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  1. That is correct. I can easily have both the AstroBASIC cart and 300 baud interfaces plugged in while using ViperBASIC and save out to either. As to using the 300 BAUD interface for keyboard or ASCII terminal input on ViperBASIC. Maybe... I never checked if the data stream is the same as BallyBASIC. Paul Thacker might know. If so. could be doable. Lance
  2. Actually, Viper BASIC will save using the 300 baud interface when using :INPUT or :PRINT. However, if you use LOAD or SAVE it uses the AstroBASIC 2000 baud interface. Lance F. Squrie
  3. Never heard of Pasmo before. Yep, it's there in my repository... Moved my latest code plus HVGLIB.H to a new folder/directory and gave it a try. OK, I Have to specify 'file.asm file.bin'. I'm used to only specifying code file and having .bin and .lst generated automaticly. Resulting .bin runs in MESS. I'm happy.
  4. Bally BASIC is the original cart that required the 300 baud interface to save tapes. It has only one array. Can access the calculator functions through the $ command and must use the &(n) sound ports directly. Astro BASIC is the later cart with the 2000 baud interface built in. It has 2 arrays, no $ functions and the two letter 'Music Processor Commands'. Which require you to set NT=-1 for the older style &(n) sound commands to work properly. Most type in programs for Bally BASIC will work fine in Astro BASIC. More if you remember to set NT=-1 if it is using the &(n) sound commands. Tapes of course, have to be converted, as they are not only two different speeds, but Bally BASIC dose an ascii dump to tape and Astro BASIC does a complete RAM dump to tape. The RAM dump save can give a nice loading screen.
  5. Usually, beyond re-typing or using the 300-2000 baud transfer program, the only thing to change is adding NT=-1 to keep the AstroBASIC's sound handling routines from interfering with the original BASIC's use of direct sound port access.
  6. Ah the 300 baud Cassette adapter and sampler cassette for the original Bally BASIC cart. Truly a good price for it, if you have the original BASIC cart. Not to be confused with the later Bally/Astro BASIC cart with the built in 2000 baud interface.
  7. When you say "(and totally different meanings for VBLANK)" I suspect you are referring to the DATA chip VBLANK which blanks(makes invisible) display below its setting. There is also a way to sync drawing to the TV V-BLANK with an interrupt. Your use of "meanings" may mean you are aware. Lance
  8. Well, you could try revise engineering it from the user manual. Of course, the results may not be 100% accurate. But you'd have to make allowances for the different architecture anyway.
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