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  1. Sad that people forget that Neo Geo had a lot of puzzle games
  2. viewpoint 2064 The sequel to Viewpoint on Neo Geo on the N64 is now release
  3. Apparently Cave is releasing a new DoDOpachi on Exa-Arcadia, the new multiple arcade system https://arcadeheroes.com/2020/03/19/cave-returning-to-arcades-with-dodonpachi-saidaioujou-exa-label/
  4. Ninja combat is such a hidden Jem, feels like 1980's overload in a good way
  5. Yeah since about 80-90% of the games on those systems are probably Lost IP's or in very complicated and confused right holders by now after 25+ years. Plus with the the Dot com bust and Arcade crash in the 90's and no go way of enforcing copyrights with the rise of the internet and emulators;
  6. Hardcore Gaming did a podcast on Metal Slug 5 http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/podcasts/top-47858-games-of-all-time-episode-273-metal-slug-5/
  7. Getting kinda crazy how Arcades are starting to use high quality Alternate controllers again, found this one on Youtube today. This one is from Namco on their 14 version of the game Taiko no Tatsujin Video Source: Yomi Youtube Channel
  8. Does anyone know where i can get a MV-1C replacement Battery? I got the dreaded calendar error; Also does anyone konw anyone local to Orlando that does Neo geo servicing if i don't feel like soldering?
  9. Ordered it on there official site, https://www.r2tronik.com/en/ I will see how it goes;
  10. Was looking for the opposite; One to connect to Neo Geo that uses Saturn or more modern controllers that works with Fightsticks from those systems; especially since a lot of the good condition controllers that aren't $$$ need to be shipped from Japan
  11. Anyone know anyone selling Saturn or more modern to neo geo adapters that work with joysticks
  12. Could always softmod a memory-card and play any region or burnt rom
  13. Youtuber , Sega Lord X's did a top 10 list
  14. Yeah Namco has a very good relation with Sony PS1, also had Namco System 12 PS2, System 246 /System 256 / System Super 256 / System 147. PS3, Namco System 357/System 359
  15. NES for example PlayChoice-10 and Nintendo VS. System Arcade machines, people forget that the NES was very advance in 1984 Sega Genesis was basically a budget System 16 Arcade system in 1985, released in 1988. FM Towns Marty was a home console version in 1993, for FM Towns. Was the only 32 bit CPU based home system till Xbox.
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