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  1. Yea, I agree. It really looks like a Deluxe Paint picture from the Amiga. The same quality of color shading, which perfectly catches the mood of the picture. With the Atari being my first and the Amiga my second computer, I love both machines and still have them until today. Both are very elegant machines and fun to use.
  2. Thanks for the hint! Seems like a perfect picture for Rastaconverter. 👍
  3. Amazingly colorful picture! On real hardware in front of a CRT, I feel like looking at my Amiga screen (except for the lower screen resolution maybe).
  4. During my further researching today , I found this very nice lightweight DOS, which just seems to do what I want: LiteDOS http://www.mr-atari.com/Mr.Atari/LiteDOS/ By just renaming the file extension to AU0, AU1, etc. files will autoboot in the specified order according to the numbering in the extension name. A first check seemed to work just fine with the title exe and my main program exe Very cool indeed. 👍
  5. Yea, a timer would probably even better, otherwise I guess, I would have to include a text remark in the pic and recalculate it again, so the user is aware of it 😂 I am pretty sure that this is the most stupid question now, but how exactly am I going to do this: 30 years ago in Atari Basic, I would have just included an ENTER or RUN "D1:..." at the end of the first program, but with all this new technology nowadays and a fading memory, I need to learn/re-learn things 😅
  6. Hi Rybags, thanks for your reply. So I assume you are referring to this part of code in the Rastaconverter exe: /-------------------- // EXIT //-------------------- lda trig0 ; FIRE #0 beq stop lda trig1 ; FIRE #1 beq stop lda consol ; START and #1 beq stop lda skctl ; ANY KEY and #$04 bne skp stop mva #$00 pmcntl ;PMG disabled tax sta:rne hposp0,x+ mva #$ff portb ;ROM switch on mva #$40 nmien ;only NMI interrupts, DLI disabled cli ;IRQ enabled rts ;return to ... DOS skp So your suggestion would be to modify this code and rebuild the exe in order to trigger the loading of my main program in the exit routine above? To be honest, I am a rather Assembly/MADS noob. Would that be possible by using the INS pseudo command of MADS? INS 'filename'["filename"][*][+-value][,+-ofset[,length]] Alternatively, as i am mainly programming in MadPascal, is it possible to define in MadPascal a container file that sequentielly loads the rastaconverter exe and then my main exe into memory?
  7. Hello, I just created my first ever Rastaconverter image. It really is an amazing tool which enables non-artistic people like me to create images that I could not have dreamed to create before. Now, my plan is to use this image as a title screen for my little MadPascal game that I am working on. I was thinking of daisychaining the rastaconverter exe with my main program as the rastacoverter file is aready 22k in size alone, but I am not sure how to do this. Could anyone please give me some hints or are there any tutorials or documentation where I can check this out? Many thanks and kind regards
  8. The running animation looks very good and fluent. Reminds me of the game „Impossible Mission“. The jumping animation is in contrast very static. I feel like a similar fluent animation would greatly improve the visual impression. Overall, the graphics style so far sets the right mood for a zombie game 👍
  9. That‘s great news, thank you all for your effort! I also like the enhanced sprite set very much which will give the game another fresh touch. I remember from previous discussions that also samples of a new title screen were created. Would be great if a new title screen could also make it into the new game. I played the original game with my 9 years old son the other day and he liked it a lot. The game is still fun also for the younger generations. A true classic.
  10. My first Computer was an Atari 800XL. I still have it and it is still functional. I also want to keep this machine in its original state for nostalgic reasons. For everyday use I have an 130XE. It is definitely not as robust as the 800XL and of lower build quality. It also had some issues with failing RAMs and logic chips that needed to be fixed. But I like the ergonomics of the XE-line. The keyboard is very flat and good to use in my opinion. Also, I am not scared to upgrade it internally as it is not as precious to me as my 800XL. Design-wise I like both series. The XL-line is classy and the XE-line is still modern looking imho.
  11. Haha, alright,that‘s what I thought 😂 Thanks for the information!
  12. Great looking demo, awesome work so far! 👍 I would love to play this on real hardware but I am currently on vacation, so I can‘t check it out. However, since the Demo is distributed as a cart image, I assume I won‘t be able to anyways. I have recently installed an Ultimate 1MB. I understand that you can reflash the Basic Roms and the Missile Command ROM of the XEGS into the Ultimate Firmware. I haven’t played with this functionality (yet), but I assume that there are some restrictions like image size, etc, that would need to match.
  13. Looking best on old school monitors from the 80s anyways Still my original one from 86....
  14. The graphics looks much better in my opinion too
  15. Looks great! The one in the middle reminds me of Elvis (The King ) somehow...
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