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  1. I will watch someone play a game on YouTube, but watching competitive 'eSports' doesn't interest me at all.
  2. Yeah, you only gain stats for like 5 or so battles per star level. Rotating characters only helps if you plan on using a whole bunch of different ones. If you're planning on sticking to one party, I wouldn't bother swapping.
  3. I was forced to part with my collection in 2010. Was a bit bummed at first, until I saw how much some of the stuff was worth. Got back into collecting in 2013 and was having fun with it for about 6 years or so. However, I reached a point near the end of 2019 where I was sick of all the games and consoles taking up so much space, so I sold most of it again. I also realized that it's the games themselves that I love, not the plastic they are housed in. Now I just own a small collection of about 50 or so PS3, PS4, and 360 games. Everything else gets emulated.
  4. That is my issue with Tales Of Vesperia. Well that, and a lot of the dialogue is just characters parroting what another party member said, or just saying 'Yeah!'. It's okay for a character to not say anything if they don't have anything meaningful to add to the conversation.
  5. It drives me nuts when RPGs with voice overs don't auto-advance. I love Dragon Quest 8 on PS2, but hate that their is no auto option.
  6. I remember a lot of people making fun of the GameCube's big green button back in the day, but it really is a great layout. I just wish the Z button and d-pad were better.
  7. The Sega CD too! That add-on has some great games, but there are so many of those lame FMV 'games'.
  8. I'm so glad that a randomizer exists for that game that allows you to turn the symbol drawing off.
  9. ...and people will wait hours in line for it! And then they'll wait again for the next slightly upgraded model.
  10. I've gotten a couple of emails from Sony offering me a chance to purchase one through them the next day. Have no interest in the system though since there really aren't any exclusives that interest me, so I passed on it. Have not seen any PS5s in stores.
  11. Hmm...Hate is a strong word. There are lots of great games I don't care for such as Zelda and Grand Theft Auto, but can't really think of any that I hate. The closest I can think of are the God Of War games. Mainly because everything's gotta be a QTE fest. I enjoy the actual gameplay and story, but those get ruined for me by the excessive overuse of QTEs.
  12. I like Dracula X, but it is by far the weakest of the 16-bit games and also the weakest game in the collection. Still glad they included it though. The more Castlevania, the better.
  13. I heard that he will be running a Kickstarter to fund the Switch port. Does this mean he will be opening a 3rd Paypal account to handle the money?
  14. Not sure if I'd call that balanced, since you have to pick very specific classes to get by without grinding. Classes that cannot be changed once you've committed to them. It's fine if you know which classes will be the most useful before starting or if you have a guide, but a first time player will most likely have to grind to make up for a poor party choice. I enjoyed it when it came out on PS1, but that was because I bought a guide and knew exactly what to do. Coming back to it on Wonderswan almost 2 decades later without help felt like a totally different experience. Also, leaving a dungeon midway through to buy 99 more potions and antidotes because your White Mage doesn't have enough spell charges ain't balanced.
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