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  1. Note, I'm not an advocate of the "solder a jumper" on the motherboard method here. If you can wire up your own DB15 connector breakout, that's a better solution.


    DB15 -> VGA

    2 -> 1 (Red Analog)

    5 -> 2 (Green Analog)

    9 -> 3 (Blue Analog)

    1 -> 6 (Blue Ground)

    7 -> 7 (Green Ground)

    13 -> 8 (Blue Ground)

    3 -> 13 (Composite Sync)

    Ok, Ive picked up a GBS8220 I just want to confirm that I still need to build the adapter above as I agree, Im not going to solder anything directly on the MB of the GS

  2. The a500 is a bit underwhelming as to what you can do with it due to its limited space inside. The 1200 is not much better however there are alot more things you can add to it to make it a better machine. If AGA is important to you then the 1200 or the 4000 are your only options, the 4000 however will run you around $700 for a base model.


    The 2000HD does quite well with a hard drive and some extra ram. It can be gotten for around $200-$300

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  3. What software will you use to mount the CD drive? I know with my Asim CDFS Ive had no issues using three different SCSI CD drives on my A2000. Im currently using a single disc Pioneer drive but I dont know the model number off hand.

  4. I already have the two machines that Ive dreamed about owning, one is the Amiga 4000 and the other I just got, an Apple IIGS but my want would be to get an accelerator 68060 50mHz for the A4000. I had one back in the 90s but sold it due to a cash crunch I was in and regret it to this day The problem is when they do show up they cost as much as a 4000T and Im not willing to shell out that kind of cash.

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  5. Fan or not, the Amiga did not sink because of Commodore's fans lack of loyalty it was due to crummy marketing and customer service as I said before.

    If you have ever used the Video Toaster Flyer you will understand how great a machine it is/was. I used mine weekly for more than 15 years and it still works flawlessly today. Ligtwave although slow worked perfectly on the Amiga and would run circles around any other computer platform out there until there were cost effective PC based video editing available in around 2008


    I looked for days trying to find an active Apple II forum settling here only after trying several dedicated forums only to see no activity for more than a year on those. Atari seems to be popular and so does the older Mac forums but not even close to the Amiga forums (I know of 3 that are very active)

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  6. Failure or not. Amiga had the most rabid fanbase of any platform that I experienced. More so than even the Apple cult. Some of my fondest childhood memories were at my local Amiga user group meetings. They were a blast in the mid 80s.

    That is still the case today, we have several Amiga user groups in operation in my area. And I had to really dig hard to find an active Apple II user forum. Amiga forums are still all busy with plenty of active users world wide.

  7. The CFFA3000 looks interesting, A bit pricey....


    If I get a 3.5" drive can I use those disk images and transfer them from my PC over to my Amiga (that reads the 880k disks) and then use thos on the Apple or is the formatting on the disks different on the Apple vs the Amiga?


    Let me put it this way, why DO YOU (anyone) want an ol'classic computer? What are your plans for it?

    Put it this way, the games are allot of fun (my kids love them) and there is something crazy about owning a computer thats 20+ years old (excluding an old PC, as they were junk) thats used frequently and still works. The video Toaster part is nostalgic at the very least and I cant bring myself to get rid of it.

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