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  1. Wal Mart,  How about you move the Marshmallows to the Hot Chocolate aisle?    CBS,  Not everything is "Breaking News!"  How about tomorrow we just have Regular News?  Taco Bell,  You've had your fun with Buffalo Ranch or whatever, Now bring back Nacho Fries Bel Grandes!   Also Taco Bell,  I have an idea for your "Hot" Sauce,  Why don't you rename it as (Are you sitting down?)  "Tomato" Sauce?

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    2. carlsson


      For obvious reasons I've never been to a WalMart but I would look in the candy section for marshmallows. At least there is where I find them in our grocery stores.

    3. ClassicGMR


      @Atarian7Yes the home for those is in fact the baking aisle. With the Fluff ... which should be with peanut butter.

    4. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      The Chips(crisps) and Soda thing is a bit like when you're in the pub, you drink booze and the only snacks they seems to do are very salty things like peanuts, pork scratchings or very savoury strong flavoured (hot or spicy) ridged crisps. They're trying to get you to drink more by drying you out. Crafty b*stds.

  2. Happy to say I'm in! I better start saving ... my quarters...By having a home version (Ha!)... I actually own an Asteroids cab too, but it needs fixed one of these years ... 😉
  3. So Folks,  What do ya call'em?  Soda?  Pop?  Soda Pop?  Cokes?  Soft drinks? ... Beverages?

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    2. GoldLeader


      The one I find funny is when it's all COKE.   "What Kind of Coke you want?"

      I'll take a Pepsi.  OK  "You?"   Make mine a Dr Pepper or R.C.  OK... and so on haha...

    3. Eltigro


      Soda.  And I'm in Texas where people tend to lean to toward the "everything is a Coke" end of the spectrum.

    4. pacman000


      Down South "coke" is used as a generic term for all soft drinks, but it's rare for someone to ask what type of Coke you want. Usually they ask "what would you like to drink?" After all, most places have other, non-carbonated options.

  4. It sounds like Mortal Kombat (movie theme) to me...If you remove the chorus (computer voice), and added back in the MK Samples ... I kinda like it though
  5. Personally I Love the Sanwa parts! And I like to use my HORI Real Arcade Pro for PS2 through converters to make it work with Genesis/Atari, though I can't remember if that uses Sanwa parts or just something similar...Lately I've just used my Edladdin stick though. It'll be interesting to see what others think...
  6. About to show my old age here...Maybe not so much for video games, but when I was a kid there were definitely toys around Christmas time that came in similar boxes, If I'm remembering correctly. I'm thinking maybe some stuff ordered from catalogs may have come like that. I seem to remember stuff like; Dinosaur playsets, army men, roulette wheels, lawn darts, toy slot machines or pinball games, I think certain Hot Wheels track sets...But I think it was only when shipped to your house as opposed to seeing it in the store, and sometimes the full color box was inside that, too.
  7. I've seen Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, and Twilight Zone, but never saw The Time Tunnel, Lost In Space, Land of Giants, or Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.   Thanks MeTV!  Lotta blinking light matrices in old sci-fi series.

    1. GoldLeader


      Technically I guess I've seen one episode of The Time Tunnel, but it was on YouTube so kinda doesn't count. I never saw it back in the day.

  8. I just thought about how this song would get stuck in my head, but realized it's a little sparse on its own....Usually when it would get stuck in my head I'd also hear some game sounds then it all made sense (Like so...)
  9. I ordered an NES cart of the Rom which included the Pie Factory (some say Cement Plant)...But I can't remember where I got it. My thought is a lot of repro makers don't want to use a name that might bring Nintendo to their doorstep, but it couldn't hurt to ask...Some probably have it if you want it, but they don't advertise it. I quit buying repros so much after getting an Everdrive. OK I found one like mine, but mine was IIRC $35 some years back, so this is more expensive unfortunately... (There's a few cheaper ones in the Other Sellers on Amazon part below Add to Cart) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005XOMARY?tag=picclick0f-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1
  10. Asteroids Deluxe, Omega Race, Red Baron, and Star Castle! I know that's 4 but you should have seen the list before! Only a few times in the wild did I ever see Black Widow or Gravitar...I only saw Tac Scan, Cosmic Chasm, and Major Havok once each. Our arcade had Rip Off, Star Castle and Armor Attack, and a store near my house had Star Hawk and Asteroids among other games...They still have Asteroids in a barcade downtown and they just lost their sit down Red Baron (which I assume is broken)...They're replacing old games with stuff like Space Invaders Frenzy which is unfortunate; I mean it's OK, just nothing special like the actual old games...
  11. It doesn't really control heartburn though. Haaa! I crack myself up!
  12. Finally got my ducks in a row and took 2 days off to get better.  Sick as a dog right now, but heading to the doctor in a sec, I'll probably  play some Atari FB Portable in the waiting room...My Aunt is helping my dad who broke his arm in a car crash, and the girls are covering my shifts at work...I'm finally going to get better I hope.

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Seems like you mentioned a cough a long time ago. Is this the same sickness?

    3. GoldLeader


      @Random Terrain Yeah, Totally the same sickness!  It came with a cough first, just lately followed by runny nose, sore throat etc.,  The doc gave me meds so now I will get Better!!   (Except the prescription cough syrup which is no longer available (D'Oh!)) Shortage indeed @save2600


      @Spriggy Haha!  I had Taco Bell tonight actually!  Sometimes I crave it and figure it's part of the cure!  Makes me tired too, so that's good...OK I should go to bed (again) soon since it's 3:25AM here haha...

    4. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      The times when I stupidly drank too many caffeine soft drinks while eating too much garbage food and ended up getting sick, I would take 1 generic Sudafed (little red pill) and two Tylenols at 5 a.m., 1 generic Sudafed (little red pill), two Tylenols, and one generic Benadryl at 11 a.m., 1 generic Sudafed (little red pill) and two Tylenols at 5 p.m., 1 generic Sudafed (little red pill), two Tylenols, and one generic Benadryl at 11 p.m. Before my mother figured out that schedule, my fever, coughing up crud out of my lungs, and horrible runny nose made me feel like I was going to die. After the schedule, my fever wasn't so bad, I did a 3rd or 4th of the usual coughing, and I usually didn't get a runny nose.

  13. I just thought of another one that often gets stuck in my head and then I have to really use the ol brain to remember what it is...I don't recall anyone knowing about this one BITD, but I could totally be wrong, but now I'm sure people love it (because It's way more fun than you would have ever dreamed)...And that's Lunar Pool! (Lunar Ball on the Famicom).
  14. Oooooh, I am now getting ideas for a Pitfall! themed Hotel! Think of it, Ya build a hotel with reinforced walls and higher than average ceilings, then put a rope in the center of each room with pillows all over the floor. Then you could encourage the guests to jump on the bed by having logs printed on the bedspreads...The lamps on the nightstands could have a plastic base that looks like gold bricks. Add some forest background walls, a couple of blocky crocodile graphics on the sides and Voila! And Room Service could bring you Tacos, (perhaps with taco holders shaped like scorpions)!
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