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  1. Looks like it does based on an unboxing youtube video. Your NES has to be modified for it to work though. I would guess a NT would work out of the box. There is also a repro of an unreleased NTSC version of the game that has full sound without needing a mod. https://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?cPath=&products_id=105 I have the JP cart that I bought a while back so it wasn't as expensive.
  2. Check out Gimmick! if you can find a copy for a good price. It goes for around $400 in the US. Duck Tales and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers are great games that you probably wouldn't guess so.
  3. Things that have worked for people: Try another browser. Do it in incognito mode. Add an available item to your cart and remove it.
  4. The petition does state So that could mean a new one they're already working on I guess.
  5. Analogue said they'll do another run of the NT Mini if 1,000 people sign the petition. https://www.change.org/p/christopher-taber-build-another-run-of-the-analogue-nt-mini-game-console?recruiter=649166969&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_abi&utm_term=psf_combo_share_initial&recruited_by_id=b85aee70-bd4c-11e6-91f9-17a73452787a
  6. You can't post something like that without the link!
  7. Mine is finally coming today. It's been sitting locally since Friday with a delivery date of today. I hate UPS.
  8. I'm in MN and my tracking shows the same. They're probably on the same truck. If it was in Iowa with USPS it would be arriving tomorrow, but since it's UPS, next Tuesday.
  9. This would essentially be what the OSSC does, right? Which is why it's compatibility isn't the greatest. My monitor and TV both handle my SNES through the OSSC. I would like an option at 60.8 or 60.09 or whatever it is without the buffer.
  10. Because there are moving parts and have a lot more potential to break.
  11. I'd like to get into the Neo Geo scene, I just can't just the cost. So for me, it's appealing.
  12. I would disagree with that. For one, you could buy a NEOSD https://www.neosdstore.com/shop/index.phpand two, Neo Geo systems are insanely expensive. You're better off building your own, which is a task most people don't want to undertake.
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