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  1. BurgerTime Magical Drop 2 Side Pocket All on Evercade, so I assume NES/Super Famicom/SNES respectively.
  2. Alien Brigade (7800) on Evercade Aquaventure (2600) on Evercade Deadly Towers (NES) on my new NT Mini Noir
  3. What is this "financially responsible" you speak of haha? I threw it on the credit card, not realizing I'd also have car repairs coming due later, but, I'll get caught up someday. TBH I wish I had an Extra NT Mini I could send your way
  4. One thing I would mention about the way (IMO) each company does things...While Nintendo relies on First Party Software, SEGA treated third parties right, Microsoft threw money at each problem because they could, and SONY upon entering the video game market seemed to do their own thing, I mean they were aware of the others, but seemed to look within. For example, Nintendo had the NES controller; PC Engine had roughly the same but with new variations, Sega had a near perfect controller for Genesis, when SNES came out and added shoulder buttons, SONY then built off of that adding More shoulder buttons and eventually analog stocks until they reached Controller Perfection with the PS2 Dual Shock. Other companies were clearly jealous because after PS2 almost every controller was like the Dual Shock, but ruined by putting the D-pad in the wrong spot and giving the sticks too much credit. OK Sorry I'm a bit off on a tangent. So, give or take some inspiration from the others, SONY seemed to do their own thing. When SEGA was IMO doing just fine with Dreamcast, if they would have just stayed the course they would have been fine or at very least stayed in the game for a while longer. But rather than looking within and doing their own thing, they kept looking at what SONY was doing. Now if they had stuck with the Dreamcast for, say, another year or so (maybe even a year and a half), they could have continued to sell software and would have made a profit...Then they could have decided whether or not they wanted to enter the console business again. Very likely they would still have become "content providers" and not console makers, but you never know. The mind can always reel with possibilities...I could imagine one alternate future where SEGA did the Nintendo thing and put out a console that was "powerful enough", but actually sold at a profit (for those of us who wanted a SEGA branded console again) and hosted First Party games, which I assume they would Also sell on other consoles,...So they could be console makers and software providers...Maybe have their cake and eat it too...
  5. GoldLeader


    For the record, if it happens later on that they make a consolized version of the Evercade; Well that would be pretty dope!
  6. GoldLeader


    FWIW, I think you guys are both completely correct with regard to chargers, which is why it makes me mad that they don't just come right out and say it. Like, suppose I need warranty work later on for some reason, are they gonna try and weasel out of it by saying We told you Only use the specified adaptor? I know I'm probably overthinking it. And if it weren't different from what little I know, then again maybe computers put out that in their USB (no idea),...Well, ... my main point still stands. And yes, you can play while it's being charged BTW... PS I'm not too mad they didn't include the charger, I'm annoyed they didn't tell me whether or not the myriad of chargers I already own would work or not (Plus they heavily implied they would not).
  7. These came in the day before Thanksgiving. An Evercade + 6 carts and my Analogue NT Mini Noir (Pre-Ordered last February and now Sold Out of course)...
  8. SEGA Killed SEGA...Us diehard SEGA fans can only hate SEGA and ourselves haha...Why they killed the Dreamcast when it was holding its own is beyond me, but the way they did it was even worse. Becoming "software" only guys and giving up within 1 month, right after claiming (lying) that they would support Dreamcast for a full year (yeah right)... That said, Sega fans, if they want to hate something hate Nintendo for the SNES/Genesis Wars, not to mention their monopolistic practices against SEGA (And Atari) And their abuse of 3rd Party Devs which were "punished" with "Chip Shortages" if they made games for Genesis and NES. SONY was viewed as the Champion that put Nintendo in their place following their surprise attack on SONY, when SONY developed the CD Add-On for SNES called The Nintendo "Play Station", And then Nintendo jumped in bed with Philips behind their back to put out the God Awful CDI. Nintendo made SONY look like fools at E3 (I believe it was) when they publicly abandoned the "Play Station" peripheral (previously) unbeknownst to SONY. As many people had BOTH Genesis and SNES, Also many people had BOTH SONY PS2 and Dreamcast; As video game fans in general I think we were prepared to support both systems when SEGA gave up without a fight...
  9. GoldLeader


