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  1. Thanks--that is an excellent idea. I had assumed that it was soldered, so I did not even look. I will give this a shot.
  2. ?x Why would it run poorly? Clearly this is not my area, but I would think it would be equivalent to how the one-battery model is wired. How would it be different? But I agree that this would generally take the same skills as a proper fix, but, in this case, I think there is enough of the metal left that I could attach the two together with alligator clips. Not an elegant solution, but it would hopefully be enough to see if this particular Microvision works at all (or if more was broken in shipping than just the one connector).
  3. Slightly off-topic, but following up on the TMS1100/8021 comments, does this mean that, for early Microvisions that have two battery connections, you can run it with only one battery (and connecting the other two terminals together)? I am asking because, in one of my Microvisions (a two-battery connection model), one of the battery prongs snapped off, and I was trying to figure out the easiest way to fix it (given my rather limited repair skill set).
  4. Just received a dead (but supposedly working) Microvision yesterday, which prompted me to do a Google search, which brought me to this thread. Reading through this thread has been quite the roller coaster, but I am quite excited that things seem to be looking up! I am definitely interested (either backlit or not)--if it is not too late, put me down for 4. Thank you for all of your efforts on this!
  5. I would like one too, if it is not too late. (Arcade box, preferably.)
  6. Now it is almost certainly too late, but, if it still isn't: John Pettit maazfench Mountain View, CA At any rate, looking forward to meeting folks at the show!
  7. My rarest are probably: 1) Adventure Vision (which I had thought was dead for about a year, but just came back to life yesterday (after cleaning the power button a bit)) 2) Dino Park Tycoon (NIB) for the 3DO (These are things I happened to get when they came out; I have never been lucky in finding rare things "out in the wild.")
  8. (Sorry for the late response) John Pettit maazfench Mountain View, CA
  9. It took me a wee bit longer to find my Neo Geo Pocket than I had expected--sorry for the delay. My storage unit ... is not well organized (but I am working on that). Here are some pictures of the packaging, manual, and the back of the unit.
  10. Thanks. I think I still have the packaging. Unfortunately, it is in my storage unit, which looks like it was organized through a series of explosions. That said, I should be able to find it this weekend and I will post some pictures.
  11. Hi all, I have a quick question about the Neo Geo Pocket (B&W, not color). Most articles I've read seem to imply that it was never released in the US, but does that just mean that it was never released in stores? I recall buying one, and four games, from SNK USA over the phone (because that is how we did things back then). The packaging was all in English, but I suppose they could have just been selling items that were created for a different region? And if it was for another region, does anyone know where an all-English version would have been created for? Just curious. I never used it much, since the color came out right after that (and I loved my NGPC). Thanks for any info!
  12. MaazFench


    This looks awesome. Please add me to the list as well (to the degree that a list exists). Thanks!
  13. I was wondering if someone was going to mention that one. With a bunch of friends, both Twisted and Zhadnost (which I believe is also exclusive) were actually quite fun.
  14. Can you please add me to the pre-order list as well? Thanks!
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