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  1. You know what I like?  My GE Clock Radio Model 7-4655B

    from (quote from RadioMuseum.org) "1978 ??"  (I guess they're not sure of the date either).  I think I got this for Christmas as a 10-year old and to this day it sits on my nightstand and still works exactly like it always has 😎   It has Green LEDs with a dimmer switch in back to turn it down at night (and back up during the day), and (This is important) when you set the Time, Alarm, or Sleep it has Forward AND Reverse (Not Just Forward like later stuff)...Even has Fast and Slow speeds for the settings.

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    2. carlsson


      I know. My parents' microwave from the late 80's or very early 90's has a LCD clock which is a pain to change everytime we go to or from DST. I have a newer, budget microwave from early 2000's which doesn't have a clock and I never missed it lacking one.


      My parents also have a kitchen radio with built-in clock but in that case I believe it has some kind of timer function that would turn on the radio or allow you to record radio onto compact cassette at a given time, just like a VCR so it makes a little more sense.

    3. sramirez2008


      @save2600 Ah the memories. My grandmother had that cat clock in her kitchen. I used to like to watch it’s eyes and tail move. 

    4. sramirez2008


      @GoldLeader Just looked it up and that’s a nice clock radio.  Like the digital numbers and wood grain.


      BTW, I have a HITACHI KC-655H.


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