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  1. Fantastic job of the authors, many thanks to them for making a real game! Runs flawlessly on my 130XE (PAL) with Side2 and with Ultimate1MB as well. This is really something to show off on the Atari. Graphics like this could have been a game changer in the 80s...
  2. This should be added as a new title screen 👍
  3. I have replaced all my Atari PSU internals with the Meanwell EPS-15-5. It‘s cheap (about 8 Euros), easy to install and small, so I could use the old cases. I also replaced the 5V lines of the C64/Plus 4, which fail a lot. There‘s a similar video by the same guy, I believe. The cases are a bit tighter there, but it works. In total I replaced about 8 PSU‘s I believe. I used them for months now and never experienced any issues.
  4. I have played that game on the Spectrum and the C64. It looks and plays great on both platform. Maybe a port of the spectrum version would make more sense, graphics wise. I have seen great modern Spectrum ports on the Atari lately.
  5. My father use to have a Telex Machine in the 80‘s for his office. I believe, it was a Siemens T1000. Quite a beast. I wish, he would still have it. There are many rolls of NOS punched paper tape in his basement though. I am gonna save them, because you never know when you might need them 😂
  6. Thanks for your answer. I have switched off the the prove mode (the red sign) and switched on the midi sign. I can hear the tones played by my virtual keyboard in RMT, e.g. on midi channel 2 for pokey track/channel 1, but nothing is ever recorded on the track. Any other settings I need to consider?
  7. Hello, is anyone using a midi device (virtual or real) to enter notes in Raster Music Tracker? I experimented a bit with this and I was able to hear the tones in RMT for a selected instrument that were played by another MIDI software, but I did not managed to edit a song, i.e. so that the played notes were written to a track. Also I was able to switch between the tracks by selecting channels 2-5 and according to the documentation I understood that by selecting channel 1, it should be switched to EDIT mode in RMT. However, the only thing that happened was that RMT got muted. I was able to connect other MIDI software successfully, but I guess there is some configuration issue with RMT. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks and kind regards, starfighter
  8. Ah okay, cool, I am on the same route, although I do not have much assembly background. I think Mad Pascal is the best high level language plus the speed which is very close to pure assembly. Regarding the rainbow colors: It always amazes me how easy you can put colors on the screen on the Atari! Such a great and flexible design!
  9. Not sure what you are trying to achive? It is looping very quickly through the color palette of the Atari, hence the flickering. If you want some sort of gradient effect (i.e. many colors at once), you need to work with DLIs, etc. In any way, Mad Pascal is perfectly capable of providing the required execution speed.
  10. No need to poke. SDMCTL := value; will store the value into the location $22F
  11. VBXE provides 15khz RGB output which you can connect via SCART to a CRT TV.
  12. Sure, why not? However, I wouldn‘t use AtariBasic anymore , but rather TurboBasic or the new FastBasic. If it doesn‘t have to be Basic, I can highly recommend MadPascal.
  13. Ah, interesting approach, but makes perfectly sense if you code for multiple platforms. Both machines share the same CPU after all. Wow, 1000 enemies at once! I would not have imagined that! Really cool 👍
  14. Nothing to forgive about! I think it’s great that you will continue working on it and thanks for your contribution to the contest! Are you planning on releasing the source code? Might help to motivate others to do similar games. What language did you code in? Assembly, C, MadPascal or something else? I would think MadPascal should be very suitable for such a game genre.
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