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  1. Hey I appreciate that man . I have been extremely busy with work even before I got through Covid. I handle IT infrastructure across multiple sites that got destroyed from the storm. Regarding Doom 2600, I am "slowly" writing a routine to handle the display of items & doors.
  2. Hey guys just wanted to let you know this project will continue as soon in as I get time. I am in the devastation area from Hurricane Ida and going on day 12 without power. On top of that, my wife and I have contracted Covid . I am in day 5 and battling fever every day. She is handling it a lot better than me and hasn't run any.
  3. Thanks guys! A good bit of work left to do. Please also check out my finished "port" of Alien vs Predator. I should have posted it in this forum originally but it is wrongly resting in the hacks section:
  4. Can y'all remove that old techdemo from your posts? It's been downloaded a few times
  5. In my experience, If the Harmony menu displays correctly on your flatscreen TV, it should work great. CRT for the win Let me know how it goes
  6. Doom 2600 WIP demo DOOM2600_Bk_techdemo_072221.bin ***I saw a few videos out there of the game, but the refresh rate is off and frames are dropped. I am using a 20hz flicker technique that capture devices don't like apparently. Here's a quick low quality video with no sound The basic Doom storyline... The Player assumes the role of a space marine, popularly known as Doomguy, fighting his way through hordes of invading demons from Hell. 3 animated enemy types -cacodemons, Bulldog demons (Pinkies!) and Imps. enemies are set to roam but will not aggro. they will respawn Door and key logic started but finished - can't collect the 1 key, but door logic is functional - only 1 door in this demo. still no health / ammo logic yet . Somethings I want to add: Tune the aggression level on the AI (it's off in the demo) 3 types of keys / doors exit at least 2 more weapons ammo facial expressions BOSS Left/Right to rotate view (4 directions) up/down to move fire to shoot I hope it displays well on your setup. Looks pretty good on CRT's!
  7. Just made my reservation on the website. Thank you guys!
  8. Looking great so far! Do multi-color sprites work in your kernal?
  9. Oh, I better post some better directions for those who haven't played NeXion. up - walk in the direction you are facing back - walk backwards Left and right - rotate (change direction) fire button+ down to shoot fire button+ Left or right to walk sideways top of screen is the compass - it will blink in the direction you are facing (N-S-E-W) bottom of screen is the map - your position is indicated by the white square. When you kill enough Xenos, a skull will drop on the level. it will blink on the map when you get near. touch it a press fire button to pick it up It will allow you to exit to the next level.....when you find the door middle of screen is the 3d view. shoot xenos when they are in front of you. Xenomorphs make a lot of noise when they see you. If you hear them. change directions because it's headed for you! They like to hunt in packs! PLAY HINTS : Xenos spawn in the 4 corners of the level. They will respawn there also, so don't try to make a last stand in those areas! If you a getting eaten alive by a pack of aliens, run backwards Best hint is to find the door on each level 1st.
  10. There are enough code changes that it's own name is warranted. 😉
  11. Stephen, I Zeroed out RAM , but it still occurs with the striped playfield.
  12. Thanks for chiming in on this Stephen! Have removed the striped playfield already in play testing. I'll see what I need to do to initialize it properly in Batari basic.
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