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  1. You can't post something like that without the link!
  2. Mine is finally coming today. It's been sitting locally since Friday with a delivery date of today. I hate UPS.
  3. I'm in MN and my tracking shows the same. They're probably on the same truck. If it was in Iowa with USPS it would be arriving tomorrow, but since it's UPS, next Tuesday.
  4. This would essentially be what the OSSC does, right? Which is why it's compatibility isn't the greatest. My monitor and TV both handle my SNES through the OSSC. I would like an option at 60.8 or 60.09 or whatever it is without the buffer.
  5. Because there are moving parts and have a lot more potential to break.
  6. I'd like to get into the Neo Geo scene, I just can't just the cost. So for me, it's appealing.
  7. I would disagree with that. For one, you could buy a NEOSD https://www.neosdstore.com/shop/index.phpand two, Neo Geo systems are insanely expensive. You're better off building your own, which is a task most people don't want to undertake.
  8. I'm assuming he has them done already.
  9. Kevtris, need a little cash? https://twitter.com/PicanteLive/status/961352854681325569
  10. There is a big difference between essentially Mario Maker, and learning C/assembly, plus the hardware, plus all the tricks it takes to get a NES game working, plus game programming, plus.... This isn't meant for a hardcore programmer.
  11. You should be able to buy converters for cheap and use component.
  12. I have a few Raphnet adapters and they work great.
  13. This is probably why the shipping cost is so high. It includes a box too. https://twitter.com/analogue_co/status/922477364151504896
  14. Preservation of the console. Those who want to play it exactly as it was before. Yes, you could get all those consoles still, but having a single console that plays them all on a CRT or HD TV would be great.
  15. This has been my life for the past 2.5 years. Software though, not hardware.
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