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  1. There was a "Secret Perk" one can unlock on the page via a promo email they sent out about a day before the campaign went live, that lets you "reserve" a unit at that early bird price for a (slightly) longer time. Clicking through it would enable access to it; it's completely hidden from view, otherwise, but the money and backers are still counted toward the grand total of course. As of this writing, just shy of 1400 people have bought into it, so, if you count the other Early Bird perk, then a little over 1,600 people have bought into the Onyx version. The only real difference between this and the regular Early Bird is that the Early Bird offer that's visible on that page expires on the 4th of June, while the "secret perk" doesn't expire until the 6th. A whole 48 extra hours to contemplate making a poor financial decision. Shame that they didn't offer any "all-in" packages with the early-bird price. I'm probably just going to take the controllers and leave it at that. I want that sleek-looking joystick, durnit.
  2. Pretty much this. I said in the other thread how, even if Prometheus was only a new system that could play CV/SGM games, I would be more than happy with that. Obviously they are doing more than just that, but to me, it's a secondary, bonus appeal. I mean, let's face it, the ColecoVision is getting on in years -- and these things weren't exactly reliable from the very beginning, either. And unlike the current alternatives available for something like, say, the far-more-popular NES (Analogue NT/Mini and retroUSB AVS being two great examples), the only way to play ColecoVision cartridges is with a genuine ColecoVision system. (Or that Dima 2-in-1 system that plays SG-1000 games too, but, those are crazy-rare and also pretty low-quality.) Sooner or later, most of the ColecoVisions out there will be nonworking plastic boxes, and maintaining them will only get harder. Same with a lot of other older hardware, really. Then what use are all those cartridges? Homebrew makers might as well stop releasing physical versions after a point -- and that saddens me, because I've grown to love the quality and care put into those physical releases. It's just not the same, dragging a ROM file into an emulator with barely a flick of the wrist. So that's why I appreciate it, personally, that Opcode is taking the initiative to craft a modern CV alternative for not just the people who already love ColecoVision, but for people in the future as well, who may be interested in getting into CV collecting but can't because they can't find or can't afford a working unit. The fact that they are making it so that it can support its own, system-exclusive games entirely on top of the CV compatibility is just icing on the cake. Maybe I'm preaching to a more optimistic, idealistic mindset, but wouldn't it just be cool if we had a all-new new, retro-inspired platform to get behind? Something that, unlike similar software-based platforms like PICO-8, is an actual, physical machine that you can load cartridges both new and old into? Maybe I am a tad biased, but I think it's a wonderful concept. It's not really about "why don't you just make games for [x] system instead?" or "why not just make a modded emulator box and slap a sticker on it?", it's about supporting and breathing new life into a platform we already care about, whilst elevating it beyond its original capability at the same. (At least, that's my take on it.) In a perfect world, people would be doing similar things for every other platform and system in general (a new Intellivision with nicer controllers, for instance ), but I'm really happy that it's happening for the ColecoVision now. I think it really needs it.
  3. So, PC Engine? In all seriousness though, definitely looking forward to hearing more about this. If it's really that powerful, maybe something like Outrun and After Burner would be nice to have. Otherwise, I'm a sucker for Berzerk, and/or Frenzy (with music, voice, maybe even updated graphics, possibly?), and Zaxxon sounds great too. Gyruss, Truxton, R-Type, just to wishlist a few shmups... Would be nice to see M.U.L.E. as well, as unlikely as that is.
  4. Received my SGM and Penguin Adventure/Gradius a few weeks ago, so, a bit late to post here, but wanted to offer my thoughts regardless. The quality of the unit, cartridges, and packaging itself is phenomenal -- hugely impressed with Opcode's work, here. You can almost physically feel the care and attention that went into the creation of these; the glossy, authentic-feeling manuals, the smooth, sturdy boxes, even the adorable little product catalog that just oozes with nostalgia. My only tiff is a minor one, and that is I feel like the inner cover could have used a "pocket" or something to hold the manual/papers in; sometimes when I open them up, they tend to slip right out. A trivial quibble at best, because everything else is just so good. Unfortunately, the SGM doesn't seem to play nice with my ColecoVision -- no idea why, the cartridges themselves all seem to be fine, but the SGM doesn't appear to "connect" with the console properly, and cleaning the expansion port contacts did nothing -- so I've yet to be able to play the games just yet until I figure out what's wrong (or get a new console entirely, more likely, since I'm fairly sure that's where the issue lies). Still, A+ for presentation alone (they just look so good on display), and I'll definitely be supporting future releases to the best of my capacity.
  5. I'd never even known about the SGM Pro before this (boo on me for not paying attention, I suppose!), and it's a shame to hear it was canned, but the announcement of an entirely new console is an exciting thing to come back to after all this time, regardless! Definitely gonna be looking forward to hearing more about this. Heaven only knows that we really do need a modern replacement/successor for those aging CVs, much as I adore them anyway in spite of their flakiness. (Even if it was only a CV replacement, I'd be perfectly happy with that, but it being its own platform that happens to be able to play CV stuff as well? Even better.) It may be a bit early to get too excited, but I feel like the project is in good hands with Opcode. Producing and supporting an entirely new console is no small nor simple feat, and this could easily end up garnering a lot of attention down the line. It could end up being something the classic gaming community as a whole can get behind, not just limited to CV enthusiasts, and that thought does excite me. But we'll see what happens in the coming months. Consider me interested!
  6. Finally got my hands on a TRS-80 Model 4, direct from Ian in Australia. My first all-in-one microcomputer. What a beauty.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. doctorclu


