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  1. Oh I misread that and thought the spdif was the input. That definitely throw that chip out. I have seen other Displayport transmitters but they are even bigger chips. EDIT. Would it be possible to have a header for SPDIF on the MKII? That way we can still get audio and maybe still do VGA.
  2. I would probably use a FFC connector at the end of the board and then make a board/bracket with the display port depending on what I'm trying to mount it on. Like mentioned by others having the connector on the board it self isn't ideal and would probably have to go to a bracket or plug on the outside of the case anyway. This could also leave the door open for someone to do that with an HDMI port as well if they wanted, and just add the voltage translator and use an HDMI connector leaving matthew180 in the clear. It seems like the quickest way to get back on track.
  3. I'm trying to remember why this part was ruled out. https://media.digikey.com/pdf/Data%20Sheets/MegaChips%20PDFs/STDP2600_DS.pdf It seems like it could be a good solution. Generate DVI and SPDIF into the STDP2600 and get Display port out the other side. Then leave it to the user to use a converter to VGA, HDMI, DVI, etc.
  4. So I've been doing a bunch of research on the hdmi licensing issue. I think the safest answer is to consult a lawyer, but with that said as hobbyists we are always trying to stumble through things. Nerdly Pleasures has an interesting article about it. http://nerdlypleasures.blogspot.com/2017/05/guard-to-hd-nirvana-hdmi-licensing.html It seems like the main thing to avoid is the HDMI trademark it self. That is the strongest asset they have and is the most straight forward to protect. The other component is the standard it self including the patents that support it. The standard is protected by trademark and patents. The patents belong to various companies participating in the standard. The HDMI Licensing organization offers to become an adopter for $10k a year or for $5k a year with different royalty rates. It's stated that the HDMI license has to be paid by the manufactuerer of the final product. Although they also say that every step in the process should be an adopter as well. One thing that is interesting is that there are many components that REQUIRE a license before you can even purchase it. https://forum.digikey.com/t/hdcp-and-hdmi-what-why-and-how/784 Another example is the TDA19978A Has the following note on the datasheet. "Use of an NXP IC with HDMI technology in equipment that complies with the HDMI standard requires a license from HDMI Licensing LLC" I've noticed that many chips don't have this notice at all. I've also seen several 'Display port to HDTV' connectors come when searching for 'Display Port to HDMI'. Amazon also has a Display port to HDMI cable that doesn't have any HDMI branding on it either. I'm inclined to believe that these parts aren't licensed, but is it because they are standing on safe legal ground or because the HDMI Licensing organization has decided not to bother with them. You would think that someone like Amazon would be a tempting target though. The other odd part of this is DisplayPort it self. DisplayPort has a feature called Dual-mode for Displayport++. It's capable of transmitting both TMDS signals that DVI/HDMI use as well as LVDS signals for displayport. However I assume you don't need an HDMI license for a Dual mode Displayport connector. Originally I thought I was going to write a good explaination but turns out I'm still confused about it.
  5. muramasa

    Bad Apple

    Really excited for this! Was not sure what I was going to try on my board when it was done but now I know exactly what will happen first.
  6. Well can't figure out how to edit my post but it looks like it's a new mold and mortoff already made his own thread. HERE
  7. Looks like these are now available from mortoffgames https://www.mortoffgames.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=903 Not sure if he just sourced them from Albert or if he did his own mold though.
  8. Thanks Albert! I'll keep an eye out.
  9. So how does someone go about buying these shells from Albert? This is the closest thing I've found to a thread and haven't been able to get any responses over PM. Have been hoping to get my hands on these for a while.
  10. Jay from Game chasers has a video now as well which was pretty level headed video
  11. I would like to introduce the new Super Coleco CD! Kind of a weird first post but I can't help my self I have to join in!
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