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  1. So mine arrived yesterday and came with a certificate of authenticity,...But I'm not sure the certificate is authentic...Hmmmm
  2. 1st time using a phone on AtariAge!  My car is in the shop. I'm in an arcade eating nachos and a big pretzel  AKA Best breakfast Ever!

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    2. Eltigro


      Nachos?  Were they out of tacos?

    3. carlsson


      If someone makes an audiobook out of the Ataribox thread, you'd have days or even weeks worth of listening while driving.

    4. Jinroh


      Sorry to hear about your car, but that sounds like a rad time. Hanging out and eating nachos and such at an arcade. :D


  3. It's funny when someone, or like, 3 or 4 of us respond to a very old thread for no apparent reason huh? It defies all logic.
  4. I'd like to mention that I own a CollectorVision Phoenix and it is Awesome!! Certainly it is a less ambitious project than the ataribox but it also knows its mission and it does exactly what it should do. If you're looking for a way to play ColecoVision and Super Game Module games (carts and ROMs) in HD (While also playing Atari 2600 ROMs as a bonus), and more cores on the way; Then I'd wholeheartedly recommend a CollectorVision Phoenix! It also came with 10 homebrews!! Plus a cool pack in game! And when the machine was delayed (aren't they always delayed?), CollectorVision told everyone what was going on and how long it would be. I got mine in October as promised following one delay. I also feel obliged to say that maybe I am part of the public misconception that it is plagued with issues. You see, I had issues on my end, that were not the machine's fault. And once I understood how to properly update the firmware, The Phoenix has worked like a champ They have a thread to follow issues so they can make sure things go smoothly. Also Bmack36 and crew who I assume are hobbyists and not a big company had Excellent customer service! They, along with some other AtariAgers like Ikrananka, Sramirez2008, and AtariLeaf helped me out and got me through my issues very quickly. I've used customer service phone numbers in the past for companies like Nintendo, Sega, and Sony, and I kid you not CollectorVision (using an AtariAge thread no less) was better and more effective! Companies like CollectorVision, Opcode, and the Intellivision Entertainment are doing console releases right IMO...Atari SA should take notes.
  5. At this point, I'm surprised they spelled VCS right. Maybe it was meant to be a sequel to the VCR?
  6. Are you kidding? I Love my Atari VCS!...I've had one for decades! Multiple units actually...My Favorite one has been modded to output A/V and S-video, plus has a pause button...It's got 6 Switches, wood grain, an Atari Logo, plays all of my Atari carts...You'd like it.
  7. Also Thanks to Everyone helping everyone out in this thread! Bmack36 your help was invaluable and I learned how it works thanks to you. And Ikrananka, sramirez2008, and AtariLeaf, you guys helped me out too and I appreciate it! I feel like I was getting help sometimes in real time today thanks to this thread and now I feel like I've got it figured out and almost everything works Great!!
  8. OK, So I also quickly checked out the red LED situation. For my bedroom TV (a 40 inch Philips for what it's worth) usually once it goes red, it stays red until I unplug/plug the HDMI cable...Otherwise it'll stay red forever (it seems). Once in a while though, it's only red for a split second and then goes out. I'm thinking this is more likely after playing Atari instead of Coleco. Also if you've played longer, like a whole game versus just a few seconds to test it, it seems more likely to Not go red. And it almost never goes red on my Panasonic TV in the living room.
  9. Thanks! I tried a Kingston 4GB and had no luck. It wouldn't read it. Next I tried a 4 GB with no (easily) discernible brand name and after formatting twice, It worked!! I'm very happy to have a perfectly working backup!
  10. It looks to me like maybe you could hold it straight up (paddle facing up) to do paddle games,...At least for games where ya don't have to worry about the button much...
  11. So...Blizzard outside, no work, no leaving the house...Got a bit of cabin fever, Anyone have any good recommendations?  Food?  Drink?  Movies?  TV Shows? Music? Books?  Video Games?

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    2. GoldLeader


      Doesn't ring a bell,...I'll have to look into it :)

    3. bluejay


      Try to beat Swordquest...

      Maybe that'll keep you occupied for a while:)

    4. Magmavision2000


      If you're still snowed in, have a nice beer (or if you don't drink alcohol. A nice Pepsi™), some spaghetti, a Jackie Chan movie (preferably on laserdisc) maybe some Pac-man or a tricky platformer, and top all of this off with Ice Cap zone act 1 playing in the background. This recipe should get anyone through a blizzard or a heavy rainstorm.

  12. I think you'll like this: A list of games and their IDs... Not exactly intuitive, and I think the Search function only works by title, but it may help...For example, that game you have by Konami with RC-821 on the cover? See the ID? Look up Salamander (AKA Life Force on NES). The game ID is KON-RC821 (Konami RC821)...I've figured out some game titles using this... https://famicomworld.com/game-list
  13. I'll take the green one with the plaid controller...I prefer the pack in game to be CIB...And I want me some woodgrain....With extra cheese...Hold the ketchup.
  14. I don't plan on voting since the "Generations" are not defined (in the voting area I mean).
  15. I see. I think the last time I probably didn't wait for the light to go out, and then I unplugged/replugged...Next time I'll wait and see what that does, Probably same as what you said ...Though, like I say sometimes the light isn't red at all.
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