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  1. That little Asteroids is cool! But not at eBay prices cool...Oh well ...
  2. That's too cute! It's probably just a mock up; one filled with errors...Or maybe Nutari is in charge of it haaa!
  3. I bought an N64 in 2009 for $25 w, hookups, joysticks and memory.  Then bought about 20+ games for $2 each*.  Just got an Everdrive (cheapo).  So I pulled it out for the second time.  How do you guys hook yours up?  ATM I'm going S-Video to HDMI (which looks great for Genesis) but it looks crummy.  I've been meaning to get a Retro Tink Pro 2X (or equivalent), anyone tried the Super 64?




    *Damn, but times have changed!  In 2014, I also sold an N64 to a girl I worked with for $25 with Zelda and joystick, hookups etc.

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    2. Jinroh


      RCA to my CRT TV, it's decent enough for me. :3 The prices of N64 seem to be climbing a lot, even though I see all these Gen Z and Millenials bagging on it all the time. 😕

    3. GoldLeader


      @joeatari1 Thanks Joe!  And Thanks all!   After SNES and Genesis, I was a PlayStation guy.  Seems like the PlayStation still looks a lot better on the screen.  I do like N64's exotic controller.  Outside of SONY,  it's the last time the D-Pad was in the right spot.  Modern consoles always put the analog stick where the D-Pad goes if you ask me.

    4. GoldLeader


      I have a Retro Tink 2X Pro SCART, but of course, N64 doesn't put out a SCART signal like the clearly Superior SNES and Genesis.  I'm probably gonna get a Retro Tink 2X Pro or that other one (Retro Scaler 2X).   I think an RGB mod is a bit much (price and effort), and a Super 64 is pricey too...

  4. Member since March of 2002; Going on 19 years! That actually surprises me somewhat...I didn't even understand "modern" computers and Windows until 2000! haha...(I was kind of out of the loop for a bit)
  5. I realized that...And yet an actual answer popped into my head so I though it bore mentioning. The rest of your above comment was spot on, especially calling him a fish out of water. His appeal must be to an older crowd. He manages to make himself look stupid at how little he understands...
  6. I do think its his opinion,...Just something he gets no fun out of. But, I also agree he basically went in with his mind made up.
  7. I know right? haha.. Little harder to explain, but here goes. I don't like being in a room; Living room, or even arcade where I would watch someone else play, see someone else sitting on a couch ignoring you. Not fun,...unless you're playing 2 player... Take the guy in the article. He's just being blocked out by someone, (Now, personally I think it's his personality....I could barely stand him 5 seconds in, but that's because he's a pompous, obnoxious, (yet well spoken) Know it all.) But His situation?? That is No Fun. He had no thoughts on getting in on the action either; He was just there to complain, be negative, have a bloated sense of self importance, and talk shit. Anyway, a long play or just gameplay video on YouTube is different. You're seeing the game being played. You don't have to look at the person ignoring you, You can instead focus on the game and skim the vid to see if YOU would like to play the game, Like it might be YOUR later decision to buy the game or track down the ROM, so it's like shopping! Completely different. Not the same experience as being in a room with someone who would rather you get lost...
  8. The only thing this proves is something we've basically known all along. It is no fun to watch other people play video games...
  9. Yup! Video Games are Evil! Electronic Addictions, nothing more! You should all give them up immediately! (For some reason as I type this, I imagine the voice of that buzzkill Dr. Zachary Smith from Lost In Space)...
  10. Yeah Tapper was one I only ever saw once! Thinking on it, I think Zookeeper might be another I only saw once... or maybe never haha... And Jr. Pac Man only once... Baby Pac Man I remember in 2 locations, but barely ever played it. Then a while back, my fried had one in his house! I think it may need some repair or parts at this point, but it belonged to some other people; Something about a band that moved out and had nowhere to put it...I think he kind of inherited it at this point.
  11. I think you'll dig it. It's a pretty neat little unit. I recently bought a mini HDMI converter cable so when I have time I can try outputting it to the TV.
  12. Thanks for returning my ointment,  but next time you borrow it, could you wipe off the applicator before returning it?

    1. Keatah


      It was so exciting I totally completely forgot to clean up!

    2. thanatos


      Hope it wasn't your Preparation H.

    3. Keatah


      Not sure what it was, the label was wearing off. It was a potent experience. Bigger and better than the Soong androids' emotion chip.


  13. I have an Asteroids in my dad's garage (Mine is a white cab when all I've seen usually are black), though it needs a little attention (Half the screen folds into itself at times, until I get it fixed), and although I always forget about it, I also have a cocktail Asteroids Deluxe which has a working monitor supposedly, and makes all the sounds like it is working, but I have Never seen the screen show up on the monitor, and I've never had it fixed (though one attempt failed). I bought it this way. Maybe someday I'll take them to someone who knows how to fix them and get them both done and moved over here to my house (where I have no room haha),... As for the topic at hand...The word "Popular" may not fit for all of my answers, but "Popular" BITD when these games were current and what people think of nowadays, might be 2 different things. Mr. Do! - Seems to be pretty rare, though I've seen it once in a while (esp. I remember it as a private owner's game at a pinball convention)...I was so used to the MAME version that playing it threw me (Though I made it to level 8 on my first try), and I could really see the arcade original has different and much more random logic than MAME (and it's WAY more random than the SNES version, where you could use patterns if you come up with them; as there are spots where the monsters always go left, for instance)... Cosmic Avenger - Saw it once. Only one arcade in town (Stargate) had it BITD, but they went out of business fast (serves them right for setting all of their difficulty switches to the highest level every time.) Tac Scan - Not sure if popular per se, but either way I only ever saw this once in my life at Circus Circus (Las Vegas). I already owned it on Atari at that point. Seems like they had more than one cab though...Maybe 3 lined up next to each other though I could totally be misremembering. Black Widow- I think I saw it twice while on vacation. Gravitar - Mainly I remember seeing it once at a record store of all places, while on vacation. I was thinking this game is the hardest game I've ever seen! Reactor - Only a short lived arcade called Video Village had it in the 80's and I only went there a few times. They also had Blueprint, but because it kind of sucks I never thought of that as popular. Super Cobra - Where it seems like Scramble was Everywhere, I barely ever recall seeing Super Cobra. I think I saw it twice at most.
  14. (Next) I want The Duo and The Pocket. I use real carts and Everdrives. I'm just a fan. I've had no issues I can remember with any of their stuff...Not saying there are no issues, just that I personally have never had any...
  15. Did you turn the brightness up and down? IIRC, The dot should go away and is generally just there from being too bright.
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