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  1. I've never seen these joysticks before. I've only seen the slimmer ones with the triangle grip. Can someone explain to me the history on how Commodore has Atari joystick molds?
  2. You guys are making me consider buying this... jerks. 😁
  3. My 93 MR2 Turbo will challenge that.
  4. If this is so early why is it inked 472? I forget when they started the WWY coding.
  5. This is not mine -- I just came across it. https://annapolis.craigslist.org/sys/d/crofton-atari-8-bit-computer-collection/7146898470.html $2500, but there are some nuggets in there like an MIO, 1200XL, XF551s etc.. $2k might be more in line with reality but who knows. The MIO, 1200, XFs alone might be $900 in sales. Then there are a lot of original software titles. If someone buys this, sell me the MIO
  6. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/201133-os-source-code-all-revisions/
  7. I have entered all the serials up to a certain date this year (I will have to check my notes) and have them in a spreadsheet. I was planning on putting them up on something like google docs, which I do for the Atari 1200XL serial tracker list. If you wish to take over full time of list updates, I can easily send you my worksheets Otherwise, when I get a few minutes of time, I will put them online for everyone to see.
  8. I thought Curt had copies done of the 815 Master. Although I think there were some problems, now that I remember...
  9. Yeah that! I think we had this discussion on here before, but the 810 is only FM and the 1050 ED is MFM. The 810 couldn't read that data. So why are the brackets there. hmmm. Going through the manual, they are there to notify you that DOS 2.0S would not be able to see them. I'm assuming that DOS has no idea if the data is FM or MFM and just asks the 1050 for sector information which it happily supplies. Appendix H of the 2.5 manual is very detailed with examples.
  10. Stick with your original goal There is always this new AR project: https://www.landbeyond.net/arx/index.php
  11. You could go from the City to the Dungeon just fine, AFAIK. Been a long time. The 8bit City version had several things that were not finished being programmed as you mentioned. There were also a few places that you could enable with a patch, I think ResureX or something allowed access to a new guild or something. Again, it has been a while. There are a few threads on AA about AR, and Gary pops in from time to time. From the AR FAQ: " Yes, you are correct, there were two FBI Agents in The Dungeon. They were a part of the copyprotection in the game, although a bug in the initial shipping version made them pop up a bit too often (every time you tried to transfer characters from The City actually; it apparently had something to do with floppy drives, and especially if you only had one drive). This was, however, fixed in version 2.0."
  12. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee today or i'm just getting agitated from being cooped up, but .... No, you could never go back from the Dungeon to the City - as released. It was one way, and had nothing to do with protection. Recall that the the Dungeon was completely done by a different team, after DS "lost" Phill's original Dungeon code (up to that point). I'm not that familiar with the other platforms and who coded the City and Dungeon, but the A8 ARCity is a completely different code base than anything else. So while it would be a nice thing to have both the City and Dungeon on one mega cart/drive, the engines are completely different between the two.
  13. Right that was copy protection. You asked about being able to move back and forth between the City and Dungeon -- that was not a bug, that was impossible in the A8 version.
  14. REF is generated by Antic. Lift the Ref pin on Antic and test again. Here is a whole thread on REF:
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