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  1. It should not be a problem. The SIO lines are typically wired through the devices. Think of your devices as just wire taps.
  2. I hadn't thought of that, but could you just pull the audio and video off the modulator input an rig up a poor test cable. The
  3. What are your settings? I just started running bigsir 11.6 so I can try to test.
  4. Quick and dirty pics coming. The drive select lines were moved to the front, there seems to be a write protect toggle hack tied into the photo sensor, and there is a switch tied into the clone board. Also, the green wire connects to a point on the 1050 board where a resistor was pulled up and left floating. I now wonder why this has more chips on it that the standard Happy board, unless this has the Happy Controller built into it with that hack of lights and switches up front.
  5. And now any future Atari repairs will seem simple in comparison. 😇
  6. I’m thinking packaging for the XEGS.
  7. Um … Er… I gotta find that unit to answer that. 😀
  8. Putting a UAV in will immediately tell you what half of the video system to troubleshoot. If you get black and white you know the problem is upstream.
  9. Keep in mind that both Atari and Jerzy's schematics probably have errors, and that both probably have used the same component number more than once. In fact, Atari has done this on a few occasions even on the silkscreens. SAM's also has errors on the video jack pinout, as I recall. Take a look at the stock video circuit as drawn in the Super Video for the 130XE docs. The RF MOD provides composite out, which is why you can't remove the modulator. I know you don't use the RF, but have you tried connecting that to see if you get color? .
  10. Note sure if these are better. This is from a scan of my own masters. 130XE SCHEM.PDF
  11. Measure your voltages from power up until the screen warp. Also, try cooling the chips, then passives with compressed cool air to see if it stabilizes. nothing works on the keyboard? Reset or option key on boot? The led light up?
  12. As previously mentioned, the 1400 and 1450 designs had a LS294 on the data lines directly to the PBI and, what appears like, internally on the address lines; According to the schematics which are a wee bit blurred for my eyes these days. Even the 1450TONG had buffers on the data/address lines and they were placed before the PBI Floppy which just hangs off the buffered bus. The TONG and 1090 were being worked on in 84 at the same time, so one wonders what they would have done with the 600XL/800XL had the 1090 been released. But as we've seen, the 1090 on a 600XL works 'fine' for a RAM expansion device.
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