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    Im interest in Colecovision controlerrs , games , expasion module #1 (atari adapter) or a cheap workin atari 2600

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  1. Brianeric26


  2. Sorry for dobles reply and yes I recieved you message (idk how to delete a reply )
  3. Hey buddy im interested on the unpopulated board with errors ill send you a personal message
  4. thanks man you really help me out to repair my colecovision , so I desolder de video board from the main boad and looked around and none of the resistor or capacitors where bad but I choose to reflow the solder on them and when I solder back the video board I noticed some broken traces where the two board meet up so I fix them with a wire and yayy it works like it should do , I dont know if it was a bad solder joint on the caps or the broken traces on the board but hey it works now thank you very much man
  5. look theres is the perfect and bright b/w picture dirrectly taken from the vdp
  6. At firts it gave me a garbagr b/w image but I changr to another rca cable , and it gave me a clean b/w picture , so I left it there turn on , and try to replecate de bad b/w image and nop, it was a bad rca cable , so the vdp is not bad great , I have the pictures , i will upload them later , but still i haven find whats wrong with my colecovision
  7. Wheres is pin 36 in the expansion bus orr where ? Thanks very much for you reply
  8. Thanks the only work I have done is the av mod ,I dont have any colecovision game but , i will be in search for frogger in specific
  9. Hey my colecovision , when I first bought it it was having a bad rf problem , so I decide to av mod it , so I followed the ben heck tutorial , and yeah it worked really welll , so time has passed have pased and I decide to use my colecovision again with the expansion module #1 and it worked flawlessly , but when I tested the colecovision without the module (because I dont have games for it ) it showed the colecovision bios screen but all green and with lines , and when the bios disappear the lines still there , however with the expansion module it work flawless , so I thinking my self ok the atari is working because it is it on thing its has it video processor(tia) ,cpu ram etc , buttt it uses the video circuit of the coleco so that tells my that the video circuit is working , so my guess is that the vdp has gone bad or the ram , because I already refurbished the power switch and power supply is working awesome , (btw the picture is way worse with rf but still have the same issues ),(and I already re do the the av mod with new parts and still the same ) anyone that can help me with it ? I am confident with soldering , I replaced the expansion module cpu one time , so im ready for the repair , the only thing is I have to be sure what really is the IC that is making this problem ,thanks in advance for you help
  10. Hey guys thanks to all of you that help me specially cdn2a he es the one that literally repair my module , it was a bad cpu I just repalced and now it working thanks to all , its so great that this community exist
  11. Because some people do it for fun , they like to mod stuff or it is the smallest atari you can get , i think , I dont know if the flashback is smaller
  12. hey I know that its 8 years later but, but from I read (i am trying to do a similar mod ) the atari converter , has missing the clock signal , the power ,and the av out and the reset circuit , if you manage to get all of that circuits in the converter , you may have an expansion module one consonle ,for to make those circuits basically you have to copy all of those circuit from the atari schematics , but note , for making the av out you have to do basically a atari 2600 conpiste mod , but the tia pin out are diferent than the chip thar hass the expansion module inside(atari converter) thanks tht soemne has the pinout for this chips there are here in the forum , and the you can do the av out
  13. I never seen a gemini board before , but i have repair broken solder joint on power supplys jacks and rf boxes before , I jus disassblemble the rf box , maybe desoldering is needed and just look for bad solder joint it should look a like very dull , not shiny as the other ones and maybe some obvious damage , firts star by searching for joint near of the rf conector jack it most likely be one damege there . or the part when the rf board connecest so the main board , i dont know anything more thats the more I can help you , an if that doest work just resolder some ramdon joint or ones that maybe be bad , what can happend , waste of solder , if not maybe a av mod should help , but remenber the tia of the gemini is diferent , if you are interesed , some guy posted a gemini tia pinout in one of my post , i hope i help you
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