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  1. Well my favorite game is Xenogears, but there aren't any re-releases for that. So we'll down the list until we get to Symphony of the Night. You could really call any version outside of the original the 'worst release', since people always whine about something with each release. I guess if I had to pick one, I would go with the Saturn port because of the slowdown that makes it 'unplayable'.
  2. I liked the fact that many games let you use both analog and d-pad. When I played RPGs or any 3D title I would usually use analog for movement and d-pad for menus.
  3. I tried some of those S-video/composite cables from Ebay and didn't notice much of a difference.
  4. Castlevania is my favorite series, but I really don't care for the 3D games. Watched Erin's video on this demo and while it's cool that it got released, it really doesn't look that great IMO.
  5. The last one I played before 3D World was Super Mario World, so it was quite a shocker and a drag. Well I did play some Mario 64, but not enough to remember star requirements.
  6. The story is definitely a bit too long. It's still funny and entertaining, but I would have preferred it to be a little shorter.
  7. Got this with my Wii U years ago and loved it. It's basically a 2D Mario set in a 3D environment and it works great. The only 2 things I didn't like were the unnecessary gamepad implementation and having star requirements for some of the final levels. Outside of thise minor gripes it is a fantastic game.
  8. I've tried on 3 separate occasions to play Simon's Quest and just can't get into it. While I don't find it to be complete garbage, I think it's rather boring.
  9. Haven't played a ton of hockey games, but every one I have played was good. My favorite was NHLPA 93 on Genesis.
  10. I've only played their Lunar games on PS1 and Dragonforce on the Saturn and loved all of them. The pop culture references are funny IMO, and I could care less if it's 100% accurate to the original script. I just want something entertaining, and that's exactly what I got with their games.
  11. Sony may have closed the lid on Sega, but Sega built the casket, laid in it, and then called Sony to tell them that they were ready.
  12. The PS2 slim also has that disc lid not shut error. Well, I think it's actually called a disc read error, but it stems from the sensors not properly detecting the lid being shut. You can open it up and put some duct tape over the part which can work, but it still gives me errors. They really cheaped out on the whole lid mechanism. So glad I finally got a laptop that can handle PS2 emulation well. This is the tail end of my 4th PS2 system, and I'm glad I will never have to deal with the hardware again.
  13. The fan feedback thing was directed at both projects. Anytime someone said something that wasn't praising him as some kind of genius, he would either come back by saying something like, 'Let's see you do better', or he would just have a childish hissy fit. It was nice that they had the fan voting at the beginning of the project though. I pre-ordered the Dreamcast release of Pier Solar. At the time, the game was set to release the following month. It didn't come out until about a year and a half later, which is fine, but the communication was piss poor. The updates were all pretty much the same, claiming that the game will be going into production soon. Then there would be 3 or 4 months of complete silence, and then an email with an excuse and the same claim again. I was beginning to think it was a scam due to all the silence and lack of any real info. They eventually did deliver. I would have forgotten all about the delays and terrible communication if the game was good... And yes, even if the update is only going to be understood by like .005% of people, tell us what is going on!
  14. Not nearly enough. When you have people's money for a future product, it is your responsibility to keep those customers and investors up to date with what's happening with their product. Disappearing for months at a time and coming back with either excuses or the teeniest, tiniest crumb of info isn't great communication. I get that it's a small team and there's a ton of work that goes into releasing something like this, but it's not hard to take a half hour every 2 to 4 weeks to write a quick update. I backed Bloodstained on Kickstarter, which of course had a much larger team and their own issues, but they were at least smart enough to send email updates every 2 or 3 weeks. They also listened to fan feedback (something else Fonzie has a problem with) and used it to improve the final product.
  15. If PP has actually screwed him over, that sucks, but I believe he has brought this all on himself. Red flags went up at PP either because he broke the rules on preorders, or because he had too many refund requests. Had he actually kept investors and customers in the loop about how the game was coming along and not disappearing for months at a time, maybe people wouldn't have been so worried about Paprium being a scam. It's my understanding though that PP only holds money for 6 months while they investigate. Then the money either goes to the account or refunded to customers. I could be mistaken, but that's what it sounds like from what I've read. Then Fonzie gets the brilliant idea to just open another PP account in another country. Somehow PP didn't catch it right away, so he goes ahead and takes money from new customers, so he can use those funds to ship to previous customers. New customers get an immediate shipping notification, but no tracking info. So people wait, receive no updates on shipments, and of course Fonzie refuses to respond to questions or tickets on the website. People get scared and start requesting refunds, and trigger's PP's fraud protection yet again. I applaud him for doing what he could to fulfill the original preorders, but so many of his issues could have been avoided if he just frickin' communicated with people.
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