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  1. Yet they find plenty of room for Bobble-Heads or whatever the fugg those things are!
  2. Say CPUWIZ, I was just curious which company you work for? If you'd rather not say (Or want to PM me the info) that's cool too. I follow some stocks, so I just wondered...
  3. The thing about Game Stop is: They could have Always sold Retro Items; THEY CHOSE NOT TO. When they decided to "carry" Atari Flashbacks, They could have carried each version, The Atari Gold, The Activision, The HD versions, The Deluxe sets with Paddles included...THEY CHOSE NOT TO. Until last year or so, they only carried one shelf of SD models, Not even the HD models! They could have carried joysticks and extension cables, even clone systems by 8BITDO, Hyperkin, YOBO, ATGames, Old Skool, etc. THEY CHOSE NOT TO. They could have carried the Turbografx Mini (Unless Amazon prevented it, which is a distinct possibility). They could have shut the F Up about Extended Warranties...THEY CHOSE NOT TO. They could have offered me more than $4.12 for a game I paid $60 + Tax for not 2 weeks earlier. THEY CHOSE NOT TO. In short, Game Stop could have been a successful video game chain but I rather think, THEY CHOSE NOT TO.
  4. So I now have 9 Wii U games!  2 are NIB (Which Black Sabbath has assured me means Nativity In Black).   So far I've only tested 1 game, ...Guess I better get to it! 



    Although the weather is beautiful right now and I'm considering a bike ride, plus some possible other plans tonight,....We'll see...I do look forward to checking them out!

  5. I appreciate the info, as I too, sit on games a long time sometimes (and I've been burned before but not too bad haha), and I am Brand New to Wii U...I have 9 games now,...Played 1...Well one thing at a time...Maybe tonight!
  6. Pretty much an absolute tie for me between NES/SNES. I have very fond memories of seeing and playing games like Deadly Towers and Faxanadu BITD, and love them to this day...Plus first memories of Mario, Zelda, Dragon Warrior, Castlevania, etc. And there's a much bigger spread of games for SNES, and each with more potential, just given the graphical and sound capabilities. Instantly I think of Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger, Street Fighter II/Mortal Kombat, lots of platformers like Bubsy etc., Mario Kart, cool shmups, Jaki Crush (Pinball for SFC, which I discovered after Alien Crush, Devil's Crush, etc.), ...Plus, the weird music of Cool World, the 3D of Jim Powers, the parallax scrolling, the Mode 7 stuff, etc. To cast a vote, I chose the SNES simply because there were more styles of games I suppose... I also love the handhelds, and the Wii, and now that I have a Wii U, I am digging that...(My current choice to collect for)... I've never owned a Switch, so can't comment, but the stories of warped screens, and controllers that wear out too fast, not to mention look all wrong (IMO) as far as button placement etc., are not making me want one very soon. Then again this is the Internet and every complaint gets overblown it seems; Plus I take care of my stuff, so who knows what my experience would actually be?...
  7. There's 2 Game Stops here....One in the mall and one a few doors down from Target, which is across from The Mall. (FWIW, my town is small enough there's just one mall (which I am referring to as "The Mall" (Technically Frontier Mall, even though we call it "The Mall", Except there is a tiny place downtown with a nice, airy hallway, a sunlight, some plants and maybe 3 or 4 businesses, that has Actually always been called "The Mall", though nobody calls it that now, no matter what the sign says, but I digress)... Anyway, and confusing side anecdotes notwithstanding; I last went to the one in the Mall, once in 2017, then the one by Target in 2019 for a PS1 Classic at $20...And I went back TODAY! The one by Target had used Wii U games and I bought 3 of them! HMMmmm... Who knew they'd be good for anything these days? If I get some more money saved up to spend on games, I may yet have to go to The Frontier Mall location and see what they've got.
  8. Well, Between eBay and Game Stop (of all places) my Wii U collection is coming along. Also, after getting my oil changed, grocery shopping, then a Game Stop (heh), I hauled ass home after stopping by the Shaved Ice food truck across from the liquor store...The secret is to ignore stop signs and traffic lights as they'll only slow ya down haha... The shaved ice is Strawberry Cheesecake and ice cream flavor with the chocolate cheesecake option!
  9. That'd give some people a chance to whip out their joysticks, or maybe show off their paddles... And after that, maybe they'll play some video games!
  10. I wanted one, but didn't get one. I have a feeling,...well, if they're smart, there will be more available or another Pre-Order closer to launch. That will give me time to save up a bit any way. If not, I agree...Maybe they don't want my money and screw'em!
  11. I totally wanted an Analogue Pocket! (But missed out on the Pre-Order,;...D'Oh!) Anyhow, Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 is my Favorite NGPC game. To me it's like an obscure horror (shooter) game that would be at home on the NES or PC Engine. I had a ton of fun with it until a girlfriend overwrote my game save with hers many years ago, and I'd been meaning to get back into it haha... If ya want to see a sample of gameplay, here's a video...I'd skip to about 3:15 to see it being played...Personally I'd just watch a minute or so...But I don't like spoilers so...
  12. Gotta say I Love the game ULTIMATE QIX on SEGA Genesis, AKA Volfied in Arcades/PC Engine, AKA Qix Neo on PS1.  Comparing it to regular Qix;  It's like comparing Arkanoid to Breakout.  IMHO, the game is just more playable, more strategic, more compelling, and more fun.

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    2. SlidellMan


      Taito, one of gaming's unsung, and oft-overlooked, legends.

    3. JacobZu7zu7


      Even more fun then the 5200 version?

    4. GoldLeader


      I've never played the 5200 version of Qix, but if Qix is a 7 (Kinda Generous actually), then Ultimate Qix is a 10 for sure!

  13. So, I gave these both a quick try tonight and both worked just fine, though I have no idea about Turbo Tap compatibility. My first impression was that the Hyperkin was a little smoother...I was playing some Bonk's Revenge. After a few levels with the Hyperkin, I paused it and tried the Old Skool, which felt, just barely mind you, like it needed a tiny microscopic bit more pressure for the presses on the D-Pad. I don't see how you could go wrong with either, but I may have to try a different game (something with diagonals) just to be sure
  14. Wanted to point out a while back...That to me it looks like it says GRITTLE OK As you were...Linux Windows Sandbox She's my Cherry Pi T A C O S !
  15. I tried "Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough" the other day.  Nestle absolutely ruined it!  Way too much sugar.  All they had to do was make the regular kind and remove the salmonella, but they couldn't even do that.   *Sigh*     I'll stick to the stuff you're not supposed to eat.

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    2. BydoEmpire


      For what it's worth, vegetarian chili is great if you don't (or don't want to) eat meat.  It's not like there's a lack of meat-chili options, is there? Chili with meat is kind of the standard, with the veggie option being a nice alternative.  Good to have both available.  Agree about the "too much sugar" thing.  The older I get, and the most of a Health Nazi I become, the less I want overly sweet stuff even when I want something sweet and junky.  Too much isn't good.

    3. GoldLeader


      So, Today at the store, I found a new kind of edible chocolate chip cookie dough (called Cookie Dough Cafe)...Glutton for punishment that I am, I bought some (almost $6!)...It's pretty much the same with way too much sugar, though it may taste a little better...*sigh*

    4. GoldLeader


      @BydoEmpire Yeah I usually have to make my own vegetarian chili (Which I love!)...My main point,  The brand names can't seem to do it without it tasting awful...

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