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  1. I read an article that said that Nintendo is closing the eShop in my region (https://www.vidaextra.com/wii-u/eshop-wii-u-3ds-42-paises-latinoamerica-caribe-cerrara-para-siempre-a-finales-julio). That includes the ability to download digital games, exchange codes and update games. That last one really sucks, since there are a bunch of titles that have significant updates. By any chance, is there a complete list of 3DS games that have patches? I know I'm getting a couple of 3DS games before July 31st (that's the date when Nintendo is closing the eShop apparently) and I might as well try to get games with their respective patches. Some popular games like Pokemon, which I already own, have sizeable patches that feature a bunch of improvements, so which other titles have updates available for them? Is there any way to download those patches without buying the game first? For instance, I know I'm getting Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS at some point, so I can get the patch before it's taken down. Since I brought Super Smash, any DLC worth getting before it's no longer available? Thanks in advance and I really appreciate anyone who replies as soon as possible since time is really ticking down on this one.
  2. I might try to get one of those as part of a lot with a bunch of inexpensive games or something. Thanks!
  3. For the longest time I refused to buy loose as well, but I came to the realization that I would not be able to play certain games if I kept being so picky. The loose cart I just bought, for instance, is Yu-Gi-Oh! 2011 for the DS (I'm too lazy to check its full name). I got that for around 3 USD and the shipping is actually more expensive that the game. Just for reference, that game is usually around 30 bucks loose, so I might as well get it. Apparently, it's not the best Yu-Gi-Oh! game for the DS, but I want to at least one of those and it doesn't hurt if it happens to be an uncommon one. So far my options for storage are getting cheap games just to use their cases or get a carrier case as you suggest. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone! I recently started getting loose Nintendo DS and 3DS carts for my collection. Not only have I found loose carts to be extremely cheap where I live, but I also realized that I have access to games that I would never get CIB. I used to be obsessed about getting CIB copies (especially for DS and 3DS games), they tend to be hard to store, easy to lose if you're not careful and it's hard to display those games properly. So I was wondering if anyone out there was having a similar problem and maybe found a way to display DS and 3DS carts in a way that looks cool or at least different. I was searching online and most of the solutions require you to get 3D-printed stands that are usually expensive and I would need to pay international shipping for them. At the moment, I'm using a case that was made to store small screws and that can hold a bunch of DS games, but it doesn't look great. What do you think? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm doing some research to add some Japanese games to my collection. I'd like to have a resource where I can check the price of games but I can't find any. I usually use Price Charting and Game Value Now as reference (I know those sites aren't perfect, but they really give me an idea of how much games are worth). I hate to overpay for games, especially when there's a lot of people buying games for nothing and then reselling them for a small fortune. I tried eBay, but prices are all over the place. Any ideas? I'm looking at Bushido Blade right now and I have no idea is 10 USD is a fair price for that game or not. Thanks in advance and stay safe!
  6. Maybe someone has asked this before, but I was wondering if any of you is keeping track of the games that are becoming more expensive/hard to get during the quarantine due to their high demand. I read that Wii Sports is almost impossible to get in some places, then I looked up Wii Sports Resort (which I don't own sadly) and it seems like that game is also more expensive than it used to be. I assume that Ring Fit Adventure is extremely expensive and maybe Wii Fit will finally be collectible?? I finally started playing the Xbox One version of Rocksmith 2014 again and when I tried to get a copy of Rocksmith for the Xbox 360 so that I can import all those songs, I realized that that game is really hard to get CIB (at least where I live). Any other games that are either expensive or more collectible now that everyone is forced to stay inside? Thanks in advance and stay safe!
  7. Thanks for sharing your findings. Now I feel like I should have gotten a DSi XL: it looks cool, playing games on the bigger screens is great, I bet the battery lasts for a long time and from what I've heard (not just from you), there's no yellowing to its screens.
  8. I use a stylus and never touched the screens since I got a couple of screen protectors as soon as I bought the system.
  9. I assume it's related to age because I bought my DS around ten years ago and even then it was used. Also, I hadn't used the system in around a year and it was fine back then. It's a shame, I love the DS and I don't want to get another one if the same thing is going to happen. Maybe someone else has had some experience with this issue?
  10. Hi everyone, I just found my Nintendo DS Lite on one of the plastic bins I use for storage. I haven't used the system in years and when I opened it and turned it on I found that the screens have a yellowish tint to them. I did a quick research online and found that other people have the same issue with it, but I was wondering if this is a common problem most collectors are aware of or if this only happens under certain conditions (such as humidity or something). It's not clear to me if this was my fault, if this is a hardware problem that affects all systems or if it's just related to the passage of time. To be clear, the plastic bin is sealed and not in direct contact with floor, so that would discard humidity. Now I have a few questions: Is there any way to repair it or should I get another DS? Do all systems from the DS family suffer from the same problem or just the Lites? Does this also happen the DSi or DSi XL systems? Because I'd be more than glad to get one of those if it solves the problem. Finally, I also have a 3DS which I use a lot and love, is there any chance this might happen with the 3DS? Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to reading your responses. I'll attach a picture below too.
  11. I don't live in the US and whenever I use eBay, the site automatically lists all the things that ship to my country. That translates into a bunch of games from the PAL region. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong.
  12. Tried that. I get a bunch of common PAL games that people sell for over a thousand bucks. Halo 3, Dead Space, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, Red Dead Redemption. In other words, all multi-million sellers that are extremely easy to find and therefore cost a few bucks. Not really that helpful. Thanks anyway!
  13. Hi! I'm looking for some hard to get Xbox 360 and Xbox One games but I don't really know what to look for. To be specific, I'm looking for the regular edition of some games and not special editions. Although most special editions tend to go up in price quickly, they are extremely expensive where I live. I think the only hard to get game I have in my collection is a sealed copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 for the 360 which costs around $40, but I paid around $10. I haven't opened it yet, but I might play it in the future. Also, I saw a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the Xbox One, but I didn't buy it because I'm an idiot. That game costs around $45 because there aren't that many copies around and the digital edition has been de-listed for licensing issues. So any other games I should be on the lookout for? Thanks in advance!
  14. Of course, I definitely get it. I'd love to play on the real thing and I've been looking at some NES games for the past few days, but I don't really have the space for that (11 systems and counting...) At least NES Classic is emulation, but official emulation? I personally hate playing on the PC.
  15. That sounds amazing, but I don't really have space for another system. Unless that's a mini system that I can plug in whenever I want to play and then goes back in the box and in the shelf when I'm done.
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