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  1. My current pet peeve is "have a good one!" Have a good one what: Day? walk to the car? Bowel movement? 😁 At least a "Thank you and have a good rest of your day" or something that has context.
  2. Two competitive players are the best way to go. One of the best phrases from youth "Ouch my hand hurts" [from holding and bending that Atari joystick so much, get your mind out of the gutter]
  3. Did you open the keyboard and actually clean the mylar?
  4. Well, it has nothing to do with SVideo, but I wonder if it disables the internal OS and and keeps the RAM under the OS enabled. Speculation of course.
  5. I hate you and every product you make; there is always another awesome toy I have to buy!!! 😂
  6. MMU or decoding logic issue then? Dead basic chip?
  7. Fix the ram first. Then troubleshoot more. Replace all 8 then you can narrow down each chip to find faulty ones.
  8. kheller2


  9. OK.. so I'm not going THAT crazy. Did you ever get the member icon sizes fixed? I don't see a punch list at the head of this thread with things marked off...hence why I asked. I know you are super busy ...
  10. I will be updating the list shortly and making it available on google docs. I've been tracking down a lot of serials from ebay and other locations to add a lot more to the list. its nice to see so many owners!
  11. I noticed some speed issues the past day. This page takes 15 seconds to fully load: https://atariage.com/forums/forum/12-atari-8-bit-computers/ This is from different physical locations on the Internet. root_library.js seems to be the bulk of the time. I see the problem mostly in Safari 12.1.1. FireFox and Chrome seem to be using a local cache, but even Chrome is slower than Firefox. It could just be me... and my iPad.. and my work computers and my home computers...
  12. So that's what the 48 pin socket is for... CGIA!
  13. Thank you for doing the update! Even though its different, and there are issues, its good to update things. I'm a big believer in Skeuomorphism vs flat design, and there is research now showing just how much slower flat is for human interface design. It will take a bit to get used to the new look, and my only two gripes at the moment is the massive amount of wasted space between posts in a thread (compared to the old version now each post has its own little block with header and footer banners vs a single banner separating posts) [I'll get over this], and the second gripe is its very hard to see which threads I've read and have not read anymore. The bolding of the font isn't as dramatic as it used to be (besides the fact almost all threads seem light in color implying I read them, when I didn't -- I'm assuming its a database thing at the moment). At least the site looks "modern" now. There are also a lot of new features that people will enjoy using.
  14. Not sure if this has been mentioned, (Since search is disabled), but the user icon/banner for subscribers seems to have defaulted to the non subscriber pixel size. Hence my icon now says "RI SE FACTORY" LOL Ooh.. and URL's in my signature are not active.
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