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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but I got mine last week and it came exactly as described. My wife geeked out at first because apparently the factory default resolution on it was 768i and wasn't playing nice with her monitor but my Syncmaster monitor made a quick fix of it. Just something to be aware of if you think you might be having video issues on arrival. Thanks again, OP.
  2. The VA4 and Majesco variants use a pin header incompatible with the VA1 but I think they are otherwise the same. I do have one available if no one comes through for you. Just send me a PM if needed.
  3. What revision Game Gear? Also, do you need one that's been recapped?
  4. You are likely better off making your own using modern power supplies. You can easily source 5VCD and 9VAC power supplies out there and just salvage the cord off of a broken C64 power supply. In fact, I was able to find female plugs attached to terminal blocks so that the work can be done without soldering when I built mine. Any C64 power supply still working is on borrowed time at this point.
  5. You can also get in touch with Bratwurst on these forums, as he does top notch work. I've done several recaps for myself but don't offer the service as it is a niche that has been filled by many capable people out there.
  6. Do NOT use any type of solvent or alcohol for cleaning the label. In fact, I would leave the label as-is.
  7. Looking to buy a few Game Gears that are currently in need of capacitor replacement. Systems need to be in good physical condition with battery covers intact and without LCD issues such as a partial dead screen or lines in the screen indicative of physical damage to the screen. Would like to be able to get a couple in one transaction if possible.
  8. $35 is a great price, for the record. It's easily an hour or more labor and some of the work is delicate, to say the least. I've currently got a VA4 in pieces on the bench and the condition of some of the solder pads leaves a bit to be desired. I've cleaned the pads with some 90% rubbing alcohol, will swab them with some acetone, flux the pads and hope for the best. I'm hoping the thing works when I'm finished so that I can put it up for sale at MGC. I've done a VA1 in the past and it turned out OK without incident.
  9. Atari_Bill, it looks like you'll be getting it tomorrow. I dropped it off at the local branch Monday morning with Priority postage. I have no good idea why it needs to take 4 days for a package to travel ~200 miles, but that's the USPS for you.
  10. I completely lucked out in obtaining it so I saw no need to try to gouge on it. I can say that a fellow AA'er did end up snagging the BIN so there's a (slim) chance that they might try to collect on the bounty. Knowing that the buyer is a collector and not a speculator, however, I highly doubt it. I'm just trying to clear house right now before we close on the house we're in the midst of buying.
  11. That was my #25 that sold for $99.99. Had no idea that there was an active bounty out on it. It's already in the mail so no chance of me welching on the deal :-).
  12. Found a brick and mortar store here with Retron 5 units in stock so I picked a couple up. Sent one to a friend overseas having trouble sourcing one and I have this one left. Willing to sell for what I paid for it (~$150 after sales tax) + shipping. Mainly just wanting to help get it into the hands of someone trying to get their hands on one not wanting to get their pants pulled down by a reseller. Retail was $139.99 on this one but it is my understanding that MSRP is now $159.99. Box seals are intact and box is in nice shape. International shipping is a possibility. I am not interested in eating Paypal fees on this seeing as I'm not out to make a profit but also do not want to lose money. Thanks in advance.
  13. Just hit one with a set of calipers and they're ballpark 1.5mm thick. Hope that helps.
  14. I sold a used CIB copy on eBay last year for ~$300. Box was pretty nice but had Goodwill price ink on the front of the box. Just some food for thought.
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