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  1. Well, I think I'm a little bit closer. Apparently, it's 9V, but AC, not DC. And there are "modern" replacement PSUs available, but they don't seem to ship to my country. Not that easy... https://www.ebay.de/itm/192890324972
  2. Ok... So it's 5 V, Negative pole outside, Positive pole inside. I should find something like that. Thanks!
  3. I only have the 800XL and the power connector does not fit (no disk drives / no tape drives / just a cartridge-based card-reader) :-) Does anyone here sell a european 1010 / 1050 PSU here or does anyone know where to get one?
  4. That's exactly the plan. The 9-pole part seems to be Atari-custom, the 25-pole part seems to be standard, so I've ordered a 25-to-9 pole converter. Also, I now have the feedback from best electronics. Unfortunatelly, they don't seem to have a european version of the 850 power supply on stock... Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  5. How about this cable? https://www.ebay.com/itm/6Ft-RS232-DB9-Male-to-DB9-Male-Serial-Modem-Data-Cable/142379382201?hash=item212678f5b9:g:SnIAAOSwYlRZE55O
  6. Well... My 850 came with a 9 pole to 25 pole serial cable... Would a "regular" 9 to 9 pole serial cable work? Or would it be preferable to get a 25-to-9 pole adapter? Personally, I'd prefer the "straight" route without adapters, but if the cabling of the 850 serial cable is "special", that won't work of course. Calling... I'm located in Europe, calling might be pretty expensive, so if there's a different way to get a power supply for the 50, I'd be very interested :-)
  7. So... I now have the 850 (without power supply) and the Wifi Modem (without the serial cable)... What's missing still is 1) the power supply for the 850 ( bestelec (at) concentric (dot) net ? - haven't received any reply from them ) and 2) the serial cable, I need a 9 pole to 9 pole one -- which one should I get? Thanks!
  8. I should have two of these coils laying around somewhere here... Let's check... :-) Just kidding, will buy one of them official power supplies -- thanks! They also come in european versions, right?
  9. Well, I don't have a Disk Drive for the 800... Will a generic power supply also work?
  10. Yeah, well, too late, I already ordered everything :-) And the 850 arrived today, Wifi Modem is still on its way. 850 came with a lot of cables, a copy of the manual and a disk. And a power supply that does not fit, the "hole" of the connector is too small. Can anyone tell me please the Volt needed for the power-supply, and if the plus-pole goes to the outside or the inside? Thanks!
  11. Hi! I have an (unmodified) Atari 800XL, a SIO2USB and a Side2 Cartridge. During my Internet-Browsing, I have discovered a "Wifi Modem" called Retro Wifi SI which seems pretty cool. My questions: 1) Does anyone have experience with connecting an Atari 800XL to Internet-Based BBSs? 2) Connecting via WIFI looks very tempting -- is the "Retro Wifi SI" any good, what else do I need / is recommended (a 850? a BlackBox?) 3) Is there some sort of SIO device with a built-in "Wifi Modem", which maybe even has a similar look like the Atari 800XL? Maybe some sort of 1030 hack/mod with a higher baud-rate, ready to buy from someone? 4) Could I also use SIO2USB for that until I have a "proper" WIFI solution? What kind of software would I use with the SIO2USB on the PC-side to provide connectivity to Internet-Based BBSs? 5) Any caveats I should consider? Thanks!
  12. Well... I'm quite happy with the Side 2, except it does not run .atr and .cas files, and has some problems with some other files, too. So what I did for now, is order one of these Sio2PCs as well, that way I should be able to run .atr and .cas files, as well as save data and maybe even connect to Atari Telnet-BBSes. I'll probably make the Ultimate 1 MB update at some point, too, but one step at a time.
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