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  1. Snow and -12...Minnesota. Need to stay inside and play some Intellivision
  2. I think it would be awesome. Would love to have some more track ball games for my 5200
  3. Thanks for excellent direction. Hope to get in some CoCo hours this weekend
  4. Does anyone make a dust cover for the CoCos?
  5. Update: I apologize for the redundancy on the request and found some good tips. I have ordered a Deluxe joystick as well as a Atari/Genesis adaptor, an RGB to scart cable for running to my framemiester. I have an email request in to order an SDC. Super excited to start my CoCo adventure.
  6. I have just purchased my first CoCo3!! I have very fond memories of hanging out in my neighborhood Radio Shack and playing on the Tandy computers. I started with a Vic 20 and then moved to PC. I have been collecting many of the vintage computers I followed but never owned and I am looking forward to spending time learning the CoCo. What I have seen of the CoCo games it looks to have a fun library. I have a CoCo3 with the 512k upgrade. Looking for suggestions on additional equipment I would pick up. Wondering what SD and multicart options exist. What’s the best joystick options? I have been hearing about OS9. Recommended Good books, YouTube Channels etc. I have been catching up on the CoCo Crew podcast and enjoying it very much. Thanks for any suggestions
  7. Thanks Anthony. Excited to have an AES. Picked up the NEO SD as well. I will reach out Chris and see if he can take a look at it.
  8. Anyone in the US do repairs on AES consoles? I have one that turns on but has a number of square graphics. Without a cart I get broken video and some green and white. Somethime is just goes to black.
  9. That’s complete garbage. No way will give that group money at this point. You have done nothing put help promote the legacy of a system they don’t even ever acknowledge ever existed. There is such a small group of us that appreciate the Jag and it’s small library it’s truly amazing they did that. Keep up the good work! The Atari we all knew is and loved is not this group.
  10. Count me in. I love my 5200. It was awesome back in the day and I still is.
  11. I am working on organizing my Atarimax cart and I looking for some opinions of favorite homebrews for the 5200. So far I have a short list of what I have played and really enjoyed so far. Atariblast Rat Catcher Beef Drop.
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