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  1. Even if I actually have to worry about work and getting my coffee, etc.;  When I wake up on Saturday mornings,  I feel like I should be watching cartoons!

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    2. pacman000


      Yeah, ETV requirements had been around for 20+ years before broadcast networks gave up on cartoons. I doubt ETV caused kids to stop watching cartoons. Most likely networks stopped broadcasting cartoons because they’re expensive to produce, & because kids have many other entertainment options today.

    3. simbalion


      I can recall in high school that even the Disney Afternoon came under attack. I think it was my 9th grade year that we had to write a report in one class about Rescue Rangers using too much violence to solve problems. Even at that age my head wanted to explode! It was a cartoon! I should have brought in a tape of Looney Tunes! Love the old Looney Tunes...

    4. GoldLeader


      The networks were forced to give up cartoons because that was the only time slots left to air E/I...

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