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  1. I never knew whether this was or was not intentional. I had a friend show it to me back in the day, so word of mouth was a biggie, but I'm pretty sure magazines (even besides Atari Age) covered it as well. My guess (and this is just a guess) was that it was a bug they later treated as a feature. Either way, kind of funny to be talking about it again almost 40 years later.
  2. I finally tried "Mobile Games".   Big surprise! They suck Ass!  I jumped through a myriad of hoops. Got 1 game.  Can't find the 1 game on my phone.  And when I did find it (once) it refused to go to Portrait Mode,  it was stuck in Shit Mode.  I'm going back to Game Boy.  If anyone needs me,  I'll be in the 90's...

    1. GoldLeader


      Then they ask for a GamerID so I put F***your GamerIDs,  Already in use.  OK, OK GoldLeader,  Already in use. Smartass kids.  GoldLeader69 ?  Already in use.  Of course.  GoldLeaderishavingsexwithyourmomrightnow.  Already in use.   AWwww,  Come On!!

    2. thanatos


      Sorry GoldLeader, the 'yourmom" account is mine.

    3. GoldLeader


      Thanatos,  you are a Gem!

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  3. True! I was being generous and giving, IDK, Bonus points for trying or something...haha...Plus 1 out of 3 is kind of a saying, (like an inside joke) for me and some friends around here
  4. BTW, I'm heading out to Taco Bell to get Mexican Pizzas (no Meat) and I'll prolly stop at Taco John's too for Potato Oles ...Anybody need anything?
  5. "They call it hardware because it's hard." This hardware is a lot of HardWork!! Oops! I think I just reminded some of us of something else ... BTW, Whoever said maybe Knight Rider VCS could be on the VCS....Just...Bless you! I still laugh at that comment! 🤣
  6. They should do a Chevy Chase Vacation movie, but have it be a spy comedy.  Call it Clark & Dagger!

    1. BydoEmpire


      That would be awesome.

    2. frankodragon


      You can't forget about Eddie.  He will be driving his RV and saying, "Gotta empty out the shitter.  It's full!"

    3. Jinroh


      Eddie blows their cover and gets them locked up, leading to a daring escape, after emptying the shitter into the sewer and causing a methane gas explosion. :D


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  7. I thought this was gonna be about a car that catches fire...Auto Fire? LOL...I crack myself up. I guess everything's relative. Like, I didn't learn until years later how I'd gotten those initials to show up on Yar's Revenge. But Space Invaders? I guess I thought everyone knew about this one back in the day.
  8. Interesting games, but never any mention of "vcs" ports...Hmmm...Or did I miss something?
  9. However if I were to pick just one to answer the question, I'd like to say Deadly Towers for the NES. Truly, it'd be a tie with Faxanadu on NES, and some Dragon Warrior thrown in for good measure, because there was a period of time as a college kid (see..."kid"? haha) where we played the Hell out of those games! The only reason I give Deadly Towers a slight edge, is because there seems to be no love for it and despite loving it myself, some other people don't like it. All right, many Hate it. But it's exactly like the thing with E.T. on Atari. Sure some ROM player with an Everdrive (not hating here, I have one too) is gonna give Deadly Towers 5 seconds before he/she cries mercy and moves on to something else, and even YouTube players (who can "beat it") are rushing through it to show off an ending and are doing it wrong, in my opinion, ...Never soaking up the feel of the adventure, and in fact skipping some of the cool screens with the best music, so they don't die or accidentally fall into a dungeon. Yeah, it's hard, but I fought through it because I owned it, and it was fun!... Plus the music and certain screens give a sense of atmosphere missing from many games. The set pieces are larger and more interesting than those in Zelda and you never lose the ability to throw your sword. It's weird, especially the first time you just drop into a Dungeon because you stepped in a certain area, or you find a parallel dimension, which is all explained in the instructions which, of course, no ROMHunter bothered to read. Many have forgotten, but moving up from ColecoVision and Atari to a game like Deadly Towers was mind blowing at the time. The same type of quantum leap that was playing Galaxian the first time after being used to Space Invaders. It's in Color! And the invaders are Diving!! (I know...It's kinda hard to fathom in today's day and age. Hell, even I could barely remember that haha!) Anyhow, Deadly Towers was a pretty cool adventure game on the NES. People that don't like it are just dumbfuc people I probably like and respect but lightly disagree with from time to time.
  10. I know I should probably answer the question with one game but... In arcades Star Castle, Red Baron, and Astro Blaster... So many for early Atari starting with Space Invaders...I'd later end up with Super Breakout and Yar's Revenge as seemingly all time favorites until it would shift again to Dark Cavern and Midnight Magic...With lots of fond nostalgia for Adventure and Pitfall! despite not owning them, but only borrowing them back in the day... Then for some reason there was a time when all we did was play Omega Race on ColecoVision (Right before NES came on the scene); Something to do, perhaps, with my friend's strategy of just shooting the mines while running from the Death Ships. It should be noted that this strategy will Not work on the arcade game. Also, this is another one of those early examples where the home version offers up something different, even as we always had wanted absolute arcade perfection...Sometimes the home versions were really fun for different reasons.
  11. Christmas? Nope! I think I bought mine in August...Of 1980. Age 12; I was saving allowance money and doing lots of odd jobs for neighbors, and mowing lawns etc, I worked my ass off for my 2600 (Atari Light Sixer)...I had $80 saved up when they went on sale at Grand Central, a store about 4 blocks from my house. I saw in the newspaper, they were $129.99 instead of $149.99. I asked my mom if she could loan me the rest, and I really tried not to get my hopes up, because I thought she'd say no, but she didn't! 😁 So I got Combat. Later, on Halloween, my older sister sent me Space War. She said it was a "Halloween gift". My sister's the coolest! Then for Christmas 1980 she gave me 5 more Atari games! They were Space Invaders, Surround, Slot Machine, Air-Sea Battle, and Flag Capture.
  12. Not actual gameplay.

