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  1. Not sure if this would hep with a diagnosis but plugging in Home Run actually does something: (also sorry not sure why pictures keep coming up sideways)
  2. Hello! I bought my first Atari 2600 the other day, but unfortunately it doesnt work... plugging it in with a game yields just a black screen. With no game plugged in the console cycles through a couple colorful screens with lines but more often then not a scrolling screen with black garbage or just a black screen similar to when a games plugged in. I unfortunately paid $40 for this so Id like to get it fixed if possible, any ideas?
  3. I have a Colecovision that Ive repaired with the ram upgrade and socketed controller ICs but the case Ive got it in is horrible with no stickers. Looking for a broken Colecovision that I can swap cases with so that it can both look good and play good. Not looking to spend a whole lot on this though
  4. Okay so I am having trouble getting my ZoomFloppy up and running. Im using it under Windows 10 and to the best of my knowledge I was able to successfully install the driver. However, when running the test I get that theres no connection. Heres some photos that hopefully will help with some troubleshooting:
  5. Also, graphics seem to be completely unaffected for the most part. (I noticed some flickering in Commando though)
  6. Ever since I got my C64 powered up its been working perfectly fine for the most part minus this one glitch. Lines flicker over various letters and characters on the screen. They appear in no organized order and almost sort of flicker. Although it doesnt seem to make garbled text as the letters are displayed perfectly fine under the flickering lines/ blocks. Heres a video of what Im trying to describe: So what is my problem? DD93088F-CE8C-4291-8E2F-BE58049590D2.MOV 9D9CEA1B-CD03-422B-A644-EFFEF59D0826.MOV
  7. Ive recently come across a Trs-80 model III (one of my dream computers) for $100 but the problem is that its a model that doesnt have any disk drives. My question is what can you even do with this computer if it doesnt have the disk drives? I know that you can load programs through a cassette drive, but I thought that most of the software (including the OS) was included on diskette? As a result, is this a fair price? -Tom Pappas
  8. I am also looking for a datasette as well -Tom ALSO, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me so far with putting this computer setup together. So far heres what I have:
  9. Finally got a psu made for my C64 but the cosmetically damaged drives turned out to also be mechanically damaged after testing them. So Im looking for 1 tested 1541 disk drive, preferably in good cosmetic shape.
  10. While disassembling my c64 I noticed this giant rings on the main chord that connects the keyboard to the pcb as well as the cord that leads to the power led. What the heck is it? To me it seems that Id have to worry about it shorting something on the board like a chip when I close the case?
  11. Bump Had a really good deal with two but they unfortunately got destroyed in the post. Now Im looking for two more, they dont even need to have power cables. OR if you have two upper halfs of the casing to the 1541 (one is the flip down model and the other has a little flappy thing that rotates) then I think I could fix the cosmetics of the two previous ones.
  12. Looking for some discs for my c64 once the drives arrive. After reading up I think I need Double density disks, right? I am looking for both blank ones and ones with programs already on them (doesnt really matter whats on them just looking for cheap). -Tom
  13. Now that Ive got everything in place to build my commodore power supply I would like to buy a disc drive. Preferably in working order and with a disk or two just so that Ill have something to test my C64 with. -Tom
  14. Since Id like to have this power supply be fairly reliable what are some quality 5v 3a adapters that are fairly cheap. Surfing the internet, I see theres a wide range of quality with various prices but are there any that someone here has tried and is still using successfully?
  15. After some research online it looks like 1. PSUs are unreliable 2. New PSUs are expensive So Ive decided that I will just make my own from two wall warts. After digging through some drawers I found an old RadioShack 9v 350ma adapter and I think I might have a 5v around as well. However, Im curious as to whether the amperage from the 9v is sufficient enough/ too much for the commodore? Also Im still looking for a datasette drive in decent condition.
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