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  1. I am going to cut this down to this right here. I started as a lurker here on AA with CUpodcast last year with some scumbag of the weeks (the river cart Australian thing and have never left) this has finally made me decide to stay and even expand my library now into the 2600 and 5200 the only consoles I don't have.... (which I will be haunting forums researching info on now thanks to you guys).. Anyway.. This is the key point above. He doesn't have the MONEY to recover. The reason he did this was money. He didn't have it for the Toy faire, he didn't have it to make the proto in time, while I am probably sure there is one of some sort, it's no-where near complete if at all. Now he can't drag it out he had to deceive. What he should have done was the honorable thing, he should have stopped. She should have delayed. He should have been honest. Development time is taking longer, we want to do this correctly, this is what we are struggling with.. This is what the prototype looks like, this is what we can't get to work, and what we need more time with and more funds for.. PEople are much more likely to spend money when they know what it's FOR.. Not Retroland.
  2. Legal, pure legal they need to be given time to have it hold up in a court of law. Doing anything in a hurry makes you lose court cases even if you are correct. You give them a week to get their house in order, and when they fail, you can legally back out of a contract and they have little hope of suit. I am also willing to bet it's in the contract.
  3. I question why the need to wait the seven days? If it's fraud, and you have for several pages hinted at that it is fraud, post it or give it.
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