      We used IVp in high school. And the 100 was my first portable computer for taking notes in class during high school. We even had the desktop dock for the 100 to word process on a 80 column screen.

    3. jaybird3rd


      I still use my Tandy 102 sometimes for taking notes during meetings, much to the amusement of my colleagues! It's a great computer, and one of my long-term project ideas is to design a similar machine using today's technology.

    4. BassGuitari


      I've thought about using my 100 at meetings but decided I don't want to deal with the weird looks and questions that would inevitably come with it. And the keyboard can be clacky and distracting anyway.

  7. Is Atarimax still a thing? I hate to have to ask, but I've sent a couple of email inquiries their way, and almost two months later, I've not heard a single peep. Maybe something happened, and I'm just out of the loop...

    1. 128Kgames


      Did you email him directly, through his site or through AtariAge? I've had at least one email wind up in his spam folder but got a hold of him through here. Steve's a good guy I'm sure its just his 'filter again.

    2. Glimglam


      I emailed him directly twice, yes. (For the same thing, but I wrote them both differently.) At least, I did via the email provided on his site. Haven't tried though AA yet. I've heard good things as well, and I never heard anything about him dropping off the radar, so I was a bit confused.

  8. Got my first package from Best Electronics. SX212, SX Express, and XM301, all new in the box. Now I can see why people praise them so highly. :)

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    2. Android8675


      Bradley is a nice guy, his stock is weird, but what he's got is pretty cool.

    3. GoldLeader


      And I'll bet the box came wrapped in Atari tape right? Haha so Awesome!

    4. Glimglam


      Indeed it did. And a whooooole lot of packing peanuts, too.

  9. My XF551 started screaming at me, today. It might be about time for a good cleaning.

  10. My new Atari 800 finally arrived! Jeez, this thing is huge. The 810 drive it came with doesn't seem to work, though... Never stops being "busy", just spins constantly, not reading anything at all. No idea what's wrong with it.

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Clean it with a 5.25 floppy cleaner. May be a belt as well.

    2. Bryan


      If it runs all the time (even with the computer off), it has an electrical problem.

    3. Glimglam


      Yes Bryan, it always runs, even when it's not connected to the computer. I might try checking if any of the capacitors are bad. Beyond that, I don't really know what else can be done.

  11. It's strange. I'd actually seen a "Juice Box Audio" module some months ago on eBay, but didn't really think much of it. I'd figured it was just a bootleg version of the SGM on first glance, based on what little I'd read. Now I come and read this, and find out that not only was it exactly that, but he's been selling bootleg carts and profiting of other people's hard work, too? Wow. And this, too? Jeez... Though, as a sidenote, I find it kind of funny he calls someone who'd bought one of his shameless products an "AtariAge Goon" when he's already put "atariage" in his own name. Looks like he has a bootleg of OpCode's Pac-Man Collection listed, now. I'd heard about how bad the carts looked further back in the thread, but never actually saw one. It looks like crap. Having just bought a legit copy from eBay a while back (yellow cartridge, even!) and marveled at the level of care and quality of the box, label, and cart itself, the difference is night and day. Seventy bucks is the asking price, too. Will report, since it seems like the only thing I can do... :/
  12. Oh, that so? I know a 'deadline' was put down for June 25th, so I wasn't sure, haha. In that case, put me down for one of each.
  13. I dearly wanted to get at least a few of these when I first got that email back in May, but, my financial situation just wasn't there. Having only just now recently secured myself in that field, I take it I'm a bit late to the party now? Would've loved to snag one of each. Boo on my bad timing and finances then. Though I think I'd feel bad already adding on to that massive workload you must have on your hands by now, anyway. Ah, well. Still just wanted to say that these games are all looking fantastic, and to wish all the best to Oscar and his family.
  14. Cautiously optimistic for the System Shock remake being kickstarted right now. The original was easily one of my favorite old PC games.

    1. SoulBlazer


      If you don't want to play the demo there's some good videos of it online. Looks very impressive and I also loved the original game (and 2)

    2. Glimglam


      Oh, I played the demo! Very short, but I'm impressed with how much they nailed the look and feel of the Citadel so far.

    3. Glimglam


      My confidence is at least enough to take a chance on backing it, which I did. Hopeful for more System Shock 3 details to surface later on, too.

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