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  1. So...Blizzard outside, no work, no leaving the house...Got a bit of cabin fever, Anyone have any good recommendations?  Food?  Drink?  Movies?  TV Shows? Music? Books?  Video Games?

    1. Joe C.
    2. GoldLeader


      ^I'm alone though! haha...Maybe should have thrown that in there...I've got an idea brewing, but want to see what people suggest first.   Open to any suggestions though :)   There are no bad ideas!

    3. Rogerpoco


      Food: Cheese

      Drink: Something with an ABV

      Movies: Eddie the Eagle

      T.V.: Binge-watch the first season of OZ

      Books: Mick Foley's autobiography is good. Long tho...

      Video Games: 2600-Deathtrap, Survival Run, Earth Dies Screaming


      I hate Winter weather(Live in the Tennessee mountains now, grew up in Florida...), but I do like being snowed in and "comfortable", is a nice "complete escape" for a couple days.


      Have Fun!


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