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  1. Oh, right. There's a reason I haven't printed them yet. I have yet to get my hands on a case so I don't have the exact measures. Let me know how big they should be!
  2. I have bought some silver self-adhesives actually ... 😃 I have yet to try using them but I can give it a go and see how they turn out.
  3. Blind luck. 😃 I found the new thread:
  4. Ok, so one of @wt808s excellently designed EclaireXL cases should be in the mail and on its way to me now. I've been toying with some ideas for a badge (to be printed on silver foil adhesives). Which one would you guys go with?
  5. Sorry for keeping offtopic but this sounds so cool! Where can we hear any of her work?
  6. Not entirely true (though T2k has indeed been fixed to my machine for the past couple of years at least), one of the reasons I look forward to ordering a cart is to try the homebrew games with spinner support. A number pad solution would be perfect!
  7. Yup, same here. The price is completely fair, but a bit much when it isn’t adding anything in my particular case at the moment, I thought. Guess the joke’s going to be on me when I put an order in post-Brexit and land with stupid amounts in customs fees instead.
  8. Got it! And if I'd like to have different ROMs on different profiles? One of which being the standard AtariXL? Edit: Saw Santosp's answer after I wrote this. Excellent, will try as soon as the tv is free. 😃
  9. Aha, ok, I get it. But if I change one of the profiles to us an OS ROM from the SD card, then save to flash, it defaults back to the standard OS ROM on the next restart. Is there a way for me to put my custom ROM on the flash in parallell to the others?
  10. Your site seems to be down at the moment, @foft. I've noticed that my EclaireXL doesn't remember what ROM I used when it's been switched off. I guess this is because I don't have a "special settings file" that is mentioned in the documentation. Is there an example of such a file somewhere? (I know I could download the complete card image when your site is back up, but I'd prefer just the settings file)
  11. Ok, yeah that is the way it has to be done at the moment, yes. I guess it could be one or two steps simpler if there was a disk creation tool in the Eclaire. A write protect toggle would be nice as well, I’ve never actually thought about it since I’ve always wanted to write to the .atr files I have. I keep a couple of backups on my computer so I don’t have to be afraid of losing anything.
  12. I don’t think I quite understand what you are trying to do. What kind of data do you want to save and where? Is it the .atr file you want to have write protected?
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