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  1. The first program I wrote was in BASIC on an Apple II, which was a school computer. The program was kind of a Choose Your Own Adventure game. Not sure what year probably 80/81 so I would have been 8 or 9. The first computer I owned was a TI-99/4A. Yep, still a programmer, writing web apps in C# as my day job. Still writing code on my Atari as a hobby.
  2. No, I wrote the code for music in asm...music was a late addition after I started converting parts of it to asm.
  3. I just ran it again, and I still think 0.87 is a tad faster, but it is pretty close. But 0.87 also has music added where the original didn't so not sure what the original speed would be if it was playing music as well. But there is a noticable size difference when I started rewriting it in assembly over the C version. But then again, since the algorithm is recoded to be in asm instead C, I took some short cuts that maybe the C compiler wouldn't have known...if that makes any sense.
  4. Awesome, I appreciate the offer. I will contact you via PM
  5. Yeah, the whole game was originally written in C, except for the DLI and VBI. But it was sluggish but it still ran OK. You can see the difference by trying the original advponies.0.80.xex vs. the later advponies.0.87.xex. (In the original post). Also the size of the executable also reduced in size when I started converting it to assembly, allowing me to add more things.
  6. Sorry there hasn't been an update to this lately. The main loop of the program is still written in C, and I started to port/re-write that in assembly. But, I have been working from home, during the current situation, so I had to unhook the computer that I had been working on to setup my work computer. There are still some things I would like to do. I added music, but I am not 100% satisfied with it and I am kind of out of my element on that front. I would also like to make a cartridge version of the game, or at least get it working on the Max Flash Cart. I was also thinking about adding Princess Twilight to the game. The idea would be if you made it all the way through the game with all 6 ponies, then it would unlock/replace Twilight with Princess Twilight. (She would have both the unicorn shooting ability, and the pegasus flying ability. She wouldn't have/need the teleport ability, and would be treated as a pegasus as far as the game is concerned.) But it may still be a few months before I can get back to it. I also was considering putting the code up on GitHub.
  7. Nah I think you did alright. Though you should've bought an Atari 7800.
  8. 2. Half-Life 2 Episode 1 3. Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Beat Half-Life 2 a couple of years ago finally got around to playing episode 1 and 2.
  9. Pretty cool...Robotron 2084 is one of my favorite arcade games...excellent work
  10. 1. Bully (Scholarship Edition PC) I really liked this game. I think it is my favorite GTA game. I beat the main story, I still have other stuff to do in the game.
  11. Some Atari 2600 games require you to press the "Reset" switch to start. Maybe try that, not sure.
  12. No. But Sega Genesis controllers work if you can't find an Atari joystick.
  13. Whoops I guess I missed that post. The program I wrote just creates the "DIR.LST" program. I guess I should have been more clear.
  14. Good idea. You could make this into a little program that you can ENTER. This will create the program called "DIR.LST". Which you can then use by: ENTER "D:DIR.LST" Anyway here it is: 10 OPEN #1,8,0,"D:DIR.LST" 20 ? #1;"CLOSE #1:O.#1,6,6,";CHR$(34); "D:*.*";CHR$(34) 30 ? #1;"FOR A=1 TO 9999:GET #1,D:PUT #16,D:NEXT A" 50 CLOSE #1
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