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  1. I find it interesting on forums (Not AA specifically), when a "Debate" devolves into an "Argument";  It usually starts when someone presents their Opinion as Fact, or acts as though their opinion is better, the best, or the only opinion that matters...

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    2. GoldLeader


      With joysticks, for example, not everyone will prefer the same one...Some people like joysticks, some like NES/Genesis/Turbografx pads, some like arcade sticks, and then it's Micro or Leaf switches? Sanwa, Wico, iL, or Happ? and so forth etc,.   These are opinions and preferences, and will vary among players.  Even if someone scores higher with a certain type,  it doesn't make their opinion More valid,  it probably means that stick is better for them, Or that they prefer it, or they may just play the game better.  I can usually see in a thread where one person condescends another, or makes assumptions, or tells someone else their opinion, ..And it begins to spiral downward (not always,  many people are smart enough to not take the bait).  But again,  that condescending tone usually comes from one person believing their opinion is More Valid somehow...  

    3. GoldLeader


      I guess I just find it interesting.  Not sure why.   You can usually see where the argument begins, and the person who starts it may not be the one who comes off looking the worst.  It's the same way a small tap, turns to a push, turns to a shove,  turns to a punch etc.

    4. TwentySixHundred


      Absolutely Gold! As soon as someone starts going bananas with a song and dance to try and make their point more valid they lose my interest. No matter if they're correct or not there is ways to have a civil debate. There is nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree and having a discussion. On the other hand there is no need to have a cry about spilled milk. Some of us like our Asteroids in black and white mode 😉

  2. I really thought maybe it was something like that...But I corrected my post because I was wrong...(Please see edited post)
  3. Exactly! And have you guys seen Chesnais's salary? EDIT: Looks like I'm wrong...I could swear we saw a large number in the past... Public assets : 8,238,003 USD However, A recent search showed this: "According to our data, Atari SA has a market capitalization of €84m, and paid its CEO total annual compensation worth €51k over the year to March 2019. " I haven't found anything on 2020... Well, that's not too bad. I don't want to spread any misinformation. I still wonder why he doesn't pay his employees, though (allegedly) ?
  4. Day Off.  SNOW.  Still about a third of my driveway left to shovel.  OK, (been awake more than an hour) Takes swig of 3:12 PM "Morning" beverage...Coffee plus hot chocolate,  with just a little bit of bourbon, rum, brandy, amaretto and creme de cacao, and Coffee Mate (of course)...Any second cup that makes you cough, is a good drink...Gonna go shovel more soon...

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    2. GoldLeader


      On the Plus Side...60's Next Week should melt all of this stuff up!

    3. ∞ Vince ∞
    4. x=usr(1536)


      As predicted: icy roads this morning, and a car covered in 1/4" of ice.  Really glad I went berserk on buying de-icing spray a couple of years ago, because I'm sure that by now the only way to get it involves the black market.

  5. I'm kind of with Crazy Climber in that most of my answers weren't available to pick. I look forward to Amico and hope I have some money saved up when it comes out, (Probably buy eventually, but can't say for sure)...I do wish it was cheaper, but understand why it's not...I personally don't care at all about Family Friendly or Couch Co-Op, but I do care about games. I like cartridges, but I don't mind downloads as long as I own the games and they Never disappear... Separately, the reason I wouldn't just buy an Intellivision is that RF sucks as do those controllers from all indications.
  6. ^Me Too! (Although for a bit I dabbled in "modern" for Wii U just to get it rolling, and PS3 while prices are dirt cheap...Maybe someday I'll have time to play them...)
  7. I would think that if your heart is human,...Your Brain I. B. M.;  That you would be able to properly pronounce the word "Modern".

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    2. Swami


      ruff or rooof

    3. moycon


      What do you expect with parts made in Japan?


    4. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞



      The meaning of American Pie?

      As an American singer songwriter he is lamenting the influx of British groups like the Beatles , Rolling Stones and the marginalisation of people like himself (especially Folk singers) since the death of Buddy Holly.


      Buddy Holly's death is significant because before this the groups in question and British artists as a whole were influenced by BH and other Americans and after, everyone was influenced by The Beatles and The Stones.


      Pop and Rock groups came in from the UK and US singer songwriters become less and less. 


      There's a rumour that when Buddy Holly was in New York that he taught Don Mclean some chords when he was a kid.


      I could explain the whole song if you wanted. I've studied it quite deeply. PM if you want.

  8. Personally I thought the camera was a fun little thing, and, like I say, I would have bought a printer too if they actually sold them somewhere... PS IIRC, I bought it on a whim and it was likely clearance priced, which made it a good deal, but it was also something I was unaware of up to that point. I'm thinking I saw it in a newspaper ad that very day, hence the sale price and the "rain check" (which would have worked only if they got some more in)...I had my doubts they would ever have the printers in again (and they never did), but the Target employees told me they were "trying to get some more"...
  9. I bought a green one and then of course the printer was sold out everywhere...I still have a rain check for it at Target, but of course they never got them in again.
  10. Pics (pixelated pics) or it didn't happen ;)
  11. You gotta enjoy Life!   Dance like nobody else is moshing!

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Take a chance and dance with no pants while in a trance.

    3. Wally1


      I once had a friend named Lance and made up this little limerick about him


      Lance came from france and did a little dance in his pants; he tried to romance all the girls he left them in a dreamlike trance, he's asking for one more chance to do it all over again!


    4. GoldLeader


      @Random Terrain I always do.   :lol:



      Interesting Viewpoint @Wally1 !  Mosh pits kept me in shape and bands I saw (or was in) going crazy from the late 80's, throughout the 90's to... Let's see, the last show I played (sang) was in 2005 I think,...Though I joined some friends onstage as they did a cover of one of our Anarchy Dragon songs a coupe of years ago...I always saw it as this explosion of fun chaos that was the "anti dance" (The direct opposite of, say, a high school dance)...Cheers!

  12. I love the Atari 7800 but will admit I haven't played enough of it. Lessee...(Doing it anyway), Mine would include Dungeon Stalker, Armor Attack II, Baby Pac-Man, Jinks and Astro Blaster. Glad to see Rikki & Vikki of course.
  13. Oh that could be! I had this one that I bought as "Unknown game" on eBay; And it had a goth dude with a skull for a head and bat wings on the cover...Turned out to be a Batman game! (Not what I was expecting, but I was up for some randomness!)
  14. I agree there's just no broad appeal here. If you're happy with a light up logo, some wood grain, a numbered certificate (Possibly printed on very nice paper), some Atari games (2600 and Arcade), sketchy companies, and the web address of Antstream, More power to you. This is for you and I'm not telling you how to spend your money... That said, If you like Modern games, I can think of 3+ Better ways to spend your money. And if you're into Retro games, I'd say check out Amico for new takes on Retro themed games, or get over to Analogue, Krikzz, or ATGames for new ways to play old games and new homebrews...
  15. Say, If you are planning on getting an Analogue Duo, Are you getting black or white? I've been trying to decide if I want it to match my Turbografx 16s or my PC Engine Duo-R.
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