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  1. Sorry, I meant reset the atari, I'm using an 800xl, so when I reset it it goes to BASIC. I don't have a BASIC cartridge so that does nothing. Thanks for your time
  2. Thanks, sorry, I'm really new to all this, and my naming skills aren't the most imaginative. I've since found an instruction manual, but every time I save as you instructed, even with a correctly formatted .ATR is just throws up ERROR-130. What've I done wrong? I booted DOS2 and used it to format the disk. I then reset atari into BASIC and made tiny program before trying to save, and failing
  3. Using the SIO2PC, is it possible to save BASIC programs from my Atari 800XL to PC? I can send ATR images from PC to Atari, but can it go other way round? Do I need DOS or something? Thanks, sorry if this seems like a silly question
  4. Hello I'm rather new to this, and I was wanting a little help. I recently bought an Atari 800xl and 1050 because they were going cheap and I loved it and the software packaged. However, I soon bought a SIO2PC thinking I could get ATR images off internet and run them on atari. I bought the serial cable model, and a serial adapter (I thought my pc had a serial port, alas, only usb) but when running the APE it throws up the error "[device manager] rs232 driver failed to initialize (usb only mode enabled)". The drivers are correctly installed as far as I'm aware, it says the serial adapter is in COM port 4, I don't know if this makes a difference. Thanks for your time
  5. Hi there I was recently trying to hook up an early 2000s epson printer to my Acorn Archimedes which got me thinking about whether its possible to connect them to an Atari? Can you get the centronics adapter for an atari? I seem to remember seeing a Commodore one on eBay. Plus the drivers. I presume if you have the driver for an old epson printer it would connect, just with limited functionality? Forgive me if these seem like silly questions, I'm 16 and sadly don't have the benefit of experience. Thanks for your time!
  6. Good afternoon, new user here. I recently bought a SIO2PC so now I can play ROMS off the internet I'm eager to try a few new games made for it you can't always get on cassette/disk. My second question being that seeing as I'm very new to all this, what are the best, and more importantly, easy to install memory expansions? Not particularly fussed about size, as long as it gets me 128k. I'm using a 64k Atari 800xl by the way
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