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  1. Does this controller they didn't build have an RJ-11 or RJ-45 port on it?
  2. Well well well, look who beat Nutari to the punch..
  3. Why put up with audio issues when connecting headphones to your system when you can get the best sound around with an Atari speaker hat?
  4. I'm surprised Andy's brain remembers to keep him breathing while he sleeps.
  5. Your disappointment will be delivered slowly over time.
  6. I wonder how many more updates that show absolutely nothing they can string people along for?
  7. They are trying WAY too hard to look as though they're doing something important.
  8. "Winter is almost over, so the wife was cool with us parking the cars in the driveway again. Looks like we can get back to work on our amazing new console!"
  9. I'm sure all the backer in this thread will report them to Indiegogo just as soon as they get the courage to hit submit.
  10. Are you the guy "A Beautiful Mind" was based on?
  11. On March, 19th 2019 at 10am Rockstar will be announcing that Grand Theft Auto VI will be exclusive to the Ataribox.
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