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  1. Do you have to desolder the speaker wires in order to be able to put in a new polarizer film? Thank you :3
  2. Super Star Wars on SNES was originally published by JVC but later republished by Nintendo under the Player's Choice label) What other games were given a second publishing by Nintendo? Does anybody have a list of all Nintendo published games? (No, don't give me Wikipedia's list) thanks
  3. Anybody know of a site with a complete list of NTSC licensed Genesis games by publisher? Something like this 2600 list http://atariage.com/forums/blog/279/entry-5704-how-many-atari-2600-games-are-there-answer-470/ I like these type of lists so I can cross off games as I get them and know when I have every game by a publisher. Thanks!
  4. Wow okay, thank you. Very neat, it's too bad there wasn't a US release of the better port
  5. So the bottom line is it did have a US release, but PAL territories got 2 releases??
  6. On Wikipedia it said Mario Bros had a US release on the NES but it is also on many lists for PAL only games. So who is correct?
  7. Thank you for clearing that up for me, and the information. I learned something today
  8. Was Fantastic Dizzy an official US release? It says on the cart 'licensed by sega..' But on the box it mentions European magazine reviews. The cart is also shaped differently than most Genesis games and is hard to remove from my Genesis (model 1). I bought it locally, not online from overseas. Plays fine. TL;DR= Was the game a US release, or did I somehow end up with a PAL game that can be played on an NTSC console. Not much of a Genesis guy, SNES is more my thing
  9. Ah that would explain why it feels like it was very cheaply made. I'm disappointed that it isn't for an actual system, but at least now I know. Thanks
  10. I have this strange gun that I don't know what system it was made for. It has no writing or imprints on it. Standard Genesis/2600/ etc. cord end. I tried using it on my Genesis to play lethal enforcers but pulling the trigger made the game reset and my tv go staticky for a second. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. If I ever have a child, I could all the different controllers as a carousel
  12. True who doesn't have a 2600 joystick anyway :3
  13. SMB/Duck hunt for $15 and Anticipation for $20 at a flea market last summer. The guy said, "They're antiques!"
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