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  1. Do you still have two for sale?
  2. That is interesting and cool. I just wish more information or documentation about the tester could be found.
  3. I would buy another one if the price was right. The first one I got was low priced. I think that it is rare enough item that no one is looking for it so it doesn't drive the price up much. There is also next to zero information about it other than what is in this thread. No ads from old magazines, no commercials or any mention of it in catalogs. I think it was probably a repair tool used by Sears Repair Centers based on the stickers having Sear Parts numbers for the Atari Controllers.
  4. I would buy two from the next possible run.
  5. Late to the party as always, are you still making and selling these?
  6. If you decided to make more and sell them, I would also buy one!
  7. How is this project coming along? Any more progress? I am looking forward to being finished!
  8. I would like an uncased one, please.
  9. I am interested in one, I sent you an email, thanks!
  10. Thanks! When I get one, I'll plug it in to the tester and see what happens.
  11. The #4 Port has 15 pins and the part number on the side is the same number used in the 1983 Sears Wishbook for the Atari 5200 two port. I hooked up a 5200 controller to that Port #4 and the buttons all light up the LEDs in different sequences and moving the joystick makes the Voltmeter bounce around.
  12. Correct, no chips of any kind. Just LEDs, wiring, circuits, 2 9V Batteries and a Voltmeter. The LEDs come on in different patterns depending on what you push on the joystick. I wonder if there was some kind of book to tell you what was supposed to light up and when. I could figure out the patterns and right them down for the Atari sticks, but I don't have a Sears Super Arcade Controller. I wonder if it would be wired the same as an Intellivision II controller that I also don't have yet?
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