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  1. After many years of on/off searching,  Today, on AA no less...I found a pic of a CV Joystick like the one I used to own!  It was called a QUESTAR!!!  So happy to see this pic!   Thank you MrRetroGamer for posting this pic lo those many years ago!!  May sound crazy, but it's like a piece of my memory has been restored.




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    2. GoldLeader


      Yeah,  mine wore out years ago (leaf switches...) and got thrown away (I know, I know...I feel sick about it)...And I was at a point I couldn't even remember the name, so seeing this really blew my mind!  Plus,   I'm still sick with something, so this was a nice little pick me up.  :)

    3. pacman000


      That actually is a cool looking controller. Wish it was for the 2600. Maybe I should get a ColecoVision...

    4. GoldLeader


      They made a 1 button per side version for 2600, too...And I'm pretty sure this worked for Atari games anyway. :)

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