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  1. My five year old self could wipe the floor with me now playing Galaga. And I was barely tall enough to see the screen and reach the controls.
  2. I don't think I've ever even seen anyone with disabilities working at any of our stores. Walmart seems to do a much better job at that than the Goodwills around here.
  3. Actually Goodwill is for profit. The only "Goodwill" they show is hiring people to work in their stores.
  4. GeForce 2 MX cards were epic. Only about 10FPS slower than NVIDIAS top end cards at the time for about 1/6 the cost at $30.
  5. You know what's really funny about Apple suing Samsung in 2010 or whenever it was because Samsung had the rounded corners and their stuff looked like the iPad? Samsung 2006. Who copied who?
  6. I kind of like halfway in between squishy and clicky. If I had to pick one it would be clicky. That is something I really don't like about the Lynx II, the buttons are very squishy. Feels cheap to me. Is the Lynx I the same way? I've never played one. The original Gameboy controls were about right if I remember correctly.
  7. Personally I think crowdfunding is for the little guy. A major company, financially failing or not, should and should be able to come out with a product on their own without begging for money. It doesn't give me a good feeling about a major company and their product if they're asking for money for it from users, and can't come out with it on their own. At the very least it means they're being lazy.
  8. I like Moon Patrol even though I'm not great at it. I remember being really excited to get it as a kid. I think it was one I saved up for.
  9. Ok, I couldn't remember if it was Donkey Kong, or Jr.
  10. Isn't DK Jr. on the 7800 missing a level? Or am I thinking of something else?
  11. Xevious and Ball Blazer would be a couple.
  12. Haven't installed them yet but the labels look great. High quality. I do have one suggestion, maybe put in fine print somewhere that they are reproductions. That way they don't create any confusion if they are sold or someone else has them in the future.
  13. Out of curiosity did you ever get a refund for the boot?
  14. Hmm, what if a classic Atari video game system is seen in the movie, which is the AtariBox?
  15. Mine is real tight on 26007800 carts too. I feel like I'm going to break the slot every time I put a game in or out. I wish they made them like the 2600 slots. They are rock solid.
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