was in 95) and your walk through has helped me over 6 times. Thank you so much for being a great gamer.
  2. Scorponok

    Air Cars

    I guess there isn't a reason for it. But I can see myself buying the crappy 94 addition just for that Overlay. I know a lot of people think overlays are throwaways but I think they add tremendously to gameplay and the love of using that controller. Im still hunting down all three Aliens vs Predators overlays.....dang it
  3. I always thought that both Robotron 64 and Astroids 64 felt like they were made for the Jaguar. A system that excels in porting old Arcade games in a modern 3d look. Both games are REALLY decent and are a lot of fun and remind me of Jag titles such as Defender 2000, Tempest 2000, Breakout 2000 and Missile Command 3D.
  4. Compared to what? SNES- sluggish controls, fuzzy prerendered photos of Claymation and bad sound 32X and Genesis- Don't even ask 3DO- horrendous loading time, added crap (which is usually a good thing but not in this case) Clunky control system on the ridiculously inadequate 3DO controller PlayStation- Most likely the closest to perfect. However HORRENDOUS loading time, I do not enjoy the playsation controller for fighting games, hit detection glitch that the original arcade had where the character gets stuck mid air. Really quirky frame rate Saturn- pretty much the same problems the playstation version has except graphics aren't as good. Frame rate skips at time Back to the Jaguar- Glaring lazy last minute potential fixes such as the zoom out. However perfect frame rate, decent loading times (actually the BEST loading times of ANY CD version of the game except for the Direct Arcade port on Arcade classics combo disks) PLAYS JUST LIKE THE ARCADE. No modified combo systems, no removed juggling, includes all fatalities and extra sprites such as drool and spit drops removed from other ports. The best sounding intro sound FX of any port. Yes compare to the other CD units and the monkey sounds like a chipmunk. How did they mess that up? Once again your bad controller comment most likely stems from the original Jaguar controller. I agree...this game plays bad on THAT controller. However as I suggested, the PRO controller is a MUST! In fact im not just being a Jag fan here....short from the original Arcade pad and joystick, the Jaguar Pro Controller is the BEST way to play this game. I recommend you actually sit down and compare each port. You will agree that the only port better than Jag is PlayStation and that's only if you have patience to endure the playstation's loading time. Do not rely on the ridiculous comparison video on Youtube. They use a Jaguar Emulator that doesn't look, sound or even present itself accurately.
  5. Also yes clay fighter does indeed look decent on the Snes (NOT the Genesis though ) But the reason for that is because it isn't a port at all. Clay fighter was designed to play on the Super Nintendo. Primal rage was ported from the Arcade and looked awful on snes. So sluggish....minus well have the game boy version.
  6. I own the Jag CD, Sega 32x, snes and Playstation ports of Primal Rage. Sure...you can enjoy primal rage on a cart. But it's almost like editing a 2 hour movie into an hour and 15 minutes. The cart versions resolution is just awful. Claymation sprites look way better on CD. Both 32x and snes versions are borderline unplayable. Their combo system was cut, no juggling as far as I can tell and the game as a total just does not have a arcade feel to it. They even removed certain special moves and fatalities! playstation port is the closest to arcade but also has its issues. EXTREMELY long loading time. As well as awkward positioning of loading time. You can never see your characters full victory taunt when you win a match because it freezes to load. Not surprisingly I prefer the Atari jaguar Cd version. It is really close to being arcade perfect. It has the cheering sound effect cut from many others, it doesn't have those stupid computer rendered sluggish cut scenes that were added in the playstation and 3do ports at the last minute and it looks and sounds like the arcade. Most importantly it PLAYS like the arcade. However I would never suggest playing it without the pro Controller. The only issue with the Jaguar version is probe forgot to zoom in the picture just a bit more. Because of this the characters are a bit smaller than usual but they are definitely bigger than cartridge ports, and the background ends before the screen does! You can see a black edge. It is an embarrassingly glaring and noticible flaw, However due to this being one of the best ports for this game I learned to overlook it. But if only they zoomed in just a little I could boast that the atari jaguar has the best port of Primal rage. ....it's a shame
  7. This is 1993 dude....ahem...1993. Go Google what games were out in 1993. I had computer geeks at the time who were impressed with it. Also there are more mature ways to counter a point with your OPINION than claiming another person's opinion is "nonsense ". I just happen to think what you're saying is nonsense too! But I don't out right say it.
  8. Did you make these photos JUST for this debate? I'm flattered
  9. You look pretty happy with that copy of Battlesphere in your hand....
  10. You are not God or a equally powerful deity. You cannot tell me what system or product entertains me more than the other.
  11. Screw that. I assumed atari age would offer reasonable debates. All I'm seeing is annoying s**t talkers and trolls. Go play your modern systems while mocking the retro gamers and making assumptions about their intellectual prowess or motives for collecting
  12. So let me get this straight. You are obviously a fan of classic games and systems. It seems to me you really don't have a leg to stand on. You are just trash talking a system just....because! Also I can find random photos off of Google image and pretend that I'm a part of a happy family too!
  13. This is so cute. You guys are adorable! You are actually comparing a system released in the 90s to modern hardware? I'm wasting my time....it's sad.
  14. There is no "posse" or club. I'm talking about the exclusive nature of the limited supplies available. You are just trolling and you are doing a poor job of it actually.
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