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  1. So when I remove the floppy drive cable on the STe both lights come on permanently. Did you try the 520's disk drive in the 1040? Yes. No difference. Regarding multi-meter and side by side, I have a 520 STFM and my dead 1040 STe. Not sure where to start comparing, as the MB looks quite different to an ignorant eye like mine. I'm not scared of going in with the multimeter, but where should I start? Is there any kind of instructional tutorial I could follow? I fixed a few synthesizers with the multimeter before, but never a computer. Thank you all
  2. Hi. Just reseated all the chips. Cleaned them with a fine grade sand paper. Nothing looked particularly dirty I have to say, however, still no joy. I have swapped the keyboards too. No luck. Will try the TV out next, but as I said before there's no audio coming through the audio outputs, and the computer doesn't try to seek the floppy drive. I'm wondering if something's dead before it even gets that far...perplexing. I'm in East Anglia, but travel up north quite a bit as well.
  3. Alas, reset button seems to be working ok. The video output is still completely blank. Is there a way to bypass the button?
  4. Hi Moonsweeper. I got my 1040 STe, and 520 STFM in the UK when growing up so both are 240V . Always used a step up transformer when in the US from 110 to 230, and now obviously don't need one being back in Europe. I swapped the PSU from the 520 into the 1040 and still not getting anything out of the 1040. 520 is working ok, but it never was in great condition and is under gunned for Cubase Score which is why I'm still trying to resuscitate my STe . I've just removed the FD power from the 1040 and now both lights on the keyboard are showing (looking for FD access). So something is alive on the 1040 STe somewhere. Is it worth trying to tune a TV into the low res output to see if there's anything coming out of the 1040? The hi-res monitor port is definitely giving out nothing. Only getting an audible click through the SM124 when powering up the 1040, but no signal, or audio. Thanks,
  5. So - reseated the EPROMs and anything else I could remove. Still dead... Should I try without all the RAM?
  6. Hi. Thanks for the info. How would I reseat them? Or remove and reseat? Sorry for my ignorance - but this is a new thing for me, but willing to have a go. I have pushed down on all the chips so far. Also booted with no FD. Still no joy. Fran
  7. Hello all, What an excellent forum! I've read here for sometime now. Been using my STe 4 mb RAM for years for Cubase and composing music. It's also got some great synth editors! I recently moved back to the UK from the United States, and my STe upon unpacking is not working. There appears to be no physical damage, however only the power light is coming on when I try to boot. No video output, and the FD 3.5" is not even trying to read. No light on it. Not even a faint one. There's also no audio. I've reseated the RAM, but that's about it. No luck with that by the way. I do have a 520 which I've swapped the PSU with, but nothing doing there either. The 1040 supply is working fine. Just something on the MB is not! I'm no electronics engineer, but I do understand a multimeter. I don't see any discoloration or cracks on the MB, but maybe I ought to check somewhere specific? Capacitors also look OK. Anybody have any ideas? Is it worth trying to fix, or should I say goodbye to my loyal friend since 1990 and replace him with a new Atari? Thanks, Fran
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