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  1. Of course, I definitely get it. I'd love to play on the real thing and I've been looking at some NES games for the past few days, but I don't really have the space for that (11 systems and counting...) At least NES Classic is emulation, but official emulation? I personally hate playing on the PC.
  2. That sounds amazing, but I don't really have space for another system. Unless that's a mini system that I can plug in whenever I want to play and then goes back in the box and in the shelf when I'm done.
  3. I can't access the site for whatever reason. How much is it at GameStop? Thanks!
  4. I don't like other people decing things for me. I do, on the other hand, benefit from someone else's opinion about a system I don't since, since I've pretty much accepted I don't know everything. Have you ever read an article online or watched an informative YouTube video? Would you call that a case of a stranger choosing something for you? Or would you call that doing research so that you can make an informed purchase decision? I saved money for months in order to buy a new system and due to my country's economic instability I don't know if I'll be able to buy an NES Classic Edition in the future. If I can, I can assure you it won't be at that price. Since I've never played on an NES Classic let alone touched one, I'd love to hear another enthusiast's opinion about the system before I get it and in the case of the person who first replied, he made reference to a fantastic video that's more than helpful. I wish I could say that all comments I get are as helpful (not to mention polite) as that person's. Oh and if you happen to own an NES Classic, I'd LOVE to hear what you think, so that instead of getting a negative message maybe you could actually help someone else.
  5. I knoew about that. I was thinking about getting those cheap extension cords and eventually move on to an 8bitdo controller, though those are more of an investment.
  6. I have that video in my "Watch Later" for a few days and for whatever reason I haven't watched it yet. I'll do that now for sure! I knew about the cute factor, but I definitely intended to own the console for the purposes of playing (I don't have much space in my entertainment center, but me and my family have some plans for the future when it comes to out house). I feel like I'm not that sensitive to lag as long as it's not obvious, but then again, my entire childhood revolved around jumping over goombas. I'll watch the video and see that for myself, but that's definitely a bummer! I really wanted to get the system to play games on it.
  7. Hi everyone! It's that time of the month again when I have the difficult task of deciding what I'm going to buy for my collection (a good problem to have, I know.) For the past few months I've been trying to focus on Nintendo stuff and an item that I've been meaning to get ever since it came out is the NES Classic Edition. I already have the SNES Classic and I think the NES one would be a fantastic addition to my collection. But I can't really find a reliable source when it comes to price. I checked eBay, Game Value Now, Price Charting, GameStop and a few more. Thing is, prices vary a lot and I have no idea how much the system really goes for. eBay prices in particular go for $100 or more for the used/incomplete system, so I have no idea if that's fine or not. The cheapest one I found where I live is around $65 with free shipping and it comes in the box, but not manual/poster, unfortunately. I'll include pictures below for reference. Can you help me out? I don't know if that's a good deal or not and I hate overpaying. Also, do you think the system will become more expensive/collectible as time goes on? Thanks in advance and I'm really looking forward to what you guys have to say about this!
  8. Hi! I've been collecting games for years without knowing it, but I really started getting into collecting properly for a year or so. I have a general questions for all of you, since I assume most of the people on this forum know a lot about collecting. So how important is it for you to get CIB games? Do you mainly care about acquiring games to play them and getting them CIB is secondary or is it the other way around? I just bought Kid Icarus: Uprising without the stand and I'm just wondering if I should have been more patient to get the game, plus the stand and cardboard box. Nevertheless, I'm just super excited to be able to enjoy that game since I've been meaning to play it forever, but I couldn't find it at a fair price. Just wondering how you guys feel about this. Thanks!
