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  1. Here are two I found, and then a scan of the schematics I have. 130XE SCHEM.PDF130XE FSM.PDF
  2. That version of the keyboard might not be good for how you wish to type. Having said that, do any of the white plastic plungers have cracks in the corners -- if they do, that could lead to sticking. And yes that is a Type 4 keyboard.
  3. You are holding down OPTION when turning the computer on to load those programs right?
  4. I'm not following how the first post in this thread contradicts the still having to repair 1200XL keyboards.... yes they are wonderful.. but they deteriorate and have to be repaired.
  5. Some of this might be in the Atari Business Is Fun book.. I also have a list of all known 600/800 XL motherboard variants that CHELCO did. They also did more than just Atari mobos.
  6. There should be a burn-in test, and a format test. You just need a good blank disk to test with.
  7. why do you think it doesn't format anything if the head is stepping? Is there an error returned after format? Remember, you need write DOS to the disk after formatting if you want to boot from it as D1.
  8. Start with the complete FSM section 4-5
  9. The 1200XL's may feel better, but I don't. 🤣 I think some are still mad at me for not repairing all of their keyboards, yet.
  10. You sicken me. 😁 I've never even seen one in the wild. I might even consider trading a 1200XL for one... but that would be a tear jerker for me.
  11. I agree... where did you get that rack? I still need to get a 400.
  12. On the solder side, what does it say? These are the three versions I'm aware of: REV 11A - This is the PILOT run REV 13A (Typically the dark board) REV A (typically the light board) I don't have any proof as to which board (13A or A) came first, other than the sequence.
  13. The stickers are just the date it was made... week 15 of 1983 and week 13. There are three versions of the board that I'm aware of.. I'll have to take a look at my notes.
  14. It is unknown at this time why Keri wasn't used (or even if it was completely finished). One could speculate that Atari, CORP had a massive handful of the legacy chips, so why not unload them.
  15. Small update... Curt has release the 800XLK schematics which use the Keri/CGIA chip with Freddie. http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/8BITS/XL/800xl/800XLK/index.html The 800XL/600XL schematics are also at the museum, and hopefully soon the XLF schematics.
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