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  1. But...Now that you know...And perhaps in reference to nutari (filled with lawyers and not being the same as the real "Atari"), Maybe it could be.
  2. How META right Dude? (Like a Hipster character might say...not me haha)
  3. Cool! And it works on my Harmony cart!!
  4. For the record, I'm Amazed at how sharp and clean everything looks! It feels HD to me...I haven't even tried hooking it up to my CRT yet, but I'll have to try that too...Anyway the Phoenix looks great to me!
  5. Is this your auction? just wondered...
  6. Hell Yeah Mr. Ramirez!! I probably won't be going that Crazy though...But my Favorite Joystick Ever is my custom Edladdin CV Super Arcade + ! It might not be ideal for Robotron, but works well for about 90% of my games I also found one on eBay once, but I'm not seeing it now,...That was a 3D printed dual gamepad type of stick...like an NES pad but wired for 7800 that had a D-Pad on each side...That would be neat, but it was around $50 and I'd probably only use it on one game so...
  7. Thanks onlyinajeep! But if I'm being honest, I Barely have a 2D printer LOL !
  8. Thanks sixersfan105! Yeah, I've seen those and probably need one when money permits
  9. I'll take it!! I'm a bit embarrassed I don't already have this haha...Just hadn't gotten around to it yet... PM incoming!
  10. Personally I think bringing up specs when deciding what's retro doesn't really make sense...The earlier systems are less powerful and yes, they are "retro", but they're not retro because they're less powerful. At any rate (again just my opinion), a lot of us associate a certain style with the word retro. Does a game have Polygons in a realistic 3D space? Is it running off an optical or digital media? Is there a memory card for the system? Do the controllers rumble or have a wireless option? Is the Internet somehow involved (even if it's just how people learned about the game or system)? These are all modern features. To me games that don't look photorealistic, run off of cartridges, Generally don't have polygons or don't have realistic polygons or a high polygon count, and are in 2D or 2.5D (or one could argue a pseudo 3D) are probably retro, though there are also modern games going for a retro look...Not to go nuts with words, but I guess those are "Neo Retro" or "Retro-Styled" games... In the end, I don't think of PS2 games (as an example) as "Retro" just because they are old. But to each his own. The point of the question was to debate the topic and I figure I've thrown in my 2 cents...
  11. I probably should have explained this better. But Hindsight is 20/20 ...and it's 2020 haaaa! OK Where was I?...Oh Right...I meant here in my hometown of Cheyenne, WY, not here in this post or here in this thread or whatever. GameStop for us came way too late to ever have anything retro Ever...They now act like they've always been on the Retro Train to Big CollectionLand (mostly with their online presence, which they even push at the stores), but for me they've Never had anything Retro Here...
  12. So, Imagine you could pull out your eye and have a look around...You keep one eye closed, of course, and hold the other one in your hand, and then you look at your closed eye, straight on, with the eye in your hand.  Then.  (Here it comes).  You open the closed eye!  Now, at this point I think the feedback loop in your brain would cancel out the ringing in your ears!   OK, So if you're still reading this, and why would ya be?  I'm sure you have more important things going on...Well, Thank you so much and please leave some weird comments down below, OK?

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      Thanks ClassicGMR! 


      That was surprisingly right on the money!  

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      Random Terrain

      Cartoons are childish and probably lead to violence, just like video games.

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      I say been there, ... seen that ... 🧐 Dooooooo dooo dummmmmm....! 😈🤪

