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  1. I'm shocked this is actually going to come out. After the whole 'launch party' debacle a couple years ago, it seemed like this project was doomed.
  2. Have you checked his Discord server? I haven't been on there in over a year, but you may find some info there.
  3. Not sure if any of these completely ruin the game for me, but they are major annoyances; Tiny inventories - Played through Sword Of Vermilion a couple of years ago, and hated that there were only 8 inventory slots and some of those would get taken up by important quest items or sidequest items that could not be dropped. Lunar Knights was also bad with this because there was always tons of loot to pick up and not much room to work with. Plus certain items get rotten, which means you have to stop and manage inventory constantly so you don't get caught in a bad situation with no healing. QTEs - These rarely enhance the game, and most of the time they prevent you from enjoying the cutscene. If you want to have a cutscene, then have a bloody cutscene and don't try to staple 'gameplay' to it.
  4. I'm not a fan of the DC controller. It's very uncomfortable for me because the handles don't fan out like most controllers. The d-pad and triggers are fine, but that thumbstick is terrible. It's too slippery and makes games that require circular motions like Jet Grind Radio much harder than they should be. Also annoyed at the fact that the controller kind of devolved from the Saturn and removed 2 buttons.
  5. I don't play games online too often, so paying for a PS+ or XBox Live subscription really doesn't make sense for me. If I do get the urge to play other people, it's great that I can do it for free on PS3.
  6. Well, if it was barely used and only 5 years old, of course it's going to work great. The lasers like to go in them after being used for a while. Some won't read blue discs, and others will struggle with any disc. Another common issue is that the slim won't recognize the lid is closed. That one is especially frustrating, since it will randomly give you an error message during gameplay. A quick fix is to throw something heavy on the lid. If that doesn't work, you have to open up the system and apply a small piece of duct tape to the sensor.
  7. My copy of Battle Garegga was well packaged and arrived fast. Thanks!
  8. I'm curious if any stats or items will carry over between installments.
  9. Probably Playstation 2. I love the software library for it, but am sick of dealing with the crappy hardware. I'm on my 4th console, and once this one dies, that's it.
  10. There was a time when I was super interested in getting these old handhelds, but it's way more practical to just emulate them on PSP. Don't have to be tethered to a wall or spend a small fortune on batteries. Don't own a Nomad, but I do have a Game Gear. It's big and bulky, but I find it quite comfortable. Unfortunately, the screen is messed up, and it's not really worth it to fix it. Selling it on Ebay isn't really an option either since I would probably lose money after shipping.
  11. I'll be more than happy to take that Battle Garegga off your hands. Messaging now...
  12. Yeah, I couldn't get into the combat on the demo either. Also annoyed by the fact that SE claimed the Classic Mode plays similar to turn-based RPGs when it really doesn't. It's the same real-time combat as Normal Mode, with the AI turned on for the main character as well. I did enjoy everything else with the demo, and loved how the Avalanche members interacted with each other. Not going to buy it, but wouldn't mind watching someone stream the game.
  13. I can't stand those eco cases either. It's such a huge difference going from DS games that for the most part had very high quality cases, and then 3DS uses the thinnest plastic it can.
  14. Haha, my coworkers would always wonder what the hell that noise was when I played in the breakroom.
  15. I had one of the later revisions. It was still awful. Managed to actually beat Fighters Megamix on it, but only because I forced opponents to one side of the screen and mashed the kick button. What a blurry mess. Solitaire was decent on it, but that should never be a console's killer app.
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