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  1. I Love the SNES!!!! Have fun! Another option (though still different than the real thing due to HDMI out) is the Analogue Super NT. Maybe you'll want to get one in addition to a real SNES...They are Super Neato! https://www.analogue.co/super-nt/
  2. My Atari, ColecoVision, Vectrex, NES, SNES, Genesis, and Turbografx will all play their carts just fine thanks...And if they don't I'll get them fixed until they do.
  3. Has a new gold-plated avatar thanks to the Awesomeness of AA Member frankodragon.   Thank you frankodragon!  :D

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    2. sramirez2008


      Like the new look.👍

    3. GoldLeader


      The Kevlar thought did cross my mind...As did the Beautiful Tweed of a FENDER Guitar Amp!

    4. Spriggy


      Pfft!  What about Taco-plated?  That beautiful rough yellow texture.

  4. Landmark Documentary! That's pure Gold!! Haha! ChildofCV, you have made my day!
  5. Nope! Too Scary!! 💀 ☠️ 💀 PSYCHE!! Just Kidding! I love horror games!... and horror movies! You have quite a collection there.
  6. I'm very happy I too, now have my Analogue Mega SG (JPN Version).  The same day My 8BITDO wireless Genesis controller arrived.  I tried it out and it worked Great!  I scored over 1.8 Million points on Ultimate Qix my first game!  So controls and games are working Perfectly!  Even got 99.9% on 3 Levels (IIRC) :) 

  7. So...This Time Traveler goes to an All You Can Eat buffet...  and,  I'm sure he liked it,   because he kept going back 4 seconds!

  8. I knew it was an older entry...just thought I'd bump it back up into the world
  9. Thanks Random Terrain! Lots of ants this year ...mostly outside... I've found a few intrepid black ants who managed get inside my house or maybe they hitched a ride or something...I don't mind them if they're outside... In my basement, I would love to get rid of the HOBO SPIDERS! This may sound weird but I don't want to kill them, I just want them gone. I've (usually) caught and released about 7 to 10 this year alone. They're not quite as poisonous as a brown recluse, but they're also not as timid. They show aggressive behavior as spiders go from what I've read. Once in my studio (as I call it), I was doing some recording and I see this dark shape just moving across the carpet toward me, and this Hobo Spider is just cruising toward me like he owned the place, and he was very mad I was intruding in his realm! I kid you not he was looking right at me...Right until the point I quickly pulled a Kleenex from my pocket and dealt with him. It's very rare, but people have died from the bites (Well, infections because of the bites)... Anyway thanks for the info...
  10. Anyone else having Internet outages?  I blame Stranger Things...Come on Spectrum, get it together!!!  All anybody wants is a cold beer, a warm pizza, and the ability to get on the internet or stream something!

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    2. GoldLeader




      I kept reconnecting and got myself a pizza ordered...Restarted everything (computer, modem, router) and by the time I got back with a pizza..It worked!  I watched Ep1 of Season 3! 😎

    3. GoldLeader


      And now...Update:  It is lightly raining, I'm going to go pick up my friend, and there are fireworks everywhere!  Cheers!  

    4. GoldLeader




      I was also 17 in 1985!  (birthday's in January)...

  11. I've seen a lot of great replies here... What's been in my head (since before I read anyone else saying the exact same thing haha) is The PS2 and up = Modern. That said Retro can be a bit of a moving target...I see PS1, Saturn and even Dreamcast as a grey area...On one hand Dreamcast can be seen as a precursor to PS2 (It's Pseudo Modern or Post Retro...Kidding,..now I'm just being stupid)...And I agree with calling the N64 Retro sometimes (if you must) simply because it used cartridges...Many franchises on N64 were modern, though, like putting Donkey Kong or Castlevania into 3D and making all of us realize it was better in 2D... So for me Retro is anything up to (and possibly including) N64...
  12. You know what I like?  My GE Clock Radio Model 7-4655B

    from (quote from RadioMuseum.org) "1978 ??"  (I guess they're not sure of the date either).  I think I got this for Christmas as a 10-year old and to this day it sits on my nightstand and still works exactly like it always has 😎   It has Green LEDs with a dimmer switch in back to turn it down at night (and back up during the day), and (This is important) when you set the Time, Alarm, or Sleep it has Forward AND Reverse (Not Just Forward like later stuff)...Even has Fast and Slow speeds for the settings.

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    2. carlsson


      I know. My parents' microwave from the late 80's or very early 90's has a LCD clock which is a pain to change everytime we go to or from DST. I have a newer, budget microwave from early 2000's which doesn't have a clock and I never missed it lacking one.


      My parents also have a kitchen radio with built-in clock but in that case I believe it has some kind of timer function that would turn on the radio or allow you to record radio onto compact cassette at a given time, just like a VCR so it makes a little more sense.

    3. sramirez2008


      @save2600 Ah the memories. My grandmother had that cat clock in her kitchen. I used to like to watch it’s eyes and tail move. 

    4. sramirez2008


      @GoldLeader Just looked it up and that’s a nice clock radio.  Like the digital numbers and wood grain.


      BTW, I have a HITACHI KC-655H.


  13. Congratulations! You gotta be who you are!
  14. I bought H.E.R.O. BITD and still have my boxed copy but for ColecoVision not Atari....I'm not sure how far I ever got, but I remember liking it quite a bit back then...Reading your review though, I see your point. I'll have to revisit it sometime and see what I think of it now...My guess is I'd still dig it.
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