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  1. Arcade1Up has a licensing guru for this sort of thing. All I know is it's complicated. More complicated than you might imagine. Which is probably why this hasn't really been done before.
  2. Hi Tommy, Funny thing, I see now my words were likely misinterpreted. I wasn't criticising your team. I was calling the phrase "absurd" (as I have every time I hear someone use it over the years). You just happened to be the latest to do so, and so prompted the thought back to mind. By "small" I was just saying that the phrase also never makes sense for a large group, and gave some examples. 20 is not an inconsequential number of people for your context. I was speaking generally. Anyway, bottom line, no slight was intended against your team. I was poking fun at, as I called it, my pet peeve with that phrase.
  3. Hi Tommy, sorry my comment indeed seems to have caused offence. It was a general comment. I've heard this metric used over the years and it amuses me, so I thought I'd comment, but was indeed not singling you out. "Average of 30 years experience" is indeed a much more meaningful metric. Yes I was aware you were talking about your core team and not the whole company. Adding it up loses data at the least. When someone says they have e.g. 80 years combined experience you don't know if they're talking and 10 people with 8 years, 4 people with 20, etc. If I say I ate 50 burgers but don't tell you over what time span, it's not really useful info. No reason for ad hominem attacks though. Regarding building an investable company, again Foundation 9. I was one of the 9 founders the company's name refers to. We raised $150m from Francisco Partners. I helped build Digital Eclipse (#2 guy after Andrew when it was transitioning from Mac company to video game company) and I built and still run Code Mystics for the last 10 years. There are better business people in the industry, no doubt, but I'm doing ok. Regardless, let's not let a whimsical comment distract. I do hope Amico is a success. It's intriguing.
  4. Doesn't the fact that this thread was started nearly 10 years ago tell you all you need to know?
  5. Hey all, Hope you're as excited about this as we are! Arcade1Up is putting out a genuine licensed Atari Star Wars arcade machine (with Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi built-in too!), complete with the iconic yoke controller! And, Code Mystics has been retained to do the emulation! We're all fans of this game since our own childhoods, so this is a passion project for us. (Just look at http://www.codemystics.com/products.shtml?-2 if you want proof.) It's going to be handled with care. https://www.destructoid.com/classic-atari-star-wars-arcade-games-are-back-in-this-new-arcade1up-cabinet-557246.phtml
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