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  1. About to show my old age here...Maybe not so much for video games, but when I was a kid there were definitely toys around Christmas time that came in similar boxes, If I'm remembering correctly.   I'm thinking maybe some stuff ordered from catalogs may have come like that.   I seem to remember stuff like;  Dinosaur playsets, army men, roulette wheels, lawn darts, toy slot machines or pinball games, I think certain Hot Wheels track sets...But I think it was only when shipped to your house as opposed to seeing it in the store, and sometimes the full color box was inside that, too.

  2. I am totally gonna check this out!  As many times as I've heard of it,  I've just never gotten around to playing it.  It's on my Harmony,...I'll double check as sometimes I find I have something on cartridge but didn't realize it ;)


    You review has convinced my Spuds!! (Good Job!) 


    Also Nathan Strum's avatar of video games we could do without, once featured "Earth Dies Whimpering", so we used to joke about that a long time ago on AtariAge ...

  3. Thanks Random Terrain!


    Lots of ants this year ...mostly outside...


    I've found a few intrepid black ants who managed get inside my house or maybe they hitched a ride or something...I don't mind them if they're outside...


    In my basement, I would love to get rid of the HOBO SPIDERS!  This may sound weird but I don't want to kill them, I just want them gone.   I've (usually) caught and released about 7 to 10 this year alone.  They're not quite as poisonous as a brown recluse, but they're also not as timid.  They show aggressive behavior as spiders go from what I've read.  Once in my studio (as I call it),  I was doing some recording and I see this dark shape just moving across the carpet toward me, and this Hobo Spider is just cruising toward me like he owned the place, and he was very mad I was intruding in his realm!  I kid you not he was looking right at me...Right until the point I quickly pulled a Kleenex from my pocket and dealt with him.  It's very rare, but people have died from the bites (Well, infections because of the bites)...


    Anyway thanks for the info...

  4. I bought H.E.R.O. BITD and still have my boxed copy but for ColecoVision not Atari....I'm not sure how far I ever got, but I remember liking it quite a bit back then...Reading your review though, I see your point.   I'll have to revisit it sometime and see what I think  of it now...My guess is I'd still dig it. :)

  5. I just tried looking up versions of this game because I had it boxed from back in the day,  and I never would have dreamed that this version came out After the NES version!!  (It is true, but I don't remember it that way).   At any rate, and maybe I'm really just speaking for myself here...I supported the occasional later 80's release for Atari or ColecoVision and then I got into the NES about 1987, ...And despite what the internet tries to tell you, the NES really took off around 1988 and 1989...Anyone claiming they had an NES in 1985 would have to be from 2 cities where they Test Marketed the systems in a handful of stores.   Lots of people lie about this and claim they were there...The reality is the NES was just getting noticed (even by gamers) around 1987...That movie The Wizard was from 1989! 

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    You don't want to know how many people I've been ;)




    Don't forget I'm not legally allowed to drink beer until July, I'm still a baby, remember?


    Yeah, but you're an old soul so it's OK ;)


    Don't worry...I was just talking... (And the beer is for CaptainBreakout and I...and Carlsson if he changes his mind )




    Easy to forget...The drinking age was 19 when I was young...Personally I didn't like beer until college really.


    My friend is coming over in a few days...We're gonna drink some beer (just a couple really) and watch some 80's horror movies...I told him I have something else to show him. I'm just gonna show him that YouTube best of Mega Force Rifftrax...The bummer is that you can't even buy the full DVD of that from their website anymore...(I might check ebay)...


    I leave ya with this...



  7. I really liked Pitfall! back in the day,...But believe it or not, I did not own it. I borrowed a friend's copy and played it a bunch...I guess I burned myself out on it or always thought of it as a game I'd buy later...But strangely Later came much later as I bought a new in the box copy for ColecoVision off ebay I think. Which I opened and played! And my mind was blown! And I picked it up for Atari too...


    Anyhow I kicked back, drinking a Dos Equis and realized how Awesome this game Always was! It was a huge adventure put together with reused graphical elements...In my mind, I somehow imagined that if you went far enough, fast enough that there would be an ending...I picture an Actual ending with a colorful waterfall, maybe some flashing skull and crossbones, and maybe a final screen with a big treasure or something. Now I know the Atari did not have the capability to do that (Maybe if I win Lotto, Buy Pitfall!...Get someone who knows how to program, something something something bankswitching schemes blah blah blah)...And I'm sure Coleco's version is not that advanced either...But in my mind...I still imagine it...The potential of this game was so great!


    Still a Classic to me!

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    No worries! In 30 or so years I'm sure I'll be saying many of the same things you said. I fully intend on being one of those guys ;) .




    Yup, I've been told I have an 'old soul' I have no idea what people are talking about with that one.




    I prefer blowing shit up to be honest


    The "Old Soul" thing...They're talking reincarnation here (Past lives...and how many?)...It's often another way of saying you are wise beyond your years... Only very smart people generally get that compliment! :)

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  9. Whoops! I think I came off as one of those annoying guys, huh?


    BTW, I liked your review quite a bit...I didn't mean to end up writing so much...That whole thing started out as a couple of sentences...



    Wait, are you only 20? That would explain a lot. Also don't change anything on your perspective! (Of course)... I was only trying to offer a slightly different viewpoint. I wasn't meaning it as a rebuttal nor a mini review of my own. TBH, I can't even remember if I read the instructions for Mega Force. BITD I usually read the instructions, believe it or not...


    At any rate, (removing any nostalgia) watching that movie now would probably be truly ridiculous! If it wasn't for owning the game I probably would have forgotten most of the experience...I think I just wanted to throw it in there that, at the time, we couldn't tell how truly awful that movie was...(My 14 year old self probably wouldn't make a very good movie critic :)


    I do still like the game, but I don't even know if I'd remembered that I was supposed to be protecting the city last time I threw it in...




