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  1. Its some sort of set in an office with cubicles everywhere. I havent the slightest why they made it look like that. Probably to evoke some sort of retro vibe. Idk about you but I never had astroturf in my house growing up. Maybe on a porch, but never inside the house and we were poor as hell lol.
  2. Everytime I find something I like it has to be old as sh*t... Good thing that all of the discussions here are about brand new cutting age technology and games.. Oh wait they're not, and Ive never once solved a tech problem through facebook and the such.. I also noticed that unboxing was at the same place that Mike Matei and some other guy do longplays.. Here's one:
  3. I asked that "blow your balls off" debuffed guy what his stance on this now was and told him if he values his credibility he should admit he was either wrong or misguided.. His response... "It is comments like that, that have me having to make more videos. Ive been sick with the flu since saturday so it will come, and your comment wont be the only one being referenced. I will be making 2 - 3 more splitting them up since no one knows how to watch a full video. " Edited because I may have read it wrong and I was starting to feal mean about what I said.
  4. The COLECO Chameleon twitter account is still up and running... My theory is that: 1) you cant temporarily take down a twitter page to rework it, like you can with fb, without deleting it and MK is still planning the comeback of the year decade CENTURY and doesnt want to lose his follower count. or the much, much, simpler, funnier guess.. 2) This "professional" "Retro expert filled" bastion of a company....forgot their twitter password.
  5. http://www.polygon.com/2016/3/8/11180670/coleco-chameleon-terminated-retrovgs-closed-down "Thomann said engineers contacted by a River West representative examined the console "and we weren't satisfied with it."" "We thought it would be an originally developed console, and the indications were that it just wasn't." Sounds like they did provide them with something and I'm not gonna lie, I'm very curious as to what they gave them. My guess is either some sort of off the shelf board, or a rainbow painted rock in a Jag shell. I cant see them handing in the snes-in-a-jag proto but I still cant help but laugh when I picture that.
  6. I figured, I missed a few days of my new favorite entertainment source and didnt check the around 80 pages i missed lol. It was during the capture card being found out... Thank you very much, I shouldve figured if you guys can find that card, then you definitely wouldnt miss something like this.. You detectives would give batman a run for his money.
  7. I Know this has probably been posted before but has anybody seen this? He says he was supposed to film the Kickstarter campaign video, but backed out because of MK's fishy shenanigans.. Sorry... I have no idea how to embed a video on here, or anywhere otherwise lol.
  8. Thank you and Ive noticed and plan to make it a daily visit... Gotta love a community thats welcoming and (obviously) looking out for their own.. Making sure people have the information they need. Also Stop,Drop,Retro, love the videos of cheap knockoff stuff and the titles for the rvgs vids...
  9. I am waiting readily for triverse's post too.... I dont think even a rich investor could save it now because of a few things 1) He has ruined his own credibiliaty 2) He pretty much ruined the credibility of his product with the hack jobs 3) There isnt even a market for this because every "retro" style game is available on other, better platforms
  10. CUPodcast led me here and i haven't left all day...... I need to see this now....I...I cant look away... This guy is a goddamned beautiful disaster lol BTW I've been lurking and this community is great! Really glad to have joined. If he can pull this off (he can't) he'll have one hell of an uphill battle because of all this deceit..
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