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  1. Here's some good stuff. On the Odyssey 2 Homepage, there's a timeline that details many different events during the Odyssey 2's life, including the giveaway. It's a great resource. According to the timeline, the giveaway started on October 8, 1982. https://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/articles/timeline/
  2. Yes. I would assume the problem lies with the capacitors, however I'm not tech savvy enough to be able to diagnose the problem myself.
  3. Here's Pick Axe Pete with the sticker. So the commercial mentions that you'd get $82 worth of free games when you purchased an O2. Two games are shown, Quest for the Rings and PAP. It makes sense. By '82 the Odyssey 2 was starting to wind down in America. My hunch is that the promotion was intended to get rid of as much older inventory as possible to make way for the few remaining titles in the future line-up. It makes me wonder how many of these were specifically stickered for this promotion. I'll have to poke around eBay and see what I can find. I'd assume they'd all be in the lower right hand corner.
  4. I have one of these. Mine is a Pick Axe Pete. Speaking of which, if I remember correctly, in the Pick Axe Pete commercial it mentions this particular giveaway.
  5. I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum, but I don't know where else to go. Anyway, I recently picked up a Magnavox Odyssey. I hooked it up, powered it on, and this is what it displays. I've tried all of the game cards and it's all the same issue. I've fiddled with the VHF box, but nothing seems to work. I tested the controllers and from what I can tell they seem to work fine based off of what little action I can discern from the screen. Anyone know what the problem might be? I'm not a tech person, but I assume that the issue lies with the video signal. Thanks.
  6. Interesting. This means that he made a few different Gamma-Attack re-issues. I wonder which version this is. I would assume mine was made later considering the copyright in the game is GAM 08, but the instruction manual says 2010.
  7. Wasn't looking to sell. Just wanted to see if these have gotten some value over the past few years. Might have to wait a few decades. Oh well. It's a cool item no matter what. And it's finally complete again.
  8. I believe they sold for $50 each. I also did some digging and found Robert's re-release announcement: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/155634-gamma-attack-re-released-by-gammation-on-ebay/
  9. Vintage. Been buying a bunch of Famicom games lately.
  10. I actually found the certificate of authenticity! It's currently sitting in a crappy picture frame until I find something more suitable.
  11. I'm still not convinced this is technically a reproduction, given my arguement earlier, but eh, that doesn't matter too much. I just wanted to know how much this particular version went for. Thanks. Plus, it's cool having an official Gamma-Attack, whether it's the original or this version.
  12. I just found the page that details some of Gamma-Attack's release history, as well as future releases that didn't seem to happen. Here's the link: https://web.archive.org/web/20091226052922/http://www.gammation.com/download.html
  13. It looks like that because I was not careful with it when I was younger (I was twelve at the time). I bought this as a kid when I started getting into Atari collecting. I saw that Robert Esken had made a re-release of sorts and thought it would be nifty to get a copy. I just posted this to see if this version was worth anything now. I see that it really isn't, and my question has been answered.
  14. I thank you for the input. But at the same time, I have to disagree. On the reproduction aspect that is, not price. If that's what these specific items are going for, I can't argue. On the topic of reproduction, however, since it is an official Gammation release, it can't be a reproduction, even if the ROM was exactly the same. If it was, it would be a re-issue. A reproduction would be something like an Air Raid made by Hozer, aka not an official release. In this case, this was made by Gammation and by the original programmer. And since the ROM is different from the original, it's kind-of in a league of it's own. Not a reproduction, and not necessarily a reissue. Calling this a reproduction is like calling Atari's version of BMX Airmaster a reproduction, when it's obviously not.
  15. Technically, since this version was made by the original programmer, it's not a reproduction. Heck, since the ROM is different this technically isn't necessarily a reissue either. The ROM itself is actually unique in that it features a screen before going to the game itself. At the bottom of the screen is Gammation's web address, and Gammy is featured at the center of the screen and is controllable. Once you press the fire button, it goes to the main game screen. The copyright date is also different from the original version. Instead of © GAM 83, it's © GAM 08. I did some research through Wayback Machine, and it appears that this particular version is Gamma-Attack 4, with the original '83 version being Ver. 3. This version also came with a certificate of authenticity and of course, the manual. All cartridges were signed and numbered. This one is no. 31 out of 100.
  16. Hi, I just wanted to know how valuable the Gamma-Attack reissue from a number of years ago is.
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