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  1. 1st time using a phone on AtariAge!  My car is in the shop. I'm in an arcade eating nachos and a big pretzel  AKA Best breakfast Ever!

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    2. masschamber


      Awwwww yeah Livin the dream

    3. carlsson


      You car repair shop has arcade games and nachos while you wait? Over here, an old car related magazine, a cup of coffee and perhaps some gingerbread cookies is as far as it goes.

    4. save2600


      Do they have The Munsters pinball by any chance? I've played Iron Maiden a few times... was never super crazy about their music (except for Run For The Hills, should delve more into their catalog someday), but I thought the game was excellent. Artwork, theme, et al. Couldn't really hear any of the pinball machines as annoyingly, they were turned way down thanks to a geek fest tournament going on with another machine. sigh

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