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  1. I'll just say it.  Nothing (Video Game related) should ever be an Amazon Exclusive!  I finally made up my mind figuring I DO want the Turbografx Mini!  Even at $99.99...Except after clicking the ad for $99.99 it becomes $199.99 and up!  There's 8 available starting at ~ $200 PLUS shipping and TAX of course!  Thought about the PC Engine Mini (Maybe, but nawww) And the Coregrafx Mini is made for Europe so could have frame rate issues here (May or may not be noticeable), but all start at at least $47 higher than they should be....*sigh*   Guess I missed out on this one.

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    2. GoldLeader


      ^I went for the Turbografx Mini.  I do kind of like the look of the Core Grafx also, and the PC Engine Mini...But I suppose I have a little more nostalgia for the American one, if only since friends had one back in the day (I got mine  much later, then I also have a PC Engine Duo-R).  Maybe it's no different, but since the Core Grafx is technically based on a PAL set up, I wonder if it's 25FPS instead of 30FPS, once converted to HDMI?  I didn't want to have any issues, and the PC Engine Mini has a non Turbo controller, so I got the one I wanted, with the games list I preferred and the controller I'm used to as well.


      Just a joke on that Pounds thing, mate, but you knew that.

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