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  1. Im a bit late to the party and will likely be repeating what some have said but did not feel like reading all 10 or so pages.


    Commodore was poorly managed in the US and Canada. Their customer service was awful and they did not market the Amiga very well. In Europe in the early 90s the Amiga out sold the PC nearly two to one and was number two next to the Mac in sales and to this day has a very strong following. When the A4000 was released in North America (I still have one) it sold thousands particularly to Television studios looking for a cost effective production switcher and editor using the Video Toaster and Flyer.

    The AGA graphics was second to none at the time and the Amigas ability to do true multitasking gave it alot of power even though it only had 16mb or ram and 2mb chip.

    Bottom line is if Commodore had the sense to market and support the Amiga it would have survived.

  2. Ok thanks,


    Im assuming I can use any CRT TV monitor with this? I just have the original monochrome monitor.

    There are no cards or anything under the hood of this machine Im assuming I can get a hard drive or SSD drive in it? Extra ram or other useful things?

  3. Hey everyone, I just picked up an old Apple IIGS and looking to get back into using the old games. I grew up in Jr High - High school using the Apple IIe an owned one for a while as a kid.


    The GS is new to me so I'm going to need some help with what it can do. I have only just picked it up and cleaned it up. I do not have a mouse for it, will an Amiga mouse work?


    A little more about me, I own two Amigas: a 4000d that I've put in a tower along with a Video Toaster Flyer video system that still works. I also have an Amiga 2000 that I use mostly for classic games that my kids like to play.

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