  9. Long story short, I found someone who's selling a Neo Geo CD on Facebook Marketplace. The guy's selling it for pretty cheap and according to him it works perfectly. It comes with two controllers and two games (I didn't bother to ask if they are the real thing or backups, though it can always ask). So the thing is: is it worth getting an uncommon console like that taking into account that most games are extremely expensive, the console weighs a ton and the loading times are abyssmal? Oh, and I'm pretty sure my girlfriend will kill me if she sees that massive hunk of plastic around. I've never seen a Neo Geo CD where I live, I'm pretty sure I won't see another one ever again. I know they can be quite expensive and the guy's selling it for not a lot of money so that's definitely not the problem. Maybe it's worth getting if the games are genuine? Maybe I can get it and if I don't use it I can trade it for some thing cool? Anyway, I'm just interested in hearing some opinions from people who might be familiar with the system, since I don't know anything about it and people like Metal Jesus or the guys at My Life in Gaming haven't made a video on it. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say about the Neo Geo CD. PS: I wanted to include some pictures, but Facebook didn't let me see them, so sorry about that. Thanks in advance!
  10. I recently started paying more attention to my Nintendo 64 collection. I had a bunch of games that I bought with with system years ago, but I recently found out I can get some games for pretty cheap where I live. So before the local market changes, as it often does, I'll get as many N64 games as I can. At this point, I pretty much know what to look for: racing games, Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros. and some of those rare and elusive titles everyone pretty much knows about, but even if I have some experience with N64 games because I used to play a lot of ROMs on an emulator growing up, there are a lot of games I might not know about. I recently watched a video about Chameleon Twist 1 and 2 from My Life in Gaming and I'm definitely getting those because they look pretty good even if they didn't get glowing reviews back in the day. Also, I'm super excited because I just got a copy of International Superstar Soccer 2000 which can be quite expensive. Maybe I can get another cheap copy for the purposes of trading... I have to say I just have around 15 titles and none of them are extremely special, so I won't bore you with a list. But is there anything I might be missing from? Maybe a bunch of games that were ignored back in the day because the critics weren't very kind or something that arrived late in the system's life cycle? Thanks!
  11. See if you can help me here (of course, this is for everyone): I found a SNES with two original controllers, no AC adapter and no games for pretty cheap. The system costs $35, but the only caveat is that the power jack is busted. According to the seller it works perfectly, but I know I need soldering skills to replace the jack which costs around $10 + shipping. I don't know if it's worth it, but that's the only system I found at that price. The guy sent a video with proof it works and was more than willing to tell me all the "problems" it has. Do you think that's a good deal or I should pass?
  12. Argentina, the market's really weird over here. Especially when it comes to Nintendo which doesn't really have a presence here in South America and everything that you get comes from importers. I get super excited whenever I get a Nintendo game or batch of games at a good price because that's a rare sight over here.
  13. I don't think I can get one here unless I import it from the US and if I can actually find one here, it would be super expensive. They look really cool though. I also thought about getting a Retron 5, but it would cost me 4 times as much as a SNES does... so at that point I might as well get the consoles it plays individually and play on the real thing. I don't know, there are way too many options to play retro games these days. Too many, haha.
  14. Thanks for providing some prices to at least know what I should expect to pay for the system. I found a SNES Jr. CIB for $90 (that's including shipping), two controllers, no games. I'm not crazy about collecting console variations, even if I ended up with some of those, but I kind of like the design of the Jr. But maybe I should get a regular SNES with no cables, no nothing and start from there. I found one locally for $50, but that feels like a lot for something I'm buying online and I can't really test and open until it gets here. I used to have a CRT, but I gave it to my kid to watch his DVDs. I'm pretty sure I can convince my wife to get at least a 14-inch just for the purposes of playing retro games.
  15. I really like the system itself, but some 3D games look horrible, some amazing games have aged poorly (I can't play Super Mario 64 past the fantastic first level) and the controllers are the worst. I have two controllers and the sticks are loose to the point I'm considering new ones. Apart from that, the N64 has some unique experiences no other system really offers. I like N64 racing games and I'd like to get more of those, also Pokemon games have a special place in my heart even if I don't plan to play Stadium for more than a few minutes. Other than that, I don't really remember anything that stands out. SO I turn to you guys...
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