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  1. So the epilogue now is... What happens to the Jaguar molds? They've got to be useless to Mike right now.
  2. Not my video, actually. His initials are the same as mine, and I failed to notice that. I assume that Dangerous Analysis will see your complement, though. He really does his homework, and he's obviously been poking around here.
  3. I think they know that. The reason they pose the question is that there's no correct answer.
  4. At this rate, the next podcast is going to be four hours long. So much has changed just since the last video Pat did. I hope we get word from Coleco before they record.
  5. You don't really have to. AlphaOmegaSin usually says everything he's going to say in the first minute. Afterward, he just repeats himself ad nauseum.
  6. Now let's see if he hands in his resignation at the magazine. Hey, it also looks like he deleted a couple tweets. Look at the numbers between the two pictures.
  7. So are we taking bets as to how Mike will respond to Coleco? I have some guesses... 1. The dog ate my prototype. 2. Engineer Lee fled the country and took the board with him. 3. No prototype due to industrial espionage. 4. My car spontaneously burst into flames, and the board was inside! 5. April fool!
  8. Looking forward to it. Personally, I don't think it makes any sense for Coleco to have been part of the scam. It doesn't make any sense for Coleco to join Mike in the creation of vaporware only to abandon it for the same reason.
  9. Just for laughs, Coleco should hire Kevtris to examine all of Mike's prototypes. It would be total overkill, but I would do it just to watch the blood drain from Mike's face when Kevtris walked into the room.
  10. Except that it's obviously lame and not a prototype, and if an engineer looks at it, they're going to laugh at them. Coleco is not just going to have any random idiot look at Mike's board. Mark my word. In a week, Coleco will dump the deal and attribute it to an unsatisfactory demonstration from the Retro VGS team.
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