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  1. It's is a First Amendment issue, since TG and GBWR as private forums can include or not include anyone's articles , IE Scores for any reason. Or they just don't want to have a business relationship with Billy
  2. Freedom of the press is not just limited to political speech, and it also limited the ability to libel or slander someone that is famous. Calling someone a convicted felon is totally different then having a opinion that they may of cheated in a game.
  3. The issue is that TG and Guinness World Records are part of the Free Press and are given protections under the 1st Amendment, so they can list whoever they want as record-holders. Sue for defamation is very hard if you are a PUBLIC Figure or Famous, especially if its on a opinion, in this case that he is the world record holder and isn't a cheater on a video-game Believe the Judge will Summary Judgement if there is a actual lawsuit
  4. Project Neon seem rather odd, Vertical Monitor will make it hard on peeps with Cabs, as Neo Geo cabs are Horizontal. Plus being from a new developer with little Game Design experience may have some issues. Outside of that I wish them luck...
  5. Is the AI that bad?Original SS you would be dead in 30 secs trying that
  6. Hard to tell how well exA-Arcadia will do, there Japanese live test is going on now, and quite a few of the games i hear are pretty fun. Believe the issue here is that the new systems are incoming within a few years, which will have them pretty close to this. Also probably no way to update the games, or have a Game as a Service which has some good benefits. Don't think that is the main issue since these machines are around 4-7K and carry around 40+ Games, though their steam like service. Hard to say how many games will come out, outside the 2019-2020 window as it all depends on a good launch. Seems a bit questionable, since it covers 30 years of hardware, and their has always been issues with CRTS and Non CRT's, since they are very difference technologies in displaying images. In how they stated this, there is Some cabinets that can't play them.
  7. 715 known licensed game titles were released for the Nintendo Entertainment System
  8. Sega Lord X did a review on Neo Geo Games on the Sega Dreamcast https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ5JH5f8ODllQjrzgqdT5Dg
  9. Kinda amazing seeing a Neo Geo thread hit 708 pages without it suffering from the below which has killed lots of websites lately. 1. Everyone Defining which Games you Must have, or what is a proper collection, or what is Fun. All these factors are relative. 2. Having KoF 98, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves be the end all of KoF and Fatal Fury and you can't enjoy the rest of the series. 3. Turn everything in a $$$ contest, which is pretty silly as there is lots and lots of Games and collectibles that are more costly for Both consoles and Arcade machines outside of Neo Geo MVS or AES. Neo Geo MVS for example was one of the cheapest machines when it was released.
  10. Here is one of the better Sega Saturn Content creators, Sega lord X on YouTube talking about Neo Geo Games on the Sega Saturn Sega Lord X
  11. Exa Arcadia ------------------- Apparently TATSUJIN is also making games on the platform, they are better known for owning the Toaplan IP. Here is a reel of the games coming out around 2019, by Arcade Heros
  12. Yes Neo Bomberman is a coop 1 or 2 player Bomberman Here is a video from youtube from Hiro Also pretty sure there is a few bombermans with coop modes also.
  13. Also it is closer to 10 Games that will be releasing in 2019 from what I'm hearing. Though most will have a Steam release. They are also releasing info at Japan main JAEPO Expo this week. Hear Devil Engine will be released
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