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  1. I have continued to work on this as I learn 6502 assembly. I have a Rastan - style platform game developing out of this project. I have reduced flicker about 20% I hope; But I need feedback on if it's acceptable on different TV's. If some of you guys would test it on your setups, that would be great! test.bas.bin joystick left & right to walk, hold down to attack, fire button to jump up to climb vines
  2. It was really great meeting you all! The whole event was a blast. See you next year!
  3. The Atariage store, but I don't think they are interested any longer. We haven't chatted about it in a year after we talked about a store release. So many good games are being released, it might have just been forgotten in the madness
  4. Full version download added to first post! This is the same version released on the Retron 77 (Haven't heard anymore about a cartridge release unfortunately)
  5. Hello, Can someone test the latest demo in the latest 32-bit stella? * There is still a bug in the Stella 32-bit version. use Mame or Z26 on 32-bit windows systems
  6. Thank you for the condolences Fluxit No, the edge hanging is just an accident. I originally had planned on a Tutankham-like 4 way scrolling demo when I decided to work up a platforming routine.
  7. I have looked at those bus stuffing demos before and that's what sparked the idea. But, I'm not ready to move this project to Assembly yet I have slowly been editing of the standard display kernel in Bb to get venetian blinds for the playfield a striped playfield. (This is not in the same aspect of player graphics venetian blinds to overcome the scanline limitation, purely aesthetics) Here's a demo with that. also, you can cycle "tile" colors with the RESET button and may find one easier on the eyes heheh. If using Stella - the 32-bit versions appear to have a bug that cause some artifacting(?) for some reason. tested on a 2600 Jr and 64-bit stella ok. *ADDED BINARY TO FIRST POST*
  8. Hello, It's been a while since I posted anything , so I thought I would share something I've been working on. My wife fell very ill this year and my prior project has stagnated from neglect. I started writing some routines to simulate tile based graphics on the VCS. It uses the vertical nature of player graphics and uses SC Ram to hold the data for displaying 16x8 tiles (25 onscreen 5x5) Uses assembly optimizations to speed up some things. These are double-width sprites to make 16x16 tiles. most of it is implemented in the vblank which makes the display left-biased due to timing Well, really the whole bitmap display is just using one sprite It is very flicker heavy Here is a little platformer demo for your amusement (or torture for those who despise flicker, sorry) looks ok on my 13" bench CRT; On stella, use the phospor effect to help Top of screen is a map displaying your position and a not-yet-visible enemy flying around. you can move left and right, fire button is jump. 9-15-18 - *UPDATED DEMO* got color tables working. I think it's looking pretty good platform_tile.bas.bin Old demo - Milons_secret_flicker_castle.bin
  9. Hey guys, Can you recommend a few Windows based IDEs or editors to use for Fastbasic? Maybe sort of like WUDSN for assembly language? (I like to program on my laptop) Thanks!
  10. Happy to see my game Nexion 3d runs ! There were fears of it not supporting over 16k roms. Nexion 3d is 32K. So that is awesome! I hope everyone enjoys it
  11. Really looking forward to this!
  12. Oh , had to re-read your post again. you are wanting to use def . sorry Sprybug!
  13. Try leaving out the "def" I always get invalid keyword errors reported when I have have bits dim'd, but compiles ok. This works for me: dim animplayer1 = var18 dim animplayer2 = var18 animplayer1{1} = 0 animplayer2{2}=0
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