    All right, I'm joining your ranks! I bought the Evercade + 6 games deal from Songbird (Yay!), but why is there always Frustration right off the bat? Upon opening I see they couldn't be bothered to include a USB Charger...Goddamn! Here we go again! Now this Shouldn't be any kind of deal but since no one has ever mentioned anything about it, I have No Idea if a standard USB Wall Charger will work or not. I've never understood why they didn't Standardize these things years ago, but OK...Every charger you ever buy or can buy locally from the dollar Store to Wal Mart seems to say 5V-1A, except my phone charger which says 5V-1.55A (but it came with the phone because Samsung are cool), then you have the Turbografx Mini which specifically did Not come with a charger but needed 5v-2A (if memory serves), Now on that one I got the head's up and had ordered a charger well in advance as I wasn't going to spend $50 on one simply because it said Konami on the side, but I digress... Along comes Evercade which says it needs 5V-500mA and says to use ONLY That Specification. So after taking 12.8 minutes out of my busy Thanksgiving day off scouring the Internet, I found one random guy who seems to think any standard wall charger (5V-1A) will do just fine... I hope he's right because I just plugged it in. I don't see any smoke, and the world hasn't exploded, so I figure I'm safe. Now, would it have killed them to just say I could use any standard charger? Or could they have spent 50 cents more and included one? I mean, ... Am I just stupid or are they being some weird kind of jerk here?
  10. Bought the Evercade Plus 6 games!! WoooHoo! And it arrived Yesterday! Thanks SONGBIRD!!! Many Thanks!
  11. Agreed! I probably shouldn't post when I haven't slept yet haha... Wait a minute, How about this? 我,这件事(老实说,我永远都不能称其为VCS,因为True VCS,Real Atari Real VCS(从1977年开始)属于Beauty,不是nutari POS)...这件事看起来就像是仿制的仿制仿制品...就像他们看到了(原始的)Dreamcade, 它本身希望几乎是一个Flashback,这本身就是为了向所有游戏机之王致敬(ATARI VCS (不是Nutari VCAss)),他们说确定我们也会这样做,谁在乎?在没有获得任何游戏或关怀之后,诉讼变得异常猖狂, 因为他们甚至最初都没有想到为T恤许可品牌的想法,然后试图从操纵杆设计师到硬件架构师的所有人员都被剥夺(据说,但是我们在Oops中有关于他们行为的真实故事!在Taco线程(Real VCAss线程)中, 他们决定将一台有限的PC放起来,将其称为控制台,然后将其称为“ VCS”就像真正的VCS的粉丝想要浑水一样,所以当真正的粉丝在互联网上寻找VCS信息时,这件事可能会被意外注意到,并且也许有人会误以为这个版本的Atari与真实版本 相同,并且之所以会汇款是因为,他们随后为整个垃圾箱大火,错误喜剧表演喜剧集资,以免冒着输钱的风险……而在错过最后期限之后,没有开发人员(一个人,后来决定移植他的Steam游戏不会(不算在内),大部分时间都没有游戏,没有hs, PONG高分 5200样式的“桨功能”,已删除的注释,De Facto“仅供参考”,“自我强加”限制/检查,更多诉讼,无退款,许多借口,其余的(大部分仍未成文)历史)... 他们似乎根本对视频游戏没有热情,也没有尊重他们的客户或员工,...如果您喜欢没有独家游戏的怪异,功能不足的PC,那很好,很花俏,否则我可以告诉你什么?就像您喜欢的一样,我只是在这里谈论为什么我不同意.. 就个人而言,即使对于大多数人而言,它名列前茅,甚至称其为“ VCS”,但至今仍困扰着我。 好像,如果我有一天遇见您,说:“嗨!我是猫王(Elvis Presley)”,然后继续假设您认为我是真正的猫王,也许……您会说很棒!并和我一起为您的Instagram帐户和Twitter Feed拍照,或者您告诉我得到Fu * ked? ^ Ya know, I think I like this better than what I originally wrote.
  12. Can't be THAT BAD??? Oh YES it can!!!! I don't know where to begin here, (but I'm sure it'll be giant run-on sentence if I get wound up, so apologies in advance). If you like the look I guess that's one thing, I mean looks are subjective. To me, this thing (I can't in all honesty ever call this a VCS because a True VCS, a Real Atari Real VCS (from 1977 on) is a thing of Beauty, this nutari POS is not)...This thing looks like a clone of a wannabe of a knockoff...It's like they saw the (original) Dreamcade, which itself was hoping to be almost a Flashback, which itself was meant to be an homage to the king of all consoles (the ATARI VCS (Not Nutari VCAss)), and they said sure we'll do it too, who cares? And after not getting any games or caring, lawsuits galore, because they didn't even initially come up with the idea to license their brand for T-Shirts, then trying to rip off everyone from the joystick designers to hardware architects (allegedly, but we have true stories of their behavior right in this Oops! In the Taco thread (The Real VCAss thread)), they decided they'd put out a limited PC, refer to it as an unconsole, and then call it a "VCS" as if fans of the real VCS wanted the waters muddied so this thing could get noticed accidentally when a true fan was looking for VCS info on the internet, and maybe someone would make the mistake that this version of Atari was the same as the real deal, and would send money because, they then crowdfunded this whole dumpster fire, comedy of errors shitshow so as not to risk losing their money...And after missed deadlines, no devs (One guy, Later deciding to port over his Steam Game doesn't count), no games for the most part, weeks not months, PONG high scores, 5200 style "paddle functionality", deleted comments, De Facto "For illustration purposes only", "Self Imposed" Restrictions/Censorship, more lawsuits, no refunds, many excuses, the rest is (still mostly unwritten) history)... They seem to have no passion for video games at all and no respect for their customers or employees, ...and if you like weird, underpowered PCs with no exclusive games, well that's fine and dandy and who am I to tell you otherwise? Like what you like, I'm only talking here about why I don't agree.. Personally, even though it's way down the list for most people, even calling this thing a "VCS", Still bothers me to this day. It would be like, if I met you one day and said, "Hi! I'm Elvis Presley", and proceeded to presume you figured I was the real Elvis, probably...Would you say Great! and take a picture with me for your Instagram account and Twitter Feed, or would you tell me to get Fu*ked?
  13. I don't know if I've said this before (In This thread), but well...For Atari, I'll never have a 10 Worst Games list... If I wanted to, though, I could come up with a 10 Least Best List...* *I'm not going to because I'm trying to go all day without thinking, but I could... PS Slot Machine was one of my First games ever, and even as a kid I knew slot machines were fun as hell, though I wouldn't win some cash on real ones until Much Later**...How could anyone put That on a list? Especially when sports games continue to exist. **PPS Last time in Vegas, I turned $60 into $200 on roulette, then put that into slots, walked away with $425!
  14. It's Thanksgiving!  A Day Off!  And my Evercade + 6 carts came in, and my Analogue NT Mini Noir (Pre-ordered months ago) also came in!.  After I sleep, I will get up and later open them both!   Cheers!

    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      What's this "day off" you speak of?

    2. Reaperman


      I've been more pleased than expected with the Evercade. (granted I updated firmware before anything else) It's really off-brand for me to go for emulation, but I have a soft spot for that little thing.

  15. When I see this, it reminds me that in some Sci-Fi there's pistols that shoot a pulse that knocks people down instead of bullets that kill people.
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