    1. Flojomojo


      For illustration purposes only?

    2. GoldLeader


      I was thinking less about the tacobox and more about the fact that every video game commercial I see these days has that disclaimer.

    3. GoldLeader


      (Here we go)   Why back in my day, video game commercials showed some dadburned gameplay!  Sure it was only 2 seconds worth if ya counted like an auctioneer, but by Gum we saw'em playin'!!!   🧐

  13. Technically I had a PONG first (like Keatah), but the word "console" for me implies cartridges, or CDs, or some other way to change the games being played...So I always say The 2600.
  14. I tend to remember Lucasfilm and George Lucas himself being very nice with fans getting him free publicity, or put another way; Not being very litigious. Watching the family Guy Star Wars special with him on it, Seth MacFarlane was asking him how he was so cool with it...Sorry I don't remember the response. Point being, Lucas was Not Very corporate (and tended to be against the traditional Hollywood system from the start, shunning the Director's Guild, for instance, as far as where the credits go in a movie etc.) and tended to be cool with getting his universe into pop culture. I even remember when they came across a kid's fan site called Star Wars Fan Club (or something very similar) and they politely told the kid they would need that name but gave him a list of other choices and rules on how to name his website etc.; IIRC, The kid was ecstatic to be talking to them and may have got to speak to George Lucas himself,...I don't remember all the details, but having them wouldn't change my point. I wonder how it will be now that Disney is involved? As far as Paramount, my Guess is that they like a good reference, but there's probably a point where they'd like to license certain things. I once watched a show (I want to say it was on Discovery Channel or History Channel) called How William Shatner Changed The World. I believe the original title was How STAR TREK Changed The World, but Paramount wasn't having it...I still wonder if it could have gotten by with Free Usage laws, but they changed the name to placate Paramount (who acted like they wanted to do their own version of the concept (and that never happened))...By contrast, remember that Futurama episode about Star Trek? I'm guessing that must have been licensed. I'll bet you could get away with using a catch phrase (or something similar but more generic), but if you want to use the Name Star Trek, Paramount's gonna want a "Piece of the Action" (Yeah, S2 Episode 17 reference ha!)
  15. I wish I knew how to Photoshop because I'd like to enter their T-shirt design contest! I don't think they'd like my design, though. I'd give the Mount Fuji Logo a ___ that supporters could ___. A "Joystick" they could "Paddle"? ...Congrats! You found the secret Message!!!
  16. Hell, These days they probably wouldn't even air a commercial like that....They don't want'em marketing beer to bears!
  17. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on one, of a possible myriad of problems, raising its ugly head to keep them from reaching their March Release deadline.
  18. I was under the impression they (new Atari) were talking about shipping in March. Which is interesting considering they said "Weeks not months", but it seems they like to dwell in vagueness...As I only remember them saying the backers would get theirs before the public. I may have missed it, but I don't recall a date for that.
  19. You're hilarious! I'd say just drink whatever makes ya happy! Never worry about what anyone else thinks. I'm drinking a Hamm's tall boy as I write this (Y U M ! .. I Don't care what people think...Yum!!)...I'm not at work...Mainly because I drove to work today only to find we were closed ...With a sign on the door that said, "We are closed today due to lack of employees. No Shit, 5 people called in today!" I checked my phone and sure enough, if I'd turned it on before heading to work, I would have seen the text telling me we were going to be closed..haha... (weird day) PS If you like sweet drinks as opposed to beer etc., and you're ever in a bar with a lady...Order her, and yourself a FOXY LADY. They're tasty as hell and you can tell her the drink was named after her. (Lot of fun for me associated with this drink)
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