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  1. We have entered the "waiting for more info" phase of the thread. Dis' gon' be gud.gif
  2. Oh, wow! Now it has another connection to the Chameleon... I remember all the fuzz about Lester's involvement with RVGS/Chameleon...
  3. It's just impossible to read this and not think about the Chameleon... It seems like this thread will be fun for months...
  4. Sometimes i play SFV or one of the 6 Rockman games (Megaman Legacy Collection), but that's about it. Until i can find a copy of Yakuza 0, i use my PS4 to watch youtube more than anything, as i play more on the Famicom and Nintendo DS nowadays
  5. I've got two games for my Famicom, Salamander (a.k.a Life Force) and a CIB copy of Moe Pro! '90 Kandou Hen (Bases Loaded 3)
  6. Rockman 5 (Famicom) Titan Souls (PS4) Ninja Ryukenden [Ninja Gaiden] (Famicom)
  7. raz

    AV Famicom

    Well, i've bought the step-down transformer... but to be honest, while the power brick isn't getting nowhere near as hot as it was getting before, the console still gets warm. I know that these consoles get warm with use, but i don't remember my SNES and Mega Drive getting as warm as my AV Famicom in 30 minutes, Maybe, i'm just paranoid and overzealous, or my memory isn't helping me when it comes to how hot my old consoles would get after some playtime.
  8. raz

    AV Famicom

    Yeah, I still want a SuFami and a Japanese MD. They're (still) not expensive or difficult to find around here. Thanks for all the help and valuable info, CatPix!
  9. raz

    AV Famicom

    Ah, ok then. I don't know much about electronics (in fact, I would love to learn more), so I'm a little bit paranoid about voltages. I had a Phantom System (a Brazilian famiclone) when I was a kid, and it fried and smoked... Since then, I'm kinda worried about my consoles. It's really easy to find Mega Drive power supplies around her, both original and 3rd party. The thing is, a original MD power supply cost as much as a 500w step-down transformer (127v to 100v) around here, so, what would be the best choice between these two?
  10. raz

    AV Famicom

    It uses a 10v connector http://m.imgur.com/aKgL8NJ http://m.imgur.com/5yRoeEm
  11. Hi! I bought a AV Famicom a few months ago, and the seller gave me a original Japanese Super Famicom power supply (both the Fami and SuFami uses the same power supply, so it's ok). The thing is, I live in Brazil. The Japanese voltage is 100v, and here in Rio, we use 127v. I've been a little cautious when playing the Famicom because after some time (30 to 40 minutes) it gets warm at the cartridge slot are. The power brick gets warm too. The same can be said of the cartridge. I'm using original Japanese cartridges. Is it normal? I mean, should I use another power brick on the Famicom? Thanks in advance!
  12. yeah, but i don't think it will. YouTube is a tank full of sharks, people are desperate for clicks. Expect more videos fueling this BS.
  13. Well, it finally came to an end (u suppose). I'll be looking forward to the next episode of the CU Podcast. Something tells me it will be great hahah. And i think the side-drama (involving the youtubers) will now be the main show.
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