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  1. Cool, thanks! I never knew were it came from (I'm sure I got it off a BBS, or during a 'swap meet'), so I didn't know its history. It was an interesting 'proof of concept'. Stuff like this makes me dream of a world run off Atari XL based technology instead of windows. ^_^
  2. I was talking about pulling out some of my old disks on the Atari Museum on Facebook, when I mentioned a program I found years ago called 'TOS'. Basically, it was a simple graphic user interface for the 8-bit computers that allowed the joystick to be used to do some simple functions. I don't have a working 8-bit compatible mouse or trackball to see if it works smoother with those. I'm not sure where I got it or who wrote it. There's not much info in the program itself. Under Desk: Basic, Boot, Info (TOS, v1.0, for public domain, © 1985) Under File: erase, protect, unprotect, rename, format SD, format DD Under view: Directory on screen, directory on window Under Options: Request on, request off If anyone has any information where this came from, please let me know. By the way, the attached screenshot is from within an emulator running as a 130XE, but it originally was running on my stock 800XL using DOS 2.5, a stock 1050 and a standard joystick. I haven't tested it with any other DOS versions, drives or machines. I've attached an ATR file with just the TOS program on it if anyone want to try it. It does require you to load DOS first, but apparently will work with or without BASIC. My original disk had other... er... unlicensed software on it. TOS.ATR
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