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  1. I have a thing for Star Wars games, and hacking hardware so any console will do. I do have a serious soft spot for the N64 and original Xbox. While I like Nintendo's I seem to have wound up with quite a few Sega's. DC, Saturn etc. I do have a few Star Wars figures and vehicles as well, but Action Man is the main hook. I have a complete Joe/Action Force 82 to 85 set of vehicles and figures. That's around 400 figures..... I love what I love, I budget and stick to that and just enjoy it all. 🙂
  2. Not just Atari's, I've done the same with Action Man/GI Joe. I get it. But about 25 years ago I got hold of nearly every Atari (and Commodore's for $hits and giggles, as well as consoles). I would have around 40 Atari's and parts and after a cull of the Commodores down to about 15. That list includes two Falcons, a TT030, pair of MegaSTE's, Jag ......... its nuts. But I love them all since I had my first 800XL 40 years ago. What I learned, when the rear end drops out of the market for something that's fun, buy it up. Right now is the best era for the Wii, PS2/3 and XBOX 360. Let that be a warning. 🙂
  3. I have to quote that so I don't have to go back a page. Unleash the Jag. I don't think I've tracked a thread on Atariage that has got me so excited before.
  4. I'd expect bug fixes at least, the point of every atari console is playing games, doesn't stop me modifying them though. Otherwise my 2600 would still be hooked to a rank arena TV rather than an LCD. So the answer to my question would be, no. Thanks for the clear link.
  5. Well, I was hoping for a little more hackery than copying ROM's. But, I have 30 odd Atari's so I can't complain. At least I can play it on my lunch break.
  6. Well if it isn't too badly broken, don't fix it. I'm a bit surprised there isn't any info at all on their website.
  7. Surprisingly I got a FB portable for Christmas..... Are there any firmware updates for these? I can't find anything on at games website. Mine is the older version, no rewind etc. I already dropped a 512 MB SD card into it and so far so good. :-)
  8. I'd forgotten about Dbug. Wish there was a torrent...
  9. Has anyone used a gotek drive with an 8-bit? That would be pretty cool.
  10. I knew you could do that, but I like to reduce the colour depth on boot for Xboot, it boots a lot quicker in 2 colours. Ah well, there could be worse limitations.
  11. Unreal. That looks fantastic. Maybe you should have called it Cannonball Outrun.
  12. Awesome. Hopefully I won't lose the archive and have to work it all out again. BTW, is there a way to make Magic default to 640x480x256 on boot? Mine always defaults to 640x400x2.
  13. I got that, roll on Xmas. :-) Can the FB1 controllers be used on any other models? I've not even tried them on a real Atari.
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