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  13. Yeah but, I'd rather play Centipede on a VCS then Centipede on a VCS...Oh Jesus! See what they've done? I'm blathering like an idiot now...Ummm, I'd rather play Centipede (pictured above) on an Atari VCS (2600) then atari vault on an ataribox... PS I don't mind jackfruit from time to time....It's different, but good...Though I could see non-vegetarians not liking it.
  14. There was a big store in town called Grand Central, where I bought my Atari, that used to have a few arcade games up front...At first it was Combat (or whatever the actual arcade game was called...I was a kid and called it Tanks) and of course Stunt Cycle! Later they had a separate area for games and it was basically a small arcade at that point...Mainly I remember games like Super Bug, Asteroids, Star Hawk, Football, Sprint 2, and eventually Defender.
  15. I'm not disagreeing with this. Of course I personally don't think most of the nation knew about it. When the PS2 released, there were extreme shortages of consoles...It took an all nighter for me to get one, but it was the national release. It made news headlines; Everybody had geared up for it. You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting somebody who was talking about the PS2. Most system releases also had pre-release systems that went out to journalists who reviewed them, sometimes 2-3 months before the national release...Print media used to have quite a lag time. But I certainly wouldn't count those systems as part of the "Release" either, yet there were systems out there ahead of time.
  16. Unless I'm mistaken the NES had a Holiday release in 1986. It was "Test Marketed" in '85. I'm not denying any of those things. I'm simply saying when you talk about the NES release, the time frame is "Holiday Season 1986", maybe with an asterix or a footnote explaining a Test Market (Not General, National release) was done in 1985. Tell you what, since perhaps we're just arguing semantics at this point...I believe the NES was released "Holiday Season 1986", and if someone else wants to count the Test Market in 1985, that's fine.
  17. Nope, just a "Test Market". I couldn't buy one in '85 and neither could you. And did you know about it in '85? If it really was "released" in '85, show me a single movie from 1986 that featured a Nintendo in a scene...Someone does that and I'll agree it was "released". These kinds of things muddy the waters when people talk about a release. IMO, a release needs no "*", a "Test Market" generally needs more explanation.
  18. ^This!!!! I don't even feel like thinking about any other responses. Though I will say (Here, just here) I don't remember GameStop ever having NES stuff. Around here there was Kaybee Toys that disappeared,...The space in the mall becoming E.B. then Babbages in there somewhere, eventually landing on "Hey, Now we're Game Stop" (By far the most annoying of any of them)...Anyhow NES was almost disappearing when SNES became the big thing ... Then again around here only small or local (mom & pop, if you will) stores ever carried "Used" stuff...until GameStop with their PlayStation Trade Ins..."What'd ya pay for that? $30? Wouldn't you rather have $2 off a New game?"...
  19. Just my opinion, but I definitely don't count "Test Markets" as a Release. If I ask people about the NES release or The PS2 release or any other system I'm not talking about something where only a handful of people (in only a few cities) got them. I'm not saying it didn't happen,...I'm not saying those systems don't exist, but they are Not part of the general release. The NES quickly becomes a pet peeve of mine because I worked with a guy who lied so much you couldn't believe a word he said, so Of Course, he claimed he had an NES in 1985. Probably got it "opening day" too. I notice with people on the internet that there are many out there who actually think the whole country had NESes in 1985. Sorry, but I was into video games and I graduated high school in 1986....And at that point in time nobody I knew had heard of an NES. Even people who were really into video games! It's always an interesting footnote to talk about some kind of pre-order, early adopter, or "test market" situation, but the release date usually refers to a national release IMO. A national release where there is a shortage of systems is a different story (I.E. PS2 or Jaguar's European release) even if it's contrived and purposefully controlled to get free headlines (Nintendo Wii, PS3)...
  20. People will need something to do after the virtual orgy...(Oh, and remember No Smoking on the Holodeck)
  21. As soon as I saw this video, I knew I had something for New Years. I hope someone appreciates it...Any grindcore fans out there?
  22. As others have said, IBM really doesn't do hardware anymore...Servers, the Cloud, Analytics...Well, let me just quote their company profile: International Business Machines Corporation operates as an integrated technology and services company worldwide. Its Cognitive Solutions segment offers a portfolio of enterprise artificial intelligence platforms, such as analytics and data management platforms, cloud data services, talent management, and industry solutions primarily under the Watson Platform, Watson Health, and Watson Internet of Things names. This segment also offers transaction processing software for use in banking, airlines, and retail industries. The company's Global Business Services segment offers business consulting services; delivers system integration, application management, maintenance, and support services for packaged software applications; and finance, procurement, talent and engagement, and industry-specific business process outsourcing services. Its Technology Services & Cloud Platforms segment provides project, managed, outsourcing, and cloud-delivered services for enterprise IT infrastructure environments; technical, and software and solution support services; and integration software solutions. The company's Systems segment offers servers for businesses, cloud service providers, and scientific computing organizations; data storage products and solutions; and z/OS, an enterprise operating system. Its Global Financing segment provides lease, installment payment plans, and loan financing services; short-term working capital financing to suppliers, distributors, and resellers; and remanufacturing and remarketing services. The company serves financial services institutions, airlines, manufacturers, and consumer goods and retail companies. International Business Machines Corporation has a strategic partnership with Cloudera to develop joint go-to-market programs. The company was formerly known as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. and changed its name to International Business Machines Corporation in 1924. The company was incorporated in 1911 and is headquartered in Armonk, New York. That's why.
  23. I never knew whether this was or was not intentional. I had a friend show it to me back in the day, so word of mouth was a biggie, but I'm pretty sure magazines (even besides Atari Age) covered it as well. My guess (and this is just a guess) was that it was a bug they later treated as a feature. Either way, kind of funny to be talking about it again almost 40 years later.
  24. I finally tried "Mobile Games".   Big surprise! They suck Ass!  I jumped through a myriad of hoops. Got 1 game.  Can't find the 1 game on my phone.  And when I did find it (once) it refused to go to Portrait Mode,  it was stuck in Shit Mode.  I'm going back to Game Boy.  If anyone needs me,  I'll be in the 90's...

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