    Maybe ya had to be there...Or maybe I'm just a fan of mindlessly blowing shit up!


    Cheers Spuds!

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  10. Oh!!, Where to begin???


    I like your reviews, but for some things it doesn't work to use a modern frame of reference...I'm not sure a rose colored glasses approach is necessary either, but putting something into context can be good.


    I don't want to be that guy (a sentence nearly universally followed by something stupid), like a Vietnam vet telling people "You weren't there man!" ,but...


    OK, First the movie was liked and enjoyed in its time (I'm surprised it flopped, but I never followed such things back then, so I shouldn't be surprised....)


    I mean yes it was cornier than a tortilla chip and it definitely did not age well, but if you can get some friends together along with some alcohol and get the Rifftrax version, Life is glorious!, ...but I digress. I must be feeling nostalgia because I was there ya know?


    Vague memories here, but first I want to say we saw a preview for it while watching some other 80's movie, and out of all the previews Mega Force was the only one that seemed interesting to people...I could swear it was one of those things where we all went, "Yeah! I wanna see that!"


    Then some previews on TV later and we all went and checked it out. Maybe 2 weeks later it was all forgotten, but it was big for a few days back then haha.....Now how to put this,.. In the 80's most action and sci fi movies missed their mark. They just didn't have the budgets to make most of it the way they wanted. Star Wars movies are certainly the exception, not the rule.


    For action movies, we all wanted Top Gun but kept getting Iron Eagle, ya know what I mean? One scene, or perhaps I should say sequence of events missing in Iron Eagle is seeing a good guy's plane fire a missile that hits a bad guy's plane, which then explodes...What you actually see is stock footage of a good guy's plane, stock footage of a bad guy's plane, a shot of the pilot's hand hitting the button marked "missile", a pic of a toy missile firing, a computer display of a missile firing, and then an explosion where the bad guy's plane was. Maybe. This kind of "let your mind fill in the blanks" editing was all over Mega Force too, but it had some good ideas for the time...It might have been silly and kind of ridiculous, but it was fun for what it was.


    And we still had a year to wait before we could go see Space Hunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone in 3D or Yor: Hunter from the Future...I feel like you're forgetting the time frame is my point.


    Moving on to the game, I played it at a Kiosk at Montgomery Wards, (Incidentally the only place I ever remember seeing 20th Century Fox games!)...And I marveled at how good it looked for a 2600 game. Back then it was very rare to try before you buy. In fact 9 times out of 10, I Hated the very idea...No Spoilers! Putting in the cart and seeing the game in action the first time was all part of the experience. And I overpaid. My Boxed copy...Missing the back of the box because...Hmmm...I'm guessing 20th Century Fox had some promo where you had to send in the back of the box????...I have some Activision games where they made us send in stuff too...Anyhow my copy of Mega Force has a price of $34.95 on it...(until ColecoVision Zaxxon, I think the only game I spent more on was Pac-Man (I'm thinking it was $37.95 as more places sold out of it...Price gouging sucked!)). Yet, I distinctly remember walking back home (about 3-4 blocks away) to get a few more dollars then walking back up to Wards to buy it.


    And, for a good few days, maybe 2 weeks, I was sucked into it and thought Mega Force was really neato! I was the only guy who had it and it felt like an arcade game because I liked the sound effects and the graphics were very well done for their time.


    I haven't played it much in the past 20 years, but I did stick it in a while back for a quick round... maybe I should try it again...


    I don't know, to be honest.


    I like my adoring memory of the game the way it is was...Well I like my memory the way it is and the game the way it was... LOL!


    Then again, to me, it's always fun to jump on your flying motorcycle and blow some shit up!



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  11. Unless of course GoldLeader comments...Then Pay Attention!



    It will vary by day sometimes...



    Ya caught me on a Dark Cavern day...



    Other choices include Space Rocks, Star Castle Arcade, Midnight Magic, Pitfall!, Seaweed Assault, Pleiades, Yar's Revenge, Montezuma's Revenge, Demon Attack, TRON: Deadly Discs, and Frankenstein's Monster.

  12. A crowdfunding "Pre-Order" isn't [necessarily] a real Pre-Order, because some of those (ahemmm Atcobox) don't even have Prototypes yet...And some of them I have No Faith in, and I wouldn't want it if you gave me one...Actually if ya gave me 2 nutari "VCS"s...One to poop on and one to wipe my butt with afterwards...Maybe then....


    At any rate I did Pre-Order a Phoenix Console because I have very reasonable expectations that it will exist. And 2 of them are my friends on AtariAge! If I don't get one I will rebel and take to the streets with rocks and sticks and broccoli, and ...Well it doesn't matter because it Will exist...Sometimes you need only believe :)...


    BTW, famous "Pre-Orders" for me that didn't pan out include something called a PlayStation 2 (I think it was)...By Sony or something like that...True story,...I was on a list at Kay Bee Toys and they tried to screw everybody by changing the terms after we'd paid our $10 (refundable at least)...At first, (October 2000) they got in either 6 or 12...Either way they had I'm guessing over 300 "Pre-Orders" and they told us we were all buying bundles now with an additional controller, memory card and a game of their choosing...And I said "Nope!,...Not what I signed up for" Besides I bought 2 (Technically 1 and a half) on launch day, well one for me, and my friend and i split one to ebay, of course there were no others left in town...So I just kicked back and waited just to see if they'd call...


    They never called and I cashed in my pre-order asking for my money back 6 months later! Totally screwed up their books and never shopped there again...And they went and disappeared like Sears so maybe they shouldn't have gotten greedy and tried to screw everybody...

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