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  1. I really like the superiority complex some gamers have with the whole “You aren’t a real gamer!” shtick. Get bent, dude. 🌮📦
  2. That super shiny case isn’t cheap looking at all and won’t get scratched to hell in no time. Good job!
  3. Glass houses and stones don’t mix very well.
  4. I can’t believe they haven’t posted an update on how great it was holding Woz hostage on stage and making him look at their design models.
  5. Didn't see that one was there, but now I must watch it. Another classic.
  6. I can’t even read most of the comments on the Indiegogo page without furling my brow and thinking to myself “What in the hell are these guys talking about?”.
  7. Well well well, look who beat Nutari to the punch..
  8. "Winter is almost over, so the wife was cool with us parking the cars in the driveway again. Looks like we can get back to work on our amazing new console!"
  9. I'm sure all the backer in this thread will report them to Indiegogo just as soon as they get the courage to hit submit.
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