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  1. I so miss "line" printers and that wonderful wide greenbar paper.
  2. As far as I know, all pilot units bare the 10/28/1982 date. And yes yours is the 156th unit. There were 250 PILOT units made Fall of 82 - Goldberg, Marty and Curt Vendel. Atari, Inc. - Business Is Fun. Carmel: Syzygy, 2012. Print. Page 697. “A 250 piece pilot run of the 1200XL’s for Marketing’s product engineer Harish Shah is also scheduled to be completed shortly...” For context, this statement was made when discussing meetings held in late August 1982.
  3. If, as you say, you are “one of those people who only focus on original hardware” then you best not be looking at a 4A, let alone a beige one! You want the original 99/4. 🤪 Just get both and be done with it.
  4. Wow.. There are 9 PILOT units in the list now. I can't believe that. 9 out of 250. 423 Total units now are known, still a very small list for the close to 100K+ units or so made.
  5. One could look at it as Pre and Post Tramiel build quality. Basically, by late 1984, quality was going down (general cost cutting), and 1985 was bad. I'm sure others might disagree with this generalization. I'm sure there are, for example, 1050's made in late 1985 that are just as good those made in early 84, but I think that has more to do with the original design specifications, and where the device was being built. As for where is everything, I have wondered that myself. And I've mostly come to the conclusion, landfill or buried in a box. Commodore way outsold Atari, and even here in Commodore Land Pennsylvania, USA I find less Commodore gear than I do most other brands.
  6. Out of curiosity, do these mylars suffer the same issues as the 1200XL?
  7. Just because you can write a bigger sector, doesn't mean you have the physical room for the same amount of sectors with 10x more data.
  8. It’s normal. Look away. Atari played with multiple power feeds over there. The changes are incorporated into later board revisions. This was discussed in another thread. Possibly the prototype 130XE in an 800XL thread.
  9. That is correct. I owned both versions of the MIO at one time and those were the differences. (I own no version now and always kick myself).
  10. It oils also be a passive component in the path to the SIO port that is broken. Rare but has happened.
  11. Remember folks, he can’t print to a 1025, no boot error on power on with a disk drive. So I’m thinking the PIA command line, or pokey data out. I can’t remember if the 5v line has to active too.
  12. Assuming your 810s are sort of working, cable up one of them to the XL as drive one. Turn power off XL and 810. Turn on 810 and wait for ready light to go out. Turn on XL. if you don't get a boot error, repeat with 2nd 810, different cable, different port. The XL should puke and give you boot errors when turned on with a working floppy set to 1 with nothing in the drive. Assuming you set the dip switches properly. It is interesting that you can save to tape properly... that means data in/out and motor control are working
  13. Schematics are at the museum : http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/8BITS/XL/xlperipherals/1090